Shaped Vinyl

Shaped vinyl, shaped records, shaped lps, and shaped picture discs are terms that are used somewhat interchangeably to describe these unique collectible sound recordings. For more information about shaped records and collecting them, click here. I have the world's largest collection with over 2000 different shaped albums and it continues to grow, so check back for more listings as I come across them. If you happen to have info on more titles, please email me! When there's an asterisk under publisher, I don't have the album in my possession to verify the info. For clarification, (SPD) means that the item is a shaped picture disc of one type or another and (SV) means it is a shaped vinyl recording with no picture. None of the recordings listed here are for sale, they are part of my collection and listed here to help inform other collectors and enthusiasts. Happy collecting and be sure to check out the companion pages for shaped cds and cardboard records too!

A-HaSummer Moved Onno label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Summer Moved On
A-HaThe Sun Always Shines on TVWarner Brothers W8846P (45rpm) (12,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Sun
(also available uncut)
The Sun Always Shines on T.V., Driftwood
A-HaTrain of ThoughtWEA Records W8736P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Train
(also available uncut)
Train of Thought, And You Tell Me
A-HaTrain of Thoughtno label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Train of Thought
A JacquesLooking Out for TroubleCondor Classics CC8802 (33 1/3rpm) (500 irregular) (SPD) 1988Irregular or hexagon
(also available uncut)
Looking Out for Trouble, Young Love (same on both sides)
A JacquesLooking Out for TroubleCondor Classics CC8802 (33 1/3rpm) (25 octagon, and 25 blob copies) (SV) 1988Octagon, hexagon or blob
(also available uncut)
Looking Out for Trouble, Young Love (same on both sides)
A La CarteWhen the Boys Come HomeHansa International 100 725 (45rpm) (SV) 1979Heart (2 different catalog numbers 527 (incorrect) and 725)
When the Boys Come Home, Price of Love
AbbaThank You for the MusicEpic WA 3894 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Band's logo
Thank You For the Music, Our Last Summer
ABCVanity KillsPhonogram NTP 109 (45rpm) (6,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Cartoon of the band
Vanity Kills, Judy's Jewels
Paula AbdulKnocked OutSiren SRNS 92 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Boxing gloves
(also available uncut)
Knocked Out, Knocked Out (Instrumental)
Paula AbdulOpposites AttractSiren SRNY 124 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Cartoon cat
Opposites Attract, One or the Other
AC/DCGuns for HireWEA Records A9774P (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Band's logo (with or without barcode on record)
Guns for Hire, Landslide
AC/DCDangerNo label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
AC/DCDangerAtlantic A9532P (45rpm) (SPD) (8,000 copies) 1985Fly
Danger, Back in Business
AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt CheapNo label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
AC/DCHeatseekerNo label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
AC/DCInterviewTell Tales TTS 1001 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Circular sawblade (black or red) or bat
AC/DCNervous ShakedownAtlantic A9651P (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Rectangle
Nervous Shakedown, Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
AC/DCShake Your FoundationsAtlantic A9474P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Guitar player
(also available uncut)
Shake Your Foundations, Stand Up
AC/DCWho Made WhoAtlantic A9425P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Lightning bolt and a guitar
Who Made Who, Guns for Hire
AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night LongAtlantic A9377P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Man in bathtub
You Shook Me All Night Long, She's Got Balls
Acid FaceA Taste of SploogeIron Works IW1046 (33 1/3rpm) (500 yellow irregular, 25 heart, 25 small black octagon copies) (SV) 1993Irregular (black or yellow), multisided, heart, square, hexagon or octagon (black (large or small) or yellow)
Addiction, Marmalade
Add N to (X)Little Black Rocks in the SunMute Records 10mute217 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1998Hexagon
Little Black Rocks in the Sun, Voices 1, Voices 2, Voices 3
The AdictsBad BoyRazor Records RZSP104 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Head
Bad Boy, Shake Rattle Bang Your Head, Joker in the Pack
AerosmithDude Looks Like a LadyGeffen GEF 72P (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Aerosmith logo
(also available uncut)
Dude Looks Like a Lady, Monkey On My Back
AerosmithInterviewTell Tales TTS 1016 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Bat or Circular sawblade
AerosmithJadedColumbia 6709317 (45rpm) (SPD) 2001Sitting girl
Jaded, Angel's Eye
AerosmithJaney's Got a GunGeffen GEF 68P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Band's logo
(also available uncut)
Janey's Got a Gun, Voodoo Medicine Man
Aftermath/Epsilon1994-2004Bloody Fist Records FIST 35 (33 1/3rpm) (500-600 copies) (SPD) 2004Bloody fist
Parting Shot (Aftermath), No Try (Epsilon)
AircraftAzra M45-52/53 (45rpm) (500 "This is" copies, 60 "with compliments" copies) (SPD) 1982Square ("This is a record", "with compliments", and Hollywood sign) or heart
Becky, Rock Heart
Alan Parsons ProjectAmmonia AvenueArista ARISD 553 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1984Irregular
Don't Answer Me, You Don't Believe
AlarmKnife EdgeI.R.S. IRMSP 112 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Blood spatter
Knife Edge, Caroline Isenberg
All Points BulletinAzra A018 (45rpm) (500 star copies) (SPD) 1989Star
Dream Lover, Because of You
All Points BulletinAzra A018 (45rpm) (25 dove copies) (SV) 1989Dove, heart (black or black with gold on one side), square, irregular, octagon (small or large)
Dream Lover, Because of You
Marc AlmondA Lover SpurnedParlophone RPD 6229 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Square
(also available uncut)
A Lover Spurned, Exotic Rose
AlphavilleBig in JapanNot listed (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Big in Japan
AlphavilleA Victory of LoveNot listed (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) Square with rounded side
A Victory of Love
Alt-JMatildaInfectious INFECT132S (45rpm) (SPD) 2012Triangle
Matilda, Fitzpleasure
AmazuluExcitableIsland ISP 201 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Dancing singer
Excitable, A Little Love
AmazuluThings the Lonely DoIsland ISP 267 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Rectangle
Things the Lonely Do, Sez Who
AmazuluToo Good to Be ForgottenIsland ISP 284 (45rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Too Good to Be Forgotten, Sez Who
American SteelEverchanging Wind* Winged creature listening to grammophone
AmpageSchool of Hard KnoxAzra/Condor Classix IW 1025 (45rpm) (25 heart copies) (SV) 1987Heart, square with cut corners, triangle, or blob
School of Hard Knox, D-Day
AmpageSchool of Hard KnoxAzra/Condor Classix IW 1025 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Octagon
School of Hard Knox, D-Day
And Why NotRestless DaysIsland ISP 426 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Irregular
Restless Days, Hey Na Na
Andromeda StrainKapp Records KRS 5513 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 1971Hexagon
Wildfire, Hex, Andromeda, Desert Trip, The Piedmont Elegy, Op, Xenogenesis, Strobe Crystal Green
Anette & Die Muscheltaucher1,2,3Format FORMAT 1 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1984Square
1 2 3, Graveyard, Madchen
Jimmy AngelMy Heart Is an Open BookCondor Classix CC8801 (33 1/3rpm) (500 heart copies) (SPD) 1988Heart
My Heart is an Open Book, American Girl
Jimmy AngelMy Heart Is an Open BookCondor Classix CC8801 (33 1/3rpm) (25 star copies) (SV) 1988Heart (with or without arrow), star, square, octagon, or blob
My Heart is an Open Book, American Girl
Jimmy AngelMy Heart Is an Open BookCondor Classix CC8801 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Star (black with gold on reverse)
My Heart is an Open Book
Animal NightlifeLove is Just the Great PretenderIsland ISP 200 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Square
Love is Just the Great Pretender, Basic Ingredients
Animal NightlifeMr. SolitaireIsland SIS 193 (45rpm)(5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Star
Mr. Solitaire, Lazy Afternoon
Anniversary Record-Fifth Anniversary of Holland RecordsHolland Records 45-805 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) no dateHolland Records Logo
To Inform You About Five Years Holland Records, First of May (Bee Gees)
AnthraxI'm the ManIsland ISP 338 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Band's logo
I'm the Man, Caught in a Mosh
AnthraxInterviewTell Tales TTS 1002 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Circular sawblade (black or red) or bat
AnthraxRock Sagas: The Chris Tetley InterviewsFotodisk CTD 2001 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Two rectangles
(also available uncut)
Anti-FlagBaconPirates Press AFO-55 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 2012Bacon
Bacon, All Cops Are... A-Z (same on both sides)
Anti-FlagSky Is FallingPirates Press AFO-68 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 2015Irregular
Sky Is Falling, Close My Eyes
AproposHunk of the Month Condor Classix CC615 (45rpm) (SV) 1990Square or octagon
Connection (same on both sides)
AproposHunk of the Month (February)Condor Classix CC615 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1990Square (2 different pictures)
Connection (same on both sides)
AproposHunk of the Month (March)Condor Classix CC615 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1990Square (2 different pictures)
Connection (same on both sides)
AproposHunk of the Month (September)Condor Classix CC615 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1990Square (2 different pictures) 2 piece picture and 3 piece picture
Connection (same on both sides)
AproposHunk of the Month (unknown month - Trent)Condor Classix CC615 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1990Square (2 different pictures)
Connection (same on both sides)
Armed ForceHeavy ArtilleryIron Works IW 1009 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1985Octagon (small or large)
Heavy Artillery
Daphne ArmonyCBS Records CBS A3644 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Daphne
Ella, Don't You Know a Lady
ArsynalMean LineRazor's Edge Records RE 001 (500 square copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Square (black or clear), square with 2 cuts, octagon, heart, blob and pumpkin
Mean Line, You Think It's Love
Art of NoiseMoments in LoveZTT P ZTPS02 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Turtle
Moments in Love, Beat Box
Art of NoiseParanoimiaChina Records WOK P 9 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Television
Paranoimia, Why Me
Art of NoisePeter GunnChina Records WOK P 6 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Hand holding logo
Peter Gunn, Something Always Happens
A.S.a.P. (Adrian Smith and Project)Down the WireEMI EMPD 131 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Girl in barbed wire
(also available uncut)
Down the Wire, When She's Gone
Asbury Park 2015Pirates Press VINYLHEART (45rpm) (200 red, 200 red splatter, 100 black copies) (SV) 2015Heart
You've Been in Love Too Long, Heaven, I Do It Cause I Wanna, Holding Out
AsiaDon't CryGeffen WA 3580 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Band's logo in blue or green
Don't Cry, True Colors
AsparagusWinnie the PoohWalt Disney Records RR12-88384 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2002Pooh
Winnie the Pooh, Forever & Ever
Ass bustingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (500 black rim, 100 clear rim) (SPD) 1984Nude woman
X-rated monologue
Ass bustingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (10 copies) (SV) 1984Hexagonal
X-rated monologue
Eduardo AssadBoleroCopacabana CD-4091 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1983Telephone (clear or milky)
Bolero, I Like Chopin, Funk Samba
Assholes on DistortionMetalstorm Records MS2001 (100 irregular, 25 square copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1996Irregular or square
Sister Damien, Meatloaf
AswadDon't Turn AroundIsland ISP 341 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Logo
Don't Turn Around, Woman
AswadOn and OnMango MNGP 708 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Palm tree
(also available uncut)
On and On, Feelings
The Athletic SupportersNolimpikErika CAT ER00151 (45rpm) (500 white copies) (SPD) 1984Irregular
Nolimpik, Nolimpik (Instrumental)
The Athletic SupportersNolimpikErika CAT ER00151 (45rpm) (25 square, 11 heart, 10 star, 10 irregular copies) (SV) 1984Octagon, irregular, star, heart or square
Nolimpik, Nolimpik (Instrumental)
Atlantic StarrAlwaysWarner Brothers PRO-S-2663 (45rpm) (SV) 1987Heart with an arrow
Always (Edit) - same on both sides
Atlantic StarrOne Lover at a TimeWarner Brothers W8327 (45rpm) (SV) 1987Heart with or without an arrow
One Lover at a Time, I'm in Love
Michael AustinOut TonightLizard Records MICK P1 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Michael on bicycle
Out Tonight, Down Down
Auto Da FeAll Is Yellow Hot Hot HotNine Bees Music SPP 18 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1985Car
All Is Yellow Hot Hot Hot, There They Stood
The AutomaticRaoulB-Unique/Polydor BUN1177 (33 1/3rpm) SPD) 2006World with orbiting planets
Raoul, Gold Digger
AxemasterCondor Classix A34 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Pentagon
(also available uncut)
Crusades, Warrior
AxemasterCondor Classix A34 (45rpm) (SPD) (25 hexagonal copies) 1987Heart, rectangle, square, octagon, hexagon, archway or cloud
(also available uncut)
Crusades, Warrior
AxemasterAzra A33 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon
Without a Trace, The Predator
Axemaster/MarsLe MenuAzra (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon, hexagon, blob
Slave to the Blade, Ash Tuesday (same on both sides)
AxxisLiving in a WorldEMI IC 006-1474237 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Band's logo
(also available uncut)
Living in a World, Young Souls
Azra International Series 100 Collectors EditionIron Works (33 1/3 & 45rpm) (SV) no dateSet of three squares with two cut corners
Intruder - Cover Up (33 1/3rpm) (same on both sides), Hans Naughty - Tears in the Night (45rpm) (same on both sides), Liege Lord - Warrior's Farewell (33 1/3rpm) (same on both sides)
Aztec CameraStill on FireWEA Records AC2P (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Camera
Still on Fire, Walk Out to Winter
B-52'sRock LobsterIsland BFTL1, BFTP1, BFTR1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1979Set of three postage stamps
Rock Lobster, Planet Claire (same songs on all three)
B.G. the Prince of RapJam! JAM SAMP 31296 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1996Head
Stomp (Stompin' House Mix), Stomp (Full Party Disco Mix), Crazy
Baby ShakesTell Me NowRob's House RHR033 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2007Heart
Tell Me Now, Come On Babe, Baby It's You
Bad EnglishLove is On the Side*
Bad EnglishPrice of LoveEpic 6556760 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990The group
(also available uncut)
Price of Love, The Restless Ones
Bad EnglishWhen I See You SmileCBS Records WS 6553470 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Bowtie
(also available uncut)
When I See You Smile, Rockin' Horse
Bad MannersThat'll Do NicelyMagnet MAGP 243 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Face
That'll Do Nicely, Monster Love
Balaam and the AngelVirgin VSS993 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Irregular
(also available uncut)
I Love the Things You Do To Me, You're in the Way of My Dreams
BalzacDeep BlueMisfits Records BALZAC (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2007Demon skull
Deep Blue, Alone
BalzacThe World Is Mine* 2007Head
BananaramaWarner Brothers NANPD 9 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1985Three discs in the shape of each band member
Do Not Disturb, Ghost (same on each record)
Band AidDo They Know It's ChristmasPhonogram FEED P1 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Band Aid logo
(also available uncut)
Do They Know It's Christmas, One Year On
BanglesBe With YouCBS BANGS P6 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Square photo overlapping round disc
(also available uncut)
Be With You, Let It Go
BanglesIf She Knew What She WantsCBS Records WA 7062 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Overlapping square photos of the girls
(also available uncut)
If She Knew What She Wants, Angels Don't Fall in Love
BanglesInterviewBANG 7S (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateHeart
(also available uncut)
Interview (same on both sides)
Barnes & BarnesGreatest HitsRhino RNDF282 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1982Fish head
Party in My Pants, I Had Sex on T.V., Swallow My Love, Work the Meat, Fish Heads
Bartholomew BeanLook to the AnswerPEABODY 001 (33 1/3rpm) (25 rectangle, 25 cowboy clown copies) (SPD) 1994Rectangle or cowboy clown
Look to the Answer
Bartholomew BeanLook to the AnswerPEABODY 001 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1994Octagon
Look to the Answer, A Home for Me and You
Bartholomew BeanLook to the AnswerPEABODY 001 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1994Square, heart, or irregular)
Look to the Answer, A Home for Me and You (label says - Not Such a Lonesome Road)
Batman the Animated SeriesWarner Brothers/Mondo Tees MOND-042 (33 1/3rpm) (black or black with grey splatter) (SV) 2015Bat
Main Titles, End Credits, End Credits (Alternate Beginning), End Credits (Alternate Ending)
Beastie BoysGirlsCBS Records BEAST W3 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Medallion
Girls, She's Crafty
Beastie BoysNo Sleep Till BrooklynCBS BEAST P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Part of airplane
No Sleep Till Brooklyn, Posse in Effect
Beat Crusaders/Husking BeeWalt Disney Records RR12-88376 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2002Mickey Mouse head
Mickey Mouse March (Beat Crusaders), Baby Mine (Husking Bee)
The BeatlesThe Beatles in AustraliaDocument Records DR 1806 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Kangaroo
This Boy, Can't Buy Me Love
The BeatlesThe Beatles Live in London 1963Document DR 011 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1988Rectangle
Please Please Me, I Saw Her Standing There, Twist and Shout, From Me To You
The BeatlesChristmas Shape Vol. 1Document Records DR 881-2 (45rpm) (SPD) no dateChristmas cactus
The Christmas Record 1963, The Christmas Record 1964
The BeatlesChristmas Shape Vol. IIDocument Records DR 883-4 (45rpm) (SPD) no dateFlying fish in clouds
The Christmas Record 1965, The Christmas Record 1966
The BeatlesChristmas Shape Vol. IIIDocument Records DR 885-6 (45rpm) (SPD) no dateSanta's boot
The Christmas Record 1967, The Christmas Record 1968
The BeatlesHear the Beatles Tell AllVeeJay PRO-202 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1974The group
(also available uncut)
The BeatlesInterviewBEAT 1 SC (45rpm) (SV) no dateRed, Green (solid or opaque), Light Green, White or Yellow apple
Interview (same on both sides and same as BEAT 1S)
The BeatlesInterviewBEAT 1 S (45rpm) (SPD) no dateThe group
Interview (same on both sides and same as BEAT 1SC)
The BeatlesAn Interview With the Beatles at Abbey RoadCORE 1 (45rpm) (SPD) no dateApple
The BeatlesLove Me DoArt of Music AOM001 109770M (45rpm) (2,000 copies) (SV) 2014Pink heart
Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You
The BeatlesLove Me DoBEAT1 109770M (45rpm) (SV) no dateRed heart
Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You
The BeatlesLove Me DoBEAT2 109770M (45rpm) (SV) no dateGreen apple
Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You
The BeatlesLove Me DoBEAT3 109770M (45rpm) (SV) no dateRed apple
Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You
The BeatlesLove Me DoBEAT4 109770M (45rpm) (SV) no dateBlue star
Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You
The BeatlesLove Me DoBEAT5 109770M (45rpm) (SV) no dateRed star
Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You
The BeatlesLove Me DoBEAT6 109770M (45rpm) (SV) no dateWhite star
Love Me Do, P.S. I Love You
The BeatlesNorthern SongsMagic Dwarf Records MDR 45 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Rectangle
She Loves You, Twist and Shout, I Saw Her Standing There, Long Tall Sally
Kathy BeeThe Pumpkin ManErika Records ER-112 (45rpm)(500 orange, 500 clear copies) (SPD) 1982Pumpkin (orange or clear vinyl, or white pumpkin on B-side)
The Pumpkin Man
Kathy BeeThe Pumpkin ManRainbo Records ER-112 (45rpm) (8 square copies) (SV) 1982Rectangle, 6 pointed star or square (black or clear)
The Pumpkin Man
Kathy BeeTitanicRainbo Records S 11714 (45rpm) (8 copies) (SV) no dateSquare
Belle StarsSweet MemoryStiff Records D BUY 174 (45rpm) (10,000 silver, 100 blue copies) (SPD) 1983Six-pointed Star (silver or blue)
(also available uncut)
Sweet Memory, April Fool
Belle StarsWorld DominationStiff Records P BUY 245 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Square
(also available uncut)
World Domination, Just a Minute
The BelovedYour Love Takes Me HigherWEA Records YZ463P (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Hand
Your Love Takes Me Higher, Pablo
Pat BenatarShadows of the NightChrysalis Pat P 2 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1985Pat
Shadows of the Night, Hit Me With Your Best Shot
Bevis Frond/Prime SinisterSociopath/ImagesMusical Tragedies MT-255 (500 black and red, 300 clear copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1995Circular sawblade
Sociopath, Images
Matt BiancoSneaking Out the Back DoorWEA Records YZ3P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Diamond
Sneaking Out the Back Door, Matt's Mood
Big CountryFields of FirePhonogram COUP2 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1983Scotland
(also available uncut)
Fields of Fire, Harvest Home, Angle Park
Big CountryLook AwayMercury BIG CP1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Band's name
Look Away, Restless Natives
BirdhouseWild CherryN.S.F.D. Records NSFD 023 (33 1/3rpm)(25 fish, 12 band photo copies) (SV & SPD) 1995Fish, 3 men with hats & canes, or band member photo
Wild Cherry
Jimi Carl BlackClearly ClassicInkanish 4055 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) no dateUSA or blob
I'm Ready, Love Potion No. 9, Rock 'n' Roll Music, Cherry Pie, Dance With Me Henry, Ain't Got No Home, Bony Maronie, Blueberry Hill
Pauline Black with Sunday BestPirates on the AirwavesChrysalis TUNEP 1 (45rpm) (4,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Parrot
Pirates on the Airwaves, Version (Instrumental)
Black CrowesHard to HandleDef American DEFAP 10 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Two crows
(also available uncut)
Hard to Handle, Stare It Cold
Black HoneyHello TodayBH 69984 (45rpm) (SV) 2017Heart
Hello Today, Ghost
Black IceIron Works/Azra IW 1017 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon
U.S. Metal, Heavy Metal Warriors
Black MagicGood Ol' BoysErika S-8663 (45rpm) (23 copies) (SV) no dateBlob
Good Ol' Boys
Black MagicGood Ol' BoysErika S-8663 (45rpm) (100 copies) (SPD) no dateCar
Good Ol' Boys
Black StarFix UpJavotti Media JAV7001 (45rpm) (3000 copies) (SV) 2015Star
Fix Up, You Already Knew
The Black VelvetsGlamstarVertigo 9871508 (45rpm) (SPD) 2005Guitar pick
Glamstar, Now Listen
The Black VelvetsOnce in a WhileVertigo 987323-S (45rpm) (SPD) 2005Guitar pick
Once in a While, Now Listen
The Black Velvets3345Vertigo 987036-1 (45rpm) (SPD) 2005Guitar pick
3345, Soul Saviour
BlackfootSend Me an AngelAtco B9880P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983American flag
(also available uncut)
Send Me an Angel, Drivin' Fool
BLKHRTSDead Drops Vol. 1Pirates Press BLK666 (45rpm) (SV) 2015Heart
Coathangers, Trillex
Blondie/The Bloodless PharaohsX Offender/Bloodless PharaohsMusical Tragedies MT508 (45rpm) (500 yellow/red, 500 yellow/blue copies) (SV) 2001Circular sawblade
X Offender, Bloodless Pharaohs
Blue ZooForgive and ForgetMagnet MAGS 241 (45rpm) (1,250 sets) (SV) 1983Set of four zoo shapes in different colors
Forgive and Forget, Shine
The BluebellsCathLondon LON 20 (45rpm) (5,500 blue copies) (SV) 1983Bell (blue or yellow)
Cath, All I Ever Said
The BluebellsYoung at HeartLondon LONPD 49 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Rectangle
Young at Heart, Tender Mercy
Blues CompanyOne Way StreetBCO 1 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) no dateCar
(also available uncut)
I Ain't Comin' Back, I Ain't Got You, The Crawl
Phillip Boa/Speedway 69The Great Houdini/Random RomanticMusical Tragedies MT-552/YA-1647-7 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2008Circular sawblade
The Great Houdini, Random Romantic
BombalurinaSeven Little Girls Sitting in the Back SeatPolydor/Carpet CRPTP2 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Car with nine people
Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat, Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat (Karaoke Version)
Bon JoviInterviewTell Tales TTS 1014 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Bat or circular sawblade
Bon JoviRock Sagas: The Chris Tetley InterviewsFotodisk CTD 2003 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Two rectangles
Bon JoviYou Give Love a Bad NamePolygram VERP26 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Band's logo
You Give Love a Bad Name, Let It Rock
BonaventuraWhen Malyndy SingsChrysalis TLOP 001 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Man
When Malyndy Sings, Big Track
BonfireThe StrokeBMG Ariola PT44924 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Logo
The Stroke, Dirty Love
Jean BonyJoyeaux NoelCondor Classix CC8803 (33 1/3rpm) (25 copies) (SPD) 1988Square
Unknown Christmas song in french and english, Joyeaux Noel (one side only)
Jean BonyJoyeaux NoelCondor Classix CC8803 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1988Christmas ornament (picture on back varies)
Unknown Christmas song in french and english, Joyeaux Noel (same on both sides)
Jean BonyJoyeaux Noel* (<25 copies) Christmas wreath
Unknown Christmas song in french and english, Joyeaux Noel
Jean BonyJoyeaux NoelCondor Classix CC8803 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Blob, octagon or bottle
Unknown Christmas song in french and english, Joyeaux Noel (same on both sides)
Jean BonyJoyeaux NoelCondor Classix CC8803 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Bottle with purple design on reverse
Unknown Christmas song in french and english, Joyeaux Noel
Boom Boom RoomHere Comes the ManEpic 650054 8 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Dancer
(also available uncut)
Here Comes the Man, Days Like These
Booze & Glory/Harrington SaintsSwingin' Fucking Hammers/Claret & BluePirates Press Records 91968H (45rpm) (SV) 2010Crossed hammers (black, claret, blue, claret & blue, clear with claret blue & gold splatter)
Swingin' Fucking Hamemrs, Claret & Blue
Paul BowanCity FolksErika S12237 (45rpm) (SV) 1984Octagon or heart
City Folks
David BowieAbsolute BeginnersVirgin VSS 838 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Square
Absolute Beginners, Absolute Beginners (Dub Mix)
David BowieLoving the AlienEMI EAP195 (45rpm) (23,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Irregular
Loving the Alien, Don't Look Down
David BowieThe Next DaySony 109024M1A (45rpm) (SV) 2013Square
The Next Day (same on both sides)
David BowiePress ConferenceSpider 3S (33 1/3rpm)(2,000 copies) (SV) 1987Australia
Press conference at the Tivoli Club in Sydney, Australia, October 27, 1987
David BowiePress Conference LondonSound Vision SOUND 7S (45rpm) (SPD) 1990David
also available uncut
David BowieUndergroundEMI EAP 216 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Irregular
(also available uncut)
Underground, Underground (Instrumental)
David BowieWhen the Wind BlowsVirgin VSS 966 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Cartoon couple
When the Wind Blows, When the Wind Blows (Instrumental)
The BoxersBoxcleverCB GIPSYP 11 (45rpm) (3,500 copies) (SPD) 1983Boxing glove
Boxclever, Do Me a Favour
BravesIIIRostrum Records RSTRM317RSD (45rpm) (SPD) 2017Crowned figure
Joan of Arc, Me the Thief, A Toast, Kingdom Come, Monsters in the Steeple
Breather ResistKing of the Monsters KOTM 19 RE1 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2003Casket
Patent Crucifrom Casket, Crucifucked
BriarEdge of a Broken HeartPRT Records BRIAR P1 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1987Human heart
Edge of a Broken Heart, Don't Forget Me When You're on Your Island
BrilliantIt's a Man's Man's Man's WorldWEA Records FOOD 5PV (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Square
It's a Man's Man's Man's World, Crash the Car
Broken EnglishComin' On StrongEMI EMP5 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987The group
Comin' on Strong, Suffer in Silence
Broken EnglishLove on the SideEMI EMP 55 (45rpm) (7,000 copies) (SPD) 1987The group
Love on the Side, Deep in My Heart
Broken ManIron Works IW 1043 (33 1/3rpm) (25 copies) (SV) 1991Octagon
Set Me Free
Broken Man/SubjugatorIron Works/Azra DIN 01 (45rpm) (25 black octagon copies) (SV) 1992Octagon (purple or black), square (purple or black), blob (purple or black), heart, and cop
When All Else Fails, Unity Fields
Bronski BeatC'mon C'monLondon BITPD 7 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Drummer
C'Mon C'Mon, Something Special
Bronski BeatSmalltown BoyLondon BITPD 1 (45rpm) (SPD)(10,000 copies) 1984Triangle
Smalltown Boy, Memories
Bronski Beat/The CommunardsSmalltown BoyLondon LONP 287 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Triangle
Smalltown Boy Remix, There's More to Love Than Boy Meets Girl
Bronze Age FoxDinosaurBagatelle ELLE 02 (45rpm) (SV) 2004Triangle
Dinosaur, Show Me Something More
Bronze Age FoxInstrument Pt. 1Bagatelle ELLE 03 (45rpm) (SV) 2004Square
Instrument Pt. 1, Forty Four
Brooklyn BratsErika Records L-19471 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1984Octagon
I Guess I Don't Mind (same on both sides)
BrosDrop the BoyCBS ATOM W3 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Irregular
(also available uncut)
Drop the Boy, The Boy is Dropped
BrosI QuitCBS Atom P5 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Square
(also available uncut)
I Quit, I Quit (acid drops)
Brother JTPurgatory, Sweet PurgatorySummerstep Records SUM0021 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2007Square
Sweet Purgatory, Estranged, Throwaway, That's What They All Say
Danny BrownThe Odd EPFool's Gold Records FGRPIC005 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2012Pill box
Baseline, Witit, Shouldn't Of, Baseline (Instrumental), Witit (Instrumental), Shouldn't Of (Instrumental)
Jackson BrowneFor AmericaWEA Records/Asylum EKR35P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Statue of liberty
For America, Till I Go Down
Jackson BrowneIn the Shape of a HeartAsylum ED 5138 (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) 1986Heart (red or pink) and red square
In the Shape of a Heart (Edited Remix), In the Shape of a Heart (Remix of LP Version)
Ken BryantDestination LoveN.S.F.D. Records NSFD (33 1/3rpm) (100 rectangle, 500 square copies) (SPD) 1990Square (bus) or rectangle (girl)
Destination Love (same on both sides)
Ken BryantDestination LoveN.S.F.D. Records NSFD (33 1/3rpm) (25 square copies) (SV) 1990Octagon, triangle, heart, star, square or blob
Destination Love (same on both sides)
Buckner and GarciaPacman FeverColumbia C99 02945 (45rpm) (SPD) 1982Square
Pacman Fever, Pacman Fever (Instrumental)
Buena Park High School Class of 1988 Presents "Never Say Goodbye" Junior-Senior PromL 30313 (45rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 1988Heart
Never Say Goodbye
Burning the BridgePerfect LoveLegacy Records LGYS 61 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Heart
Perfect Love, Long Days Journey Into Love
Kate BushInterview 85BUSH 7S (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Kate Bush with dog
(also available uncut)
Interview 85 Part 1, Interview 85 Part 2
Kate BushInterview 85BUSH 7S (45rpm) (2,000 copies) (SV) 1985Heart or 8 point star
Interview 85 Part 1, Interview 85 Part 2
Kate BushStand Up & TalkSTANDUP 2 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (1500 copies) no dateKate with surprised look
(also available uncut)
Interview Part 1, Interview Part 2
Don Cadwell and RevolversSanta's Second String ReindeerCondor Classix CC8804 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (12 Christmas wreath copies) 1988Christmas wreath
Santa's Second String Reindeer, Santa Stole My Sock
Don Cadwell and RevolversSanta's Second String ReindeerCondor Classix CC8804 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Seven-sided
Santa's Second String Reindeer, Santa Stole My Sock (same on both sides)
Don Cadwell and RevolversSanta's Second String ReindeerCondor Classix CC8804 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (25 blob copies) 1988Blob or octagon
Santa's Second String Reindeer, Santa Stole My Sock (same on both sides)
CageDJ Shadow Presents GOP Rogue's Gallery #2: Donald the MercilessFTW-002 (33 1/3rpm) (2,000 copies) (SPD) 2005Donald Rumsfeld's face
Grand Ol' Party Crash, Grand Ol' Party Crash (Instrumental)
Andy CahanPandaErika Records PAER 883 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies, 2 hexagonal copies) (SV) 1983Panda or hexagonal
Mooch, The Sky Is Falling, Hell of a Day, A Happy Thought, Carousel, Lady
Bobby CaldwellWhat You Won't Do For LoveClouds CLO-11 (45rpm) (SV) 1978Heart
What You Won't Do for Love (same on both sides)
Bobby CaldwellWhat You Won't Do For LoveClouds HSS1 (45rpm) (SV) 1979Heart
What You Won't Do for Love, Love Won't Wait
CameoWord-UpPolygram JABP 38 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1986Band
(also available uncut)
Word-Up, Urban Warrior
CAN/Harold ZieglerSerpentine/Barbie HymneMusical Tragedies EFA 12617-7 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2001Circular sawblade
Serpentine, Barbie Hymne
Captain Sensible/The Real PeopleCigarette Sandy/Waiting for the WorldMusical Tragedies MT-405 (500 copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1998Circular sawblade
Cigarette Sandy, Waiting for the World
Carcass* Brain
Keep on Rotting in the Free World
Nito Del CarmenBoas FestasCopacabana CD 4087 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1983Bell (light yellow, milky yellow or dark yellow)
Jingle Bells Noite Feliz, Boas Festas, Fim de Ano
The CarsTonight She ComesElektra EKR30P (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Car
(also available uncut)
Tonight She Comes, Just What I Needed
Johnny CashGet RhythmMillion Dollar Quartet P70 (45rpm) (SV) 1987Square with small white label or larger red label
Get Rhythm, Big River
Johnny CashGet RhythmMillion Dollar Quartet P70 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1987Square (white collar, yellow collar, pink collar, or orange shirt)
Get Rhythm, Big River
David CassidyThe Last KissArista ARISD 589 (45rpm) (6,500 copies) (SPD) 1985David
The Last Kiss, The Letter
CassleMidnight FantasyAzra S67 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 1983Square, rectangle or octagon
Midnight Fantasy
CassleMidnight FantasyAzra S67 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1983Square
Midnight Fantasy
Gregory D. CastroLove Letter to MalvinasErika Records ER-109 (45rpm)(150 heart, 500 white square copies) (SPD) 1983Heart, square or rose
Love Letter to Malvinas, Love Letter to Malvinas (Instrumental)
Gregory D. CastroLove Letter to MalvinasErika Records ER-109 (45rpm) (4 black square copies) (SV) 1983Square (Grey, brown or black)
Love Letter to Malvinas, Love Letter to Malvinas (Instrumental)
Caustic WindowJoyrex J9i* (300 copies) Synthesizer
Humanoid Must Not Escape, Fantasia
Cava CavaBrother BrightRegard Records RGTP105 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Artist's palette
Brother Bright, The Clown
Cava CavaBurning BoyRegard Records RGTP 110 (45rpm)(5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Round ashtray
Burning Boy, Pink Shower
Chas & DaveI Wonder in Whose ArmsTowerbell Records/Korova KOR C23 & D23 (45rpm) (3,000 sets) (SPD) 1984Interlocking set of 2, shaped like Chas & Dave behind a brick wall
I Wonder in Whose Arms, I Miss Ya Girl (same songs on both records)
Chas & DaveRabbitDemon Records RABBIT01 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2013Rabbit
Rabbit, The Sideboard Song
Cheap TrickDon't Be CruelCBS Records 6528960 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Radio
(also available uncut)
Don't Be Cruel, I Know What I Want
Cheap TrickFlameEpic/CBS 651466 0 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Burning record
The Flame, Through the Night
Cheap TrickOh BoyES-2 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateGuitar pick
Discussion on Cheap Trick in Japanese, Oh Boy
Chubby CheckerErika Records Parkway 824 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) 1986Heart
Let's Twist Again, Let's Twist Again Live
Cherry PoppingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (500 black rim, 100 clear rim) (SPD) 1984Nude woman
X-rated monologue
Cherry PoppingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (10 copies) (SV) 1984Hexagonal
X-rated monologue
China CrisisVirgin VSSD 752 (45rpm) (5,000 sets) (SPD) 1985Two Hands
(also available uncut)
Black Man Ray, Animalistic
China CrisisYou Did Cut MeVirgin VSS 799 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Shark
You Did Cut Me, You Did Cut Me (Live Version)
ChipzelSuper Hexagon EPIAM8bit 8BIT-8004 (33 1/3rpm) (400 each of four different colors) (SV) 2015Hexagon (black, blue, red, or purple
Courtesy, Otis, Focus, Focusedest, Focus Finale
Christmas In My HeartErika Records ER1775 (45rpm) (SV) no dateSquare, 6-point star or blob
Christmas In My Heart
Christmas RockRhino RNEP652 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Christmas tree or square
Silent Night, Rockabilly Christmas, Punk Rock Christmas, Santa's Gone Surfin'
Chrome MollyTake Me I'm YoursI.R.S. Records IRSMP 152 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Shield
Take Me I'm Yours, Don't Fight Dirty
CinderellaHeartbreak StationVertigo VERSP 53 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Skeleton conductor and train
Heartbreak Station, Move Over, Sick for the Cure
Circle Jerks/AdolescentsWild in the Streets/AmoebaMusical Tragedies MT 262 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 1996Circular sawblade
Wild in the Streets, Amoeba
CirrusRollin' OnJet Records JET 12 123 (45rpm) (SV) 1978Rectangle or shamrock
Rollin' On, Keep on Rollin'
City and ColourLove Come BackDine Alone Records DAV140 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2015Heart
Lover Come Back, Wasted Love
City Folks and Country Music* (5 copies) Heart
Civil IdiotsThe A-Mazing RecordNSFD Records NSFD 8191 (45rpm) (<100 irregular, <25 head shaped, 6 Santa ornament copies) (SPD) no dateIrregular (grey), Santa Christmas ornament, Christmas present (square with 2 cut corners), Dave's head (2 different) or Zack's head
The A-mazing Record
Civil IdiotsThe A-Mazing RecordNSFD Records NSFD 8191 (45rpm) (25 fish copies) (SV) no dateFish, square (black or grey), triangle (black or grey), small octagon (black or grey), large octagon, blob (black or grey)
The A-mazing Record
John Cooper Clarke*
Disguise in Love, I Married a Monster From Outer Space
John Cooper ClarkeGimmixEpic BF79845-01 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2015Rounded triangle
Gimmix, Twat, I Wanna Be Yours, Evidently Chickentown, Kung Fu International
John Cooper ClarkeGimmixEpic S EPC 12-7009 (45rpm) (SV) 1978Rounded triangle
Gimmix, I Married a Monster From Outer Space
The ClashInterviewRecords International TL60 (33 1/3rpm) (2,500 copies) (SPD) 1986Gun
Interview with Joe Strummer
The Clash1977No label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Harald ClaytonHaraldssoundPeter Bastine PB 030 (45rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 1987Rectangle
Haraldssound, Jovian Jabberwock
Cliche SoftwareS & M on SM BoulevardErika Records ER 1047 (45rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon
S&M on SM Boulevard
Patsy Cline/Dr. HermanHonkey Tonk Merry Go Round/KissMusical Tragedies MT-248 (500 yellow, 100 black copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1994Circular sawblade
Honky Tonk Merry Go Round, Kiss
Clorox GirlsThis DimensionJonny Cat FY-684 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2005Square
This Dimension, Animal Eyes
COAJapan Overseas JO98-43 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 19976 pointed star
Omen, Much, Omen Remix, Much Remix
CoalesceLast Call for the LivingNo Idea Records NIR-90 (33 1/3rpm) (42 tan off center, 110 each of other colors, 59 tan saw, 1 each of other colors, 2 of each hexagonal color, 9 tan blob, 2 each of other colors) (SV) 2000Off center hole (tan, grey, yellow, blue, hot pink, green, purple, strawberry, marble wine), circular saw (tan, purple, blue, grey, strawberry, hot pink), hexagonal (purple, green, yellow, blue, strawberry, grey), blob (tan, grey, yellow, blue, hot pink, green, purple, strawberry)
Six songs
Cock SwallowingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (500 black rim, 100 clear rim) 1984Nude woman
X-rated monologue
Cock SwallowingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (10 copies) (SV) 1984Hexagonal
X-rated monologue
CoconutsDid You Have to Love Me Like You DidEMI EAP 156 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1983Coconut
Did You Have To love Me Like You Did, Hats Off to Citizen K
Chris ColantonioThe Last MileErika Records 12235 (33 1/3rpm) (500 irregular) (SPD) 1984Irregular
Get it Together, Old Enough for You, Have You Ever Fell in Love, Love Me Too
Chris ColantonioThe Last MileErika Records 12235 (33 1/3rpm) (10 heart copies) (SV) 1984Octagon or heart
Get it Together, Old Enough for You, Have You Ever Fell in Love, Love Me Too
Cold SeptemberLooking Up at Them at MeAzra International Records A2086 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1986Octagon (black or white) or irregular
Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, Looking Up at Them at Me
Phil CollinsOne More NightVirgin VSS 755 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Phil Collins
(also available uncut)
One More Night, I Like the Way
Phil Collins and Marilyn MartinSeparate LivesVirgin VSSD 818 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Set of two interlocking rectangles
(both also available uncut)
Separate Lives, Only You and I Know
ComatoseIron Works IW 1060 (33 1/3rpm) (25 copies) (SV) no dateBlack square (with or without picture)
What the Hell Do You Want, Skif Dank Does It, I Better
ComatoseIron Works IW 1060 (45rpm) (25 Flags in a cross shaped copies) (SPD) 1994Graveyard scene or Flags in a cross shape
From Green to Black
ComatoseIron Works IW 1060 (45rpm) (25 black octagon, 25 rose octagon copies) (SV) 1994Rose square (large or small), octagon (rose or black), or irregular
From Green to Black
CombichristHeat EP: All Pain is BeatMetropolis MET 594 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2009Circular sawblade
All Pain Is Gone (Rapid Ascent Mix), Can't Change the Beat (Designer Drugs Remix), Can't Change the Beat (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
CommanderHigh 'n MightyIron Works IW 1028 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon
CommanderTerrorIron Works IW 1028 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon
Terror, Blade Shines On
The CommunardsDon't Leave Me This WayLondon LONPD 103 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Star
Don't Leave Me This Way, Sanctified
ConcretoThe MachineAzra A9501 (33 1/3rpm) (100 square, 12 stone face copies) (SPD) 1995Square, seashell, or stone face
Queue, The Machine
ConcretoThe MachineAzra A9501 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1995Square
Queue, The Machine
Jennifer ConnellyJennifer's X'MasToshiba EMI T15-1102 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1986Heart
Three songs with titles in Japanese and interview segments with Jennifer Connelly
Billy ConnollySuper GranStiff Records D BUY 218 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1985Grandma on flying bicycle
Super Gran
Norman ConnorsI Am Your MelodyCapitol 7PRO (45rpm) (SV) 1988Heart or square
I Am Your Melody (Full version), I Am Your Melody (Edit version)
Controlled Bleeding/Doc Wor MirranPets for Meat/Screaming for TittiesMusical Tragedies MT-222 (500 multicolor, 300 clear copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1994
Pets for Meat, Screaming for Titties
Cook da BooksYour EyesToshiba EMI T10-1055 (45rpm) (SV) 1982Heart
Your Eyes, Rockin' at the Hop
Alice CooperHouse of FireEpic ALICE P4 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Alice's head
(also available uncut)
House of Fire, This Maniac's In Love With You
Alice CooperInterview* Alice
Alice CooperInterviewTell Tales TTS 1015 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Bat or circular sawblade
CorneliusThe Trattoria Sound ReleaseL45277 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1995Monkey head
Volunteered Apeman, Moonwalk
Cornelius/Hideki KajiTheme From the First Question AwardTrattoria PSKR-9101 (45rpm) (SV) 1997Heart
Theme From the First Question Award, Theme From the First Question Award-School's Out
Corossion of ConformityKing of the RottenColumbia CS7 8691 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1996Pig's head
King of the Rotten, Fuel, I've Heard It Before
Coverdale and SykesIs This LoveEMI 12 EMP 3 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Irregular
Standing in the Shadows, Need Your Love So Bad
The CrampsBikini Girls With Machine GunsEnigma ENVPD 17 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Girl in bikini with machine gun
(also available uncut)
Bikini Girls With Machine Guns, Jackyard Backoff
Crimson Curse/The Festival of Dead DeerThreeone G 49892 (33 1/3rpm) (384 blue, 1530 black, 1035 grey copies) (SV) 1999Square (black, grey, or blue)
Two untitled songs on each side
The CripplesPre-Op 1 (45rpm) (SV) no dateSquare
Breakdown, Studio 54, Nexus 6
John Crispano & C.A.T.Mad Man JackErika Records JC 58817 (33 1/3rpm)(1,000 football, 100 football helmet, 25 hexagon and 25 star copies) (SPD & SV) 1981Football (picture, plain, or plain with rounded points) football helmet, square (brown and tan), rectangle, octagon, hexagon, heart, star or irregular (1 each of 3 irregular shapes)
Mad Man Jack
Bing Crosby/Andrews SistersWhite Christmas/Jingle BellsAllround PB 010 (520 copies of one, 1 copy of the other, 9 Marilyn Monroe, 12 white, 15 black with no picture (6 different label variations), 22 gold (3 different picture variations), 2 red/gold, 2 snowman copies) (45rpm) (SPD) Santa (2 different pictures of Santa), Marilyn Monroe, white, black, gold or snowman
White Christmas, Jingle Bells
CrowGeronimoWEA Records YZ55P (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Crow's face
Geronimo, The Crow Blues
CryersTear DiscMercury MK-57 (45rpm) (SV) 1978Teardrop
A Heartbreaker (same on both sides)
CSSLet's Make Love and Listen To Death From AboveSire/Sub Pop WEA 418 (45rpm) (SV) 2007Square
Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above, Pretend We're Dead
Cult of FireLife & Sex & DeathBeyond Eyes BE04 (45rpm) (1,400 copies) (SPD) 2016Irregular
Life, Chinnamasta Mantra, Death, Tantric Sex
The CureThe Peel Sessions 1978Strange Fruit 671002 (45rpm) (3,500 copies) (SPD) 1991Robert Smith
Killing an Arab, 10:15 Saturday Night, Fire in Cairo, Boys Don't Cry
Cute Is What We Aim ForThere's a Class for ThisAtlantic ATO253 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Girl's head and shoulders
There's a Class for This, Lyrical Lies
Cutting CrewDied in Your ArmsVirgin PR1003 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Circular saw blade
Died in Your Arms (same on both sides)
D*A*DSleeping My Day Away* Cartoon of band
Sleeping My Day Away, Ill Will
The DamnedDamned Records DAMNED-1-P (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Woman
(also available uncut)
Thanks for the Night, Nasty
The Dandy WarholsRideTim Kerr Records L45441 (33 1/3rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1995Square
Ride, We Love You Dick
DanzigMotherAmerican Recordings MOM1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1994Skull
Mother 94, Mother Live
DareAbandonA & M AMP 519 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989The word "Dare"
(also available uncut)
Abandon (Remix), The Last Time
Timothy DareRussian RouletteN.S.F.D. Records NSFD 005 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1989Pack of cigarettes (3 different)
Russian Roulette
Timothy DareRussian RouletteN.S.F.D. Records NSFD 005 (45rpm) (25 octagon, 25 square copies) (SV) 1989Octagon, square or blob
Russian Roulette
Dark AngelWe Have ArrivedMetalstorm MS 8602 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (500 skull, 500 square copies) no dateSquare with rounded corners, square with cut corners, skull, octagon, heart, man on torture wheel, man on rack or square with picture of band or graveyard
(all three pictures also available uncut)
Merciless Death, We Have Arrived
Dark AngelWe Have ArrivedMetalstorm MS 8602 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateCircular sawblade, irregular, heart, Christmas tree, octagon, square or rectangle
(also available uncut)
Merciless Death, We Have Arrived
Dark AngelWe Have ArrivedMetalstorm MS 8817 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Graveyard, square, octagon, cog, irregular
We Have Arrived, Welcome to the Slaughterhouse
The DarknessChristmas TimeWarner Music DARK02 (45rpm) (SPD) 2003Irregular
Christmas Time, I Love you 5 Times
The DarknessGirlfriendAtlantic DARK06T (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2003Star
Girlfriend (Album Version), Girlfriend (Space Cowboy Hard & Fast Remix), Girlfriend (The Freelance Hellraiser "Screaming J. Hawkins" Remix)
DaveRock and Roll AssholeN.S.F.D. Records NSFD009 (45 rpm) (500 irregular) (SPD) no dateIrregular
(also available uncut)
Rock and Roll Asshole
DaveRock and Roll AssholeN.S.F.D. Records NSFD009 (45 rpm) (500 square copies) (SV) no dateSquare, square with cut curners or octagon
Rock and Roll Asshole
DaveRock and Roll AssholeN.S.F.D. Records NSFD009 (45 rpm) (25 heart, 25 square copies) (SV) no dateHeart or square
Rock and Roll Asshole, I Kiss Your Feet (Peter Lieberman)
Days of ThunderEpic 6565160 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Race Car
(also available uncut)
Deal for Life (John Waite), Gimme Some Lovin' (Terry Reid)
Dead DiscoYou're OutEMI 679L147 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 2007Dialogue balloon
You're Out, You're Out (Frankmusik Remix)
Dead or AliveLover Come Back To MeEpic WA 6086 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Fan
Love Come Back To Me, Far Too Hard
Death and VanillaFrom AboveThe Great Pop Supplement GPS98 (45rpm) (SV) 2013Square
From Above, Lux
Death MechanismTwenty-First CenturyNight of the Vinyl Dead NIGHT I78 (33 1/3rpm) (350 copies) (SV) 2013Cog
Monitored Procreation, Earthly Immortality, Human Limits, Evolutive Deviation, Tipping in Front, Obsolete Cults, Hidden Legacy, Centuries of Lies, Extropy, Collapse 2000 A.D.
DecadenzaFrolicking in the Autumn MistAzra Records/Cellar Records AZ/CL 0009 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1994Octagon (black or black and white), square (black or black and white), blob (black or black and white), hexagon (black and white)
Frolicking in the Autumn Mist, It Follows
Deep PurpleInterviewTell Tales TTS 1017 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Circular sawblade or bat
Deep PurpleLove Conquers AllRCA/BMG PT 49224 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Band's logo
(also available uncut)
Love Conquers All, Truth Hurts
Def LeppardHysteria* Two distorted faces
Def LeppardInterviewTell Tales TTS 1012 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Circular sawblade or bat
Interview with drummer Rick Allen
Def LeppardPour Some Sugar on MePhonogram LEPS 2 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Triangle
Pour Some Sugar On Me, I Wanna Be Your Hero
Def LeppardRock of AgesPhonogram VERP 6 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Guitar
Rock of Ages, Action! Not Words
Def LeppardRock Sagas: The Chris Tetley InterviewsFotodisk CTD 2007 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Two rectangles
(also available uncut)
Stan (the man) DemskieHey Little BoyNSFD 016 (45rpm) (SV) 1996Rectangle or heart
Who's Gonna Buy the Beer Tonight, Hey Little Boy
Stan (the man) DemskieHey Little Boy* (<25 wrestling mask, 25 Christmas package copies) Wrestling mask or Christmas package (square with cut corners)
Hey Little Boy
DesasterZombie RitualSoulseller Records SSR019 (45rpm) (999 copies) (SPD) 2010Devil's sword
Zombie Ritual, Devil's Sword
DetournementAwaken With Millions From One HeartPirates Press PPR040 (45rpm) (250 red, 250 red & yellow copies) (SV) 2009Heart (red or red & yellow
Chicago '86, Jenny Von Westphalen, Awaken With Millions (same on both sides)
Deutscher KaiserTempo! Tempo!Mode BM 003 (45rpm) (SV) 1982Octagon
Tempo! Tempo!, Danse!
Devastation RunSent Me AwayIron Works IW 1014 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon
Sent Me Away
DevoBeautiful WorldWarner Brothers Records WBSP 49826 (45rpm) (SPD) 1981Space helmet
Beautiful World, Nu-Tra Speaks
DiamondSouplet 107012 (45rpm) (SV) 1979Heart
Night Concerto No. 1, Do It By Heart
Diamond Bar High School Cordially Invites You to the Junior-Senior PromPR1001 (45rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 1986Heart
Just You and I, These Dreams
Diamond Bar High School Cordially Invites You to the Junior-Senior PromPR1001 (45rpm) (SV) 1986Heart
Just You and I, These Dreams
Bruce DickinsonAll the Young DudesEMI EMPD 142 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Shield
(also available uncut)
All the Young Dudes, Darkness Be My Friend
Bruce DickinsonTattooed MillionaireEMI EMPD 138 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Dragon tattoo
(also available uncut)
Tattooed Millionaire, Ballad of Mutt
Die Form/The NunsAutomatic Love/AnitaMusical Tragedies MT 460 (45rpm) (700 copies) (SV) 1999Circular sawblade
Automatic Love, Anita
Die Toten Hosen/Sham 69If the Kids are United/Individual* (1,000 copies) Circular sawblade
If the Kids are United, Individual
DioThe Dio E.P.Phonogram DIOP 710 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Demon hands holding crystal ball
(also available uncut)
Hide in the Rainbow, Hungry for Heaven, Shame on the Night, Egypt
DioHungry for HeavenPhonogram DIOP 6 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Dragon
Hungry for Heaven, King of Rock and Roll
Dire StraitsBrothers in ArmsVertigo/Phonogram DSPIC 11 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Rectangle
Brothers in Arms, Going Home
Dire StraitsMoney for NothingPhonogram DSPIC 10 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 19853 guitar heads
Money for Nothing, Love Over Gold
DissensionTelling MeMetalstorm Records MS 8615 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1986Rectangle
Telling Me
DissensionTelling MeMetalstorm Records MS 8615 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1986Octagon
Telling Me
DivineWalk Like a ManProto Records ENA P125 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985
Walk Like a Man, Man Talk
Dizzy BitchRock With MeAzra AZ 615 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateIrregular
Rock With Me
Dizzy BitchRock With MeAzra AZ 615 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateBlob or octagon
Rock With Me, Going Down
DJ ApeFuck Punk FUCKPUNK008 (45rpm) (399 copies) (SV) 2016Square
C. Giles Showed Me Some Shit, Untitled FIII
DJ LBRThis PartyDipiu DPU 1170 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Shoes with headphones
This Party (Video Mix), This Party (The Way I Mix)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #1Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
Nautilus (Pleiadian), Virmana (Janosians)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #2Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
Jiu-Jitsu (Gaian), Jiu-Jitsu (Gaian-Bonus Break)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #3Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
Draconian (Reptilian-Remix), Felines (Feline-Bonus Break)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #4Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
Spectre (Moon Men), Burrowers (Saurian-Bonus Break)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #5Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
Ascender (Agarthan), Bloom (Plant People-Tiny Telephone Mix)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #6Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
Labyrinth (Pegasian), Medusa (Nagas-Male Version)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #7Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
Astro Frog (Mintakan), Panic (Satyrs-Instrumental)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #8Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
Huverkraft (Greys-Remix), Iguanoids (Reptiloid-Instrumental)Nautilus (Pleiadian), Virmana (Janosians)
DJ Q-BertExtraterrestria Puzzle Piece #9Thud Rumble (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2017Puzzle piece
She Throws the Beat Down (Kontomble), Moth-Rah (Moth Men Remix), Sphere (Blue Avian)
DJ R ShockViolent Recordings VIOLENT 7 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1998Circular sawblade
Start the Show, Kill You All, Harbinger, A'dam... Pay for Me
DJ ShadowGOP Rogue's Gallery #1* Dinosaur
DJ WallyBitchley's Kow KornJungle Sky Records TW HE 11 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1996Square
Bitchley's Kow Korn, Bitchley's Kow Korn Remix
DMX KrewRephlex CAT 086 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1999Ed DMX
Good Time Girl, Denki No Merodi
D.O.A./The Hanson BrothersBeat 'Em Bust 'Em/Can't Hide the HeinoMusical Tragedies MT-347 (45rpm) (600 copies) (SV) 1997Circular sawblade
Beat 'Em Bust 'Em, Can't Hide the Heino
Do-Ra-LeNo One20 Greene GR2003 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1994Hexagonal
No One (Squared Mix), No One (Rhythm Mix), Perc Beats
Doc Wor MirranIn the Shadow of Her BreastsMusical Tragedies MT-300 (45rpm) (SV) 1994Triangle
In the Shadow of Her Breasts, Goki
Dolby's CubeMay the Cube Be With You* 1994Cube
May the Cube Be With You, Googooplexus
Dolfinarium HardewijkKom en Kijk in HarderwijkHilversum PU 8377 RW (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1983Killer whale (some copies say 33 1/3rpm - others say 45rpm)
(also available uncut)
Kom en Kijk in Harderwijk, Gudrun
Donna and the DollsHouston Oiler DiscoBellaire Records HD 3 1979Helmet or football
Houston Oiler Disco (same on both sides)
Doo Wah RidersWaiting Up for Santa Claus* Santa
Waiting Up For Santa Claus
Double BangingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (500 black rim, 100 clear rim) 1984Two nude women
X-rated monologue
Double BangingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (10 copies) 1984Hexagonal
X-rated monologue
Douche Lords/MortisHalf Assed Records HA 001 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (<5 copies) 1988Monster's head
Genital Mutilation, Watcha Do To Me
Douche Lords/MortisHalf Assed Records HA 001 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Octagon
Genital Mutilation, Watcha Do To Me
D.R.A.M./Lil YachtyBroccoliEmpire/Atlantic 8891526038 (33 1/3rpm) (2,000 copies) (SPD) 2016Broccoli
Broccoli, Cha Cha
Dread ZeppelinStairway to HeavenI.R.S. DREAD PD2 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Stairway
(also available uncut)
Stairway to Heaven, Jailhouse Rock
Dream AcademyThe Love ParadeBlanco y Negro NEG 16 (45rpm) (7,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Flower
The Love Parade, Girl in a Million
Bryan DuncanWhen I Think of Home* Heart
When I Think of Home, Every Heart Has on Open Door
Dungeon of FusionDark WhisperEmerald Entertainment A36 (33 1/3rpm) (500 diamond, 25 square, 12 man with whip copies) (SPD) 1988Diamond, square, or man with whip
Dark Whisper, Digital Darkness
Dungeon of FusionDark WhisperAzra A36 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1989Square with 2 cuts, or octagon
Dark Whisper, Digital Darkness
Duo Over 40Body BuildingLava Music 8706 (45rpm) (SPD) (500 copies) 1987Square
Body Building, Body Building (Instrumental)
Marshua DyerLivin' in California* Square or heart
Livin' in California, The Drummer, It's the New style
Bob DylanHe Was a Friend of MineArt of Music AOM009 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2014Guitar pick
He Was a Friend of Mine, The Girl I Left Behind, Sally Gal, Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues
Bob DylanIn the PinesArt of Music AOM022 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2014Guitar pick
In the Pines, I Ain't Got No Home, Backwater Blues, Baby Please Don't Go
Dynamic DuoThe DrummerJoker Records Joker 46 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon
The Drummer, It's the New style
East 17Let It RainLondon LONPD 363 (45rpm) (SPD) 1995Band's logo
Let It Rain (Thunder Radio Edit), Let It Rain (J-Pac Sleeting Edit)
Jason Ebs & Fuzzy LogicAzra A737 (33 1/3rpm) (100 copies) (SPD) 1996Square with fur on reverse
Walking Blind, Opinions
Echo and the BunnymenBring on the Dancing HorsesKorova KOW 43P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Pink ribbon around picture of a cow
Bring on the Dancing Horses, Over Your Shoulder
Jango Edwards & Friend's RoadshowBicycle SeatSquare Records A-4023 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) no dateSquare
Bicycle Seat, Christmas Tree
Michael EdwardsYou Oughta Be in PicturesAzra DTR 9-6 (45rpm) (50 star, 500 clapboard copies) (SPD) 1983Movie clapboard or star
You Oughta Be in Pictures
Egyptian LoverEgypt, EgyptStones Throw Records STH 7055 (33 1/3rpm) (2,000 copies) (SV) 2015Triangle
Egypt Egypt, Girls
EndgamesLove CaresVirgin VSS 617 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Photos of the band members
Love Cares, Ready or Not
The EnemyThis Song is About YouWarner Brothers WEA 442X (45rpm) (SPD) 2008Square
This Song is About You, This Song is About You (Superfrank remix)
The EnemyWe'll Live and Die in These TownsWarner Brothers WEA 437X (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Square
We'll Live and Die in These Towns, Happy Birthday Jane
The EnemyYou're Not AloneWarner Brothers WEA 427 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Square
You're Not Alone, Had Enough
Engine RoomYour Kiss is a WeaponArista ARISD 593 (45rpm) (2,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Television
Your Kiss is a Weapon, Fall of the House of U
Jon EnglishBeating the BoardsMidnight Records FP-1142 (45rpm) (2,900 copies) (SV) 1983Australia
Beating the Boards, Beautiful Loser
ErasermenHe Got the CarAUA Records AUA 339 (45rpm) (SV) 2002Hexagonal
He Got the Car (same on both sides)
Mikey ErgPaper + Plastick (45rpm) (300 red, 100 black, 100 gold copies) (SV) 2011Heart (red, black, or gold)
Key of C Fix It Fix It Stop, Little Hands of Concrete
Erika Theme Song* Square
Erika Records Theme Song
EspionageYou're Love's For SaleA&M AMP 123 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Head
(also available uncut)
Your Love's For Sale, One of a Kind
Gloria EstefanCan't Stay Away From YouEpic 653195 7 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Gloria
(also available uncut)
Can't Stay Away From You, Let It Loose
The EurythmicsThe Miracle of LoveRCA DA9P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Enamel pin
Miracle of Love, When Tomorrow Comes
Evil ConductThat Old TattooPirates Press PPR135 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 2014Bulldog
That Old Tattoo, Ultra-Violence
ExhumedAll Guts No GloryRelapse RR3223-1 (33 1/3rpm) (554 copies) (SV) 2011Set of 2 circular sawblades
All Guts No Glory, As Hammer to Anvil, Your Funeral My Feast, Through Cadaver Eyes, Death Knell, Distorted and Twisted to Form, I Rot Within, Disassembly Line, Necrotized, Funereality, So Let It Be Rotten... So Let It Be Done, The Way of All Flesh, Unclean, To Wake the Dead, Cold Caress, Necromaniac, Forged in Fire
ExodusEXODUS (33 1/3rpm) (SV) No dateOctagon
Extinct Birds: Atitlan GrebeMeep Records (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (3 copies) no dateGrebe
Atitlan Grebe bird sounds
Extinct Birds: Bachman's WarblerMeep Records (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (3 copies) no dateAlmost round
Bachman's Warbler bird sounds
Extinct Birds: Ivory-Billed WoodpeckerMeep Records (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (3 copies) no dateWoodpecker
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker bird sounds
Extinct Birds: 'O'UMeep Records (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (3 copies) no dateRectangle
'O'U bird sounds
ExtremeHip TodayA&M 580 990-7 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1995Head
Hip Today, There is No God
Faith BandWhite Dove Records IHH 007 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1989Dove, square, bottle, Mickey Mouse head
Can't Say Goodbye, Free the People, Emotional Arrest, Never Ending Wave
Faith No MoreEpicSlash/London LASPD26 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Lead singer and city skyline
(also available uncut)
Epic, Falling to Pieces
Faith No MoreEpicSlash/London 886882-7 (45 & 33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1990Flame splashing in water
(also available uncut)
Epic (45rpm), War Pigs (33 1/3rpm)
Fallen AngelErika Records ER1775 (45rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon and 5 point star
Fallen Angel
Harold Faltermeier and Steve StevensTop Gun AnthemCBS 6502700 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Fighter jet
Top Gun Anthem, Memories
The Farmer's BoysIn the CountryEMI Fab P2 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Queen Anne's Lace
In the Country, Mama Never Told Me
The Farmer's BoysMuck It OutEMI P5380 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Pig
Muck It Out, Funky Combine John
Fat BoysFalling in LovePolydor/Urban URBP 10 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Heart
(also available uncut)
Falling in Love, Protect Yourself/My Nuts (Medley)
Fat BoysWipeoutUrban URBP 5 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Hamburger
Wipeout, Crushin'
Fat Larry's BandStubborn Kind of FellowVirgin VSS589 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Fat Larry
Stubborn Kind of Fellow, Changes
Final AssaultAzra A26 (33 1/3rpm) (500 scroll copies) (SPD) 1986Scroll or rectangle
Final Assault, Messenger of God
Final AssaultAzra A26 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1986Christmas tree (with or without trunk), square or heart
Final Assault, Messenger of God
Fink BrothersMutants in Mega-City OneVirgin JAZZ S2 (45rpm)(6,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Square
Mutants in Mega-City One, Mutant Blues
FirehouseWhen I Look Into Your EyesEpic 658834 (45rpm) (SPD) 1992Band's logo
When I Look in Your Eyes, Life in the Real World
The FirmRadioactiveAtlantic A9586P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Diamond
Radioactive, Together
FischerspoonerTone PoemFlapping Jet FJ 20 (45rpm) (450 copies) (SPD) 2000Rectangle
Tone Poem, Tone Poem (Live)
FishA Gentleman's Excuse MeEMI EMPD 135 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Girl in flowing clothes
(also available uncut)
A Gentleman's Excuse Me, Whiplash
5 StarIf I Say YesRCA PB 40981P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Triangle and number 5
If I Say Yes, Let Me Down Easy
5 StarSomewhere SomebodyRCA/BMG PB 41661P (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Triangle and number 5
Somewhere Somebody, Have a Good Time
Flock of SeagullsThe More You Live the More You LoveJive JIVE P62 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Square
The More You Live the More You Love, Lost Control
Flock of SeagullsTransfer AffectionJive JIVE P41 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Rectangle
Transfer Affection, I Ran
Flock of SeagullsWho's That Girl? She's Got It!Jive 106 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Square
Medley: I Ran/Telecommunication/Wishing/The More You Live the More You Love/Space Age Love Song
The Flying PicketsWhen You're Young and In Love10 Records TENS20 (45rpm) (6,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Star
When You're Young and In Love, Monica Engineer
FMAmerican GirlsPortrait 650036-0 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Statue of liberty
(also available uncut)
American Girls, That Girl
FMBad LuckEpic 6550319 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Oval
(also available uncut)
Bad Luck, This Could Be the Last Time
FMLet Love Be the LeaderCBS Records MERV P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Square
Let Love Be the Leader, Let Love Be the Leader (Live)
FMSomedayEpic DINK P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Boy holding band's logo
(also available uncut)
Someday, Alibi
FMThat GirlPortrait WA 7005 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Band's logo
That Girl, American Girls
ForeignerI Want to Know What Love IsAtlantic A9596P (45rpm) (SPD) 19843-D letter F
(also available uncut)
I Want to Know What Love Is, Street Thunder
ForensicsKRUA InterviewMagic Bullet Records #72 (33 1/3rpm) (60 copies) (SV) 2005Square
KRUA Interview 7/7/04
ForeskinHighway 69Basura/Priority Records PL8 53852 (45rpm) (1,500 copies) (SPD) 1994Highway sign
Highway 69
The FormatSwansThe Vanity Label VL 201331 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) 2013Swan
Swans (same on both sides)
FortressAzra A29 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon
Double Trouble, Ride on the Wind
Four HorsemenNobody Said It Was EasyDef American DEFP12 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Skull with wings
Nobody Said It Was Easy, Homesick Blues
The Four TopsLoco in AcapulcoArista 111 987 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Pineapple
(also available uncut)
Loco in Acapulco, The Four of Us
Fox HollandDo You KnowIron Works IW 1019 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Rectangle, octagon, square or group
Do You Know, Make It Real, Summertime
Fox HollandDo You KnowIron Works IW 1019 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Blob
Do You Know, Make It Real, Summertime
Samantha FoxI Wanna Have Some FunJive FOXY Z 12 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Samantha Fox
(also available uncut)
I Wanna Have Some Fun, Out of Our Hands
Samantha FoxSamantha FoxJive HIP O48 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Set of three rectangles
Satisfaction, I Surrender, I Promise You, Naughty Girls, True Devotion, Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now, If Music Be the Food of Love, That Sensation, Dream City, The Best Is Yet To Come
Samantha FoxTouch MeJive HIP O39 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1986Set of three rectangles
Touch Me, Drop Me a Line, He's Got Sex, I'm All You Need, Suzie Don't Leave Me With Your Boyfriend, Wild Kinda Love, It's Only Love, Hold On Tight, Baby I'm Lost for Words, Do Ya Do Ya
John FoxxWings and a WindMetal Beat/Virgin VSS645 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983John Foxx's head and shoulders
Wings and a Wind, Like a Miracle
Fra Lippo LippiShouldn't Have To Be Like ThatVirgin VSS 831 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Piano
Shouldn't Have to Be Like That, The Distance Between Us
FragglesAll Around the WorldRCA FRAGG P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Postcard
All Around the World, All Around the World (Instrumental)
Peter FramptonLyingVirgin VSS 827 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1986Square
Lying, You Know So Well
Frankie Goes to HollywoodMaximum JoyZTT Records PZTAS30 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 2013Eye
Maximum Joy, Is Anybody Out There
Frankie Goes to HollywoodA Remade WorldZangy Tummy Tumby PZTAS7 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Apple
A Remade World, Welcome to the Pleasure Dome, How To Steady the World, Get It On, Happy Hi
The FratellisBaby Fratelli1723833 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Pin-up girl
Baby Fratelli, Solid Gold Easy Action
The FratellisChelsea DaggerFallout FALLOUTLP1 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Pin-up girl
Chelsea Dagger, Dirty Barry Stole the Bluebird
The FratellisWhistle for the ChoirUniversal Island 1709878 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Pin-up girl
Whistle for the Choir, Nina
Free Record Shop, Z'on Platenwinkel!Free Records Shops B.V. (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1986Hand
Information about Free Record Shops' 15 year celebration, Musical commercial spots for Free Record Shop
Ace Frehley/ElakelaisetTake Me to the City/Dementikon KeppihumppaMusical Tragedies MT-370 (45rpm) (500 red, 200 multicolor copies) (SV) 1997Circular sawblade
Take Me to the City, Dementikon Keppihumppa
LS FreshYou Can't Get No P--sy!Revenge Records MM7624 (2 multisided copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Blob (black or clear), sawblade (black or clear) and multisided
You Can't Get No P__sy! (Fresh Vocal), You Can't Get No P__sy! (Instrumental)
Matt FrettonDance It UpChrysalis MATT2 (45rpm) (95,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Matt
Dance It Up, Dance It Up (Extended Mix)
FreurMatters of the HeartCBS Records WA 3456 (45rpm) (20-30 copies) (SPD) 1983Square
Matters of the Heart, You're a Hoover
Frost BiteDevil's DandruffIron Works IW 1041 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Irregular & band members
Devil's Dandruff
FunThe Ghost That You Are To MeFueled By Ramen 530705-0 (33 1/3rpm) (2,000 copies) (SV) 2012Gear
We Are Young, Carry On, Why Am I the One (Acoustic), Why Am I the One (Album version)
Funeral for a FriendInto OblivionAtlantic ATUK 058X (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Map
Into Oblivion, Crash and Burn
FunkmeisterRyker RYK P2 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Woman
The Debauch Mix, Debauchery
FuzzboxFB-2WEA Records YZ347P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Flying saucer
(also available uncut)
International Rescue, Raining Champagne
FuzzboxWhat's the PointWEA Records YZ 101P (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Heart
What's the Point, Fuzzy Ramblings, Fever
FuzzboxYour Loss My GainWEA Records YZ486TP (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Paint splatter
(also available uncut)
Your Loss My Gain, Pink Sunshine
Kenny GHi How Ya Doin'Arista ARISD 574 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Saxaphone
Hi How Ya Doin', Help Yourself To My Love
G. D. MofThe IntruderLabworks UNDLAB007 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1993Square
Intruder, Iridium, Ventec
GachapinGuruguruJasrac ACSV-003 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2005Gachapin
Hone Hone Rock, Sunday Papa, Ofuro No Kazoeuta, Hataraku Kuruma 2
Joe GalushiLove of My LifeMercury 888 4607 (45rpm) (SV) 1987Square
Love of My Life
Gang GreenSkate to HellRoadracer Records RR 65470 (45rpm)(5,000 copies) (SPD) 1987Skateboard
Skate to Hell, We'll Give It To You
Marco GarciaYouAzra 040 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Pair of eyes
You, No Me Culpes
Marco GarciaYouAzra 040 (45rpm) (25 Texas, 500 heart copies) (SV) 1989Texas, heart, square, irregular, or rectangle
You, No Me Culpes
Gefilte Joe and the FishHanukah RocksRhino RNEP650 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1981Six-pointed star or square
Hanukah Rocks, Walk on the Kosher Side, Matzoh Man, Napper's Delight
Gene Defcon/The Eugenics CouncilMenschenfiend Productions (45rpm) (SV) 2003Triangle
Everybody Makes Me Steaks, Barbarians, Auschwitz Fuck, Divine Intervention
GenesisIllegal AlienVirgin/Charisma ALS1 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1983Circle with clothespins
Illegal Alien, Turn It On Again
GenesisThat's AllVirgin/Charisma TATA Y-1 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Record with cover partially ripped away
That's All, Taking It All Too Hard
Robin GeorgeGo Down FightingArista ROBSD1 (45rpm) (6,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Guitar
Go Down Fighting, Daylite
Robin GeorgeHeartlineBronze BROP 187 (33 1/3rpm) (2,500 copies) (SPD) 1984Warrior with sword
Heartline, Space Kadett
Georgia SatellitesWEA Records EKR 58P (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Confederate flag
Battleship Chains, Hard Luck Boy
Giddle and BoydGoing Steady With Peggy MoffittGiddle & Boyd DA-VN05 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (1,000 copies) 2008Heart
Contact, Sunset Strip SS, Rocket USA, Bubble Gum New Forever, Going Steady With Peggy Moffitt, Bonnie & Clyde
David GilmourLove on the AirHarvest HARP 5229 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Radio
Love on the Air, Let's Get Metaphysical
Gin BlossomsHey JealousyFontana 580-357-1 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1993Square
Hey Jealousy, Cajun Song, Keli Richards
Gina XDrive My CarStatik Records STAK21 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Car
Drive My Car, Waiting
GirlsLawrenceTrue Panther Sounds 077-7 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) 2011Heart
GirltalkCan the RhythmInnervision Records IVSS 4 (33 1/3rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Two girls
Can the Rhythm, Can the Rhythm (Instrumental)
Ken GlaserVicious CirclesErika Records CC-101 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (500 hexagonal) 1984Hexagonal, square (9 different cat pictures)
Vicious Circles, Textures of Cats
Ken GlaserVicious CirclesAzra Records CC-101 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (50 heart, 50 octagon copies) 1984Octagon, blob, rectangle, square, or heart
Vicious Circles, Textures of Cats
Glass TigerAnimal HeartCapitol/EMI 2046540 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Tiger head
Animal Heart, My Town
Gary GlitterAnother Rock and Roll ChristmasArista ARISD 592 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Gary Glitter
(also available uncut)
Another Rock and Roll Christmas, Another Rock and Roll Christmas (Instrumental)
Gary GlitterDance Me UpArista ARIST D 570 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Gary Glitter
Dance Me Up, Too Young to Dance
Gary GlitterLove ComesArista ARISD 615 (33 1/3rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Star
Love Comes, Boys Will Be Boys
Gary GlitterShout Shout ShoutArista ARISD 586 (45rpm) (6,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Star
Shout Shout Shout, Hair of the Dog
GlitteratiBack in PowerAtlantic ATUK 015 (45rpm) (SPD) 2005Girl pointing finger
Back in Power, Betterman
GoatGood TimesBeggars Banquet BEG 248 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Goat skull
Good Times, T.V. Eye
GoldfrappAliveMute Records MUTE 432 (45rpm) (SPD) 2010Square
Alive (Radio Edit), Alive (Joakim Remix edit)
Gonads/SpringtoifelFrankenskin/Wir Sind DabeiMusical Tragedies/Empty Records MT 560 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2010Circular sawblade
Frankenskin, Wir Sind Dabei
The GonksThe Gonks are Here For XmasWEA Records YZ54P (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Gonk
(also available uncut)
The Gonks Are Here For Xmas, The Gonks Landing
GoodiepalMort Aux Vaches Ekstrano label (33 1/3rpm) (45 copies) (SV) 2007Teardrop
Two untitled songs, one of which plays from the inside out and backwards
GoodiepalMort Aux Vaches Ekstrano label (33 1/3rpm) (45 copies) (SV) 2007Car
Untitled song that play from the inside out and backwards
GoodiepalMort Aux Vaches Ekstra (Black Dystopian French Cheese)no label (33 1/3rpm) (45 copies) (SV) 2007Swiss cheese
Untitled song
GoodiepalMort Aux Vaches Ekstra (Black Heart for Scandinavia)no label (33 1/3rpm) (45 copies) (SV) 2007Heart
Future Shock - Two untitled songs that play from the inside out and backwards
GoodiepalMort Aux Vaches Ekstra (Sorte Vinland)no label (33 1/3rpm) (45 copies) (SV) 2007USA
Let's Move Some Planets, untitled
Goodiepal* (500 copies) Sawblade
The GoombasWalk the DinosaurCapitol CLPD 693 (45rpm) (SPD) 1993Dinosaur
Walk the Dinosaur, Walk the Dinosaur (Remix)
Gothic SwankCrank the SwankCTS 001 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (no date)Hexagon
(two unknown songs)
Ellie GouldingStarry EyedPolydor 2732867 (45rpm) (SV) 2010Star
Starry Eyed
Barry Gray OrchestraJoe 90/Captain ScarlettPRT 7PXD354 (45rpm) (SPD) 1981Square
Joe 9086 Club Mix, Captain Scarlet Theme
Great American Carousel Convention May 10-13, 1984Erika Records (500 carousel copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Carousel
Paul Link Medley, Skater's Waltz
Great American Carousel Convention May 10-13, 1984Erika Records (30 each of square, octagonal, rectangle and star) (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1984Square, octagonal, rectangle, or star
Paul Link Medley, Skater's Waltz
Great WhiteHouse of Broken LoveCapitol CLPD 562 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Shark playing a guitar
(also available uncut)
House of Broken Love, Bitches & Other Women
Glen Gregory and Claudia BruckenWhen Your Heart Runs Out of TimeZTT PZTAS 15 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Book
When Your Heart Runs Out of Time, When Your Heart Runs Out of Time (Drumless version)
Ground HawgsN.S.F.D. Records NSFD014 (500 copies) (45rpm) (SPD) Beer can
Who's Buying the Beer, Blue Berry Pie (same on both sides)
Ground HawgsN.S.F.D. Records NSFD014 (25 copies) (45rpm) (SV) Heart
Who's Buying the Beer, Blue Berry Pie
GTRWhen the Heart Rules the MindArista GTRSD1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Guitar pick
When the Heart Rules the Mind, Reach Out
Guns 'n RosesLe Beau Geste Live in ParisMen at Work WORK 5549-1-PD (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1992
Double Talkin' Jive, Attitude, Welcome to the Jungle, Always on the Run
Guns 'n RosesNightrainGeffen GEF 60P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Travel bag
(also available uncut)
Nightrain, Reckless Life
Guns 'n RosesParadise CityGeffen GEF 50P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Gun with clear or white background
(both also available uncut)
Paradise City, Used to Love Her
Guns 'n RosesRock Sagas: The Chris Tetley InterviewsFotodisk CTD 2002 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Set of two rectangles
(both also available uncut)
Guns 'n RosesSweet Child O' MineGeffen GEF 55P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Celtic Cross
(also available uncut)
Sweet Child O' Mine (Remix), Out ta Get Me
GuraindosaafuL-47683/L-47410 (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) 1996Teardrop
Intro, Tears, Search My Life, Honest to Me, Poser Kill, Own Style, My Attitude, Arubannanika
Los Gusanos/Youth Gone MadSnake Piss/Nirvana StompMusical Tragedies MT-279 (500 clear with red drips, 300 clear copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1994Circular sawblade
Snake Piss, Nirvana Stomp
Gym Class HeroesCupid's ChokeholdFueled By Ramen AT0271 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Heart with ribbons and arrows
(also available uncut)
Cupid's Chokehold, Viva La White Girl
H2OJust Outside of HeavenRCA RCAP 349 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Band in clouds
Just Outside of Heaven, Stranger to Stranger
H BombStop the LightsAxe Killer Records Axe Killer 7014 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Triangle with two bombs
Stop the Lights, Space Station No. 5
HaertsGiving UpNeon Gold GOLD056 (45rpm) (SV) 2014Heart
Giving Up, Heart
Albert HagarIs This LoveStar Dust Records SD 1032 (45rpm) (250 octagon, 500 square copies) (SPD) 1990Rectangle, octagon, square (cartoon cat or playground)
(also available uncut)
Mom Don't Cry, Is This Love
Albert HagarIs This LoveStar Dust Records SD 1032 (45rpm) (SV) 1990Heart, blob (black or clear) or square
Mom Don't Cry, Is This Love
Albert HagarIs This LoveStar Dust Records SD 1032 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Square (Cartoon cat with Star Dust logo on reverse, cartoon cat with IHOP pic on reverse or Albert with IHOP sign)
Is This Love
Albert HagarWhat Do We DoStar Dust Records SD 1031 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateBlob
What Do We Do (Radio Mix)
Albert HagarWhat's In Your HeartStar Dust Records SDR 0928 (33 1/3rpm) (100 black, 25 clear copies) (SV) 1989Heart (black, red, or clear), square or octagon
What's In Your Heart (Club Mix), What's In Your Heart (Radio Version)
HaimMy Song 5Polydor/Columbia 4700692 (45rpm) (SPD) 2014Back of girl with jacket
My Song 5, My Song 5 (feat. A$AP Ferg)
HalfbyPolar Bear MaskSecond Royal Records JSEP002 (33 1/3rpm) (300 copies) (SPD) 2006Polar bear
Soulful Lover Puppy, Flicker Song, Stroll of Stag Beetle
Hall & OatesOut of TouchRCA PB 49967 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Square
(also available uncut)
Out of Touch, Dance on Your Knees
Henry Hall & His OrchestraThe Teddy Bears' PicnicEMI Records TEDDY 1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Teddy bear
The Teddy Bears' Picnic, Hush Hush Hush Here Comes the Bogie Man
Halo JamesMagic HourEpic HALO P4 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990The group
Magic Hour, If Tomorrow Ever Comes Around
M.C. HammerAddams GrooveCapitol CLPD 642 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Addams family
(also available uncut)
Addams Groove, Addams Groove (Instrumental)
HammerfallAlways Will BeNuclear Blast NB 0620-7 (45rpm) (SPD) 2000Warrior and horse
Always Will Be (LP version), Always Will Be (Acoustic version)
HammerfallHeeding the CallNuclear Blast (33 1/2rpm) (SPD) 1998Shield and swords
Heeding the Call, Eternal Dark, The Metal Age, Steel Meets Steel
Albert HammondUnder the Christmas TreeEpic 655492 0 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Christmas tree
Under the Christmas Tree, When I Need You
Hannover MesseMessezeitLava Music LV 84024 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1984Square
Messezeit, Happy-End
Hans NaughtyIron Works (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1989Danny Jazz
Tears in the Night (same on both sides)
Hans NaughtyIron Works (45rpm) (SV) 1989Hexagon, octagon or square with 2 cuts
Tears in the Night (same on both sides)
Happy MondaysTart TartStrange Fruit 671020 (3,500 copies) (SPD) 1991Singer
Tart Tart, Mad Cyril, Do It Better
Hard-FiBetter Do BetterNecessary Records/Atlantic HARD 06X (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
Better Do Better, Polish Love Song
Hard StuffBad YearsGema 8009-4002 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) 1982Fist
Bad Years, Walk Out Baby, Jockey, Stuff
Hardcore SuperstarOne More MinuteNight of the Vinyl Dead Night172-SH (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 2013Star
One More Minute, C'mon Take On Me
Gary HardierJames '55Condor Classix CC8807 (500 copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989James Dean's head
James '55, James '55 (same on both sides)
Gary HardierJames '55Condor Classix CC8807 (500 copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Octagon
James '55, James '55 (same on both sides)
Barclay James HarvestJust a Day AwayPolydor POPPX 585 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Butterfly
Just a Day Away, Looking From the Outside
Barclay James HarvestVictims of CircumstancePolydor POSPP 674 (45rpm) (6,800 copies) (SPD) 1984Face
Victims of Circumstance, Victims of Circumstance (Instrumental)
HawkwindSilver MachineSamurai Records HW001 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Motorcycle
(also available uncut)
Silver Machine, Magnu
Mayer Hawthorne and the CountyJust Ain't Gonna Work OutStones Throw STH7028 (45rpm) (SV) 2008Heart
Just Ain't Gonna Work Out, When I Said Goodbye
Haysi FantayzeeSister FrictionRegard Records RGP 108 (45rpm) (5,500 copies) (SPD) 1983Haysi Fantayzee
Sister Friction, Here Comes the Beast
Hazell DeanNo FoolProto Records ENA P 123 (45rpm)(5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Heart
No Fool, No Fool (Instrumental)
HeartNothin' At AllCapitol S12-1002 (45rpm) (SV) 1985Heart
Nothin' At All, The Wolf
HeartNothin' At AllCapitol CLP-406 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Heart
(also available uncut)
Nothin' At All, The Wolf
HeartWTFLegacy 88697742907 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2010Heart
WTF, Magic Man (Live)
HeartsrevolutionChoose Your Own Adventure(33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2007Heart
Choose Your Own Adventure, Domino Effect, Prism Effect
Heavy PettinLove Times LovePolydor HEPP3 (45rpm) (SPD) (10,000 copies) 1983Guitar piercing heart
Love Times Love, Shout It Out
HelloweenHalloweenNoise International 5223-7-RAA-A (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Pumpkin
Halloween (same on both sides)
HelloweenI Want OutNoise International P HELLO 2 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Square
(also available uncut)
I Want Out, Don't Run for Cover
HelloweenInterviewTell Tales TTS 1009 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Circular sawblade or bat
(also available uncut)
Jimi HendrixThe Guitar WizzardDocument Records DR 1305 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Wizard or rectangle
(also available uncut)
Foxy Lady, Hound Dog
Hermetic UnityHeretic SystemHeretik HS 808 (45rpm) (SV) 2011Circular sawblade
Jabba's Dialect, Bad Reception
Hey ElasticaParty GamesVirgin VSY 599 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Burst balloon
Party Games, Elastican Chant No. 2
Nick HeywardLauraArista HEYSD 8 (33 1/3rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Nick
(also available uncut)
Laura, Over the Weekend (Part One)
Nick HeywardLove All DayArista HEYSD5 (45rpm) (8,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Portable radio/cassette player
Love All Day, Nightsummer Stream
Nick HeywardWarning SignArista HEY SD6 (33 1/3rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Nick
(also available uncut)
Warning Sign, Warning Sign Version (Instrumental)
Colin HeywoodDream LoverSpartan Records CRA 503 (45rpm) (SV) 1983Heart
Dream Lover, In On the Action
Benny HillErnieEMI ERNPD 1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1992Benny Hill
(also available uncut)
Ernie, Ting-a-Ling-a-Loo
HimBuried AliveBMG 828765231671 (45rpm) (SPD) 2003
Buried Alive By Love, When Love and Death Embrace
Jools HollandThe Maiden's LamentI.R.S. Records EIRSPD 145 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Piano
(also available uncut)
The Maiden's Lament, Honey Dripper
Gary HoltonCatch a Falling StarMagnet Records GARYP 2(45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Star
Catch a Falling Star, Angel
Homenagem as Maes* Heart (light red or dark red)
Mamae, Homenagem as Maes, O Amor Mais Puro, Minha Prece
Minako HondaMorning MinacallToshiba EMI T13-1091 (45rpm) (SV) 1985Heart
Song in Japanese, Morning Minacall
Hoodoo GurusCome AnytimeRCA PA 49347 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Monkey skull and guitar crossbones
(also available uncut)
Come Anytime, Cajun Country
HootersKarla With a KCBS 6513020 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987The letter "K"
Karla with a K, Washington's Day
HootersSatelliteCBS 6511680 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Satellite
Satellite, One Way Home
Horror Rock ClassicsRhino RNDF281 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Pumpkin (2 different faces) and square
Addams Family Theme, Out of Limits, Haunted House, Purple People Eater
Horror Rock Classics Vol. IIRhino RNDF283 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1983Bat
Monster Mash, The Blob, Twilight Zone, Cemetary Girls
HorslipsLonelinessDJM Records DJMS-1105 (45rpm) (SV) 1979Shamrock
Loneliness (same on both sides)
HorslipsLonelinessDJM Records DJT 15001 (45rpm) (SV) 1979Shamrock
Loneliness, Homesick
Hot Food to GoErika's Hot Food to GoErika Records (33 1/3rpm) (500 clear) (SPD) 1983French fries (yellow or clear)
Alien Landscape, Masticate, Frogs Are Fun, Dinosaur, Don't Need Your B.S. No More
Hot Food to GoErika's Hot Food to GoErika Records (33 1/3rpm) (100 hexagonal, 10 square copies) (SV) 1983Hexagonal, octagon, irregular (black) or square with rounded corners
Alien Landscape, Masticate, Frogs Are Fun, Dinosaur, Don't Need Your B.S. No More
Hotel Pacific* Shell
House for the HomelessWe Can HealQuantize Recordings HFTH001 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2014Heart
We Can Heal (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins mix), We Can Heal (A Director's Cut mix)
HousemartinsCaravan of LoveGo Discs GODP 16 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Square
Caravan of Love, When I First Met Jesus
HousemartinsHappy HourChrysalis GOD P11 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Big Ben and British gentlemen
Happy Hour, The Mighty Ship
HousemartinsThink for a MinuteGo Discs GODP 13 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Toilet
Think for a Minute, Who Needs the Limelight
Whitney HoustonSo EmotionalArista RISP 43 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Whitney
So Emotional, For the Love of You
The HumpersPlastique ValentineSympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 490 (45rpm) (SV) 1996Heart
Plastique Valentine, Fucking Secretaries
HurricaneI'm On to YouEnigma ENVS 7 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Irregular
(also available uncut)
I'm On to You, Baby Snakes
I.Q.Intelligence QuotientSamurai Records IQ SD1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Band's logo
Intelligence Quotient, It All Stops Here
IcehouseCrazyChrysalis CHSP 3156 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Australia
Crazy, Completely Gone
IcehouseParadiseChrysalis CHSP 3026 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Australia
(also available uncut)
Paradise, Baby You're So Strange
Billy IdolInterviewTell Tales TTS 1003 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Circular sawblade or bat
Billy IdolRebel YellChrysalis IDOL P 2 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Square
Rebel Yell, Crank Call
Julio IglesiasIf I Ever Need YouCBS JULIO P5 (45rpm) (SPD) Heart
(also available uncut)
If I Ever Needed You, Too Many Women
IllusionGeffen PRO S1 2322 SH1 (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Triangle
Get It To Go, You Got the Touch
I'm a Happy Mouse* PD9130 (45rpm) Mickey Mouse Head
I'm a Happy Mouse (same on both sides)
ImaginationThank You My LovePrecision RBX 219 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Heart
(also available uncut)
Thank You My Love, Point of No Return
In FlamesBlack Ash InheritanceNight of the Vinyl Dead Night 009-SH (33 1/3rpm) (555 copies) (SPD) 2007Stone face
Goliaths Disarm Their Davids, Gyroscope, Acoustic Medley, Behind Space
Industrial StrengthIndustrial StrengthWorld Metal Records WMR 1031 (45rpm) (12 oil well copies) (SPD) 1990Octagon (dragon), bat, priority mail envelope, square with one cut corner (2 different pictures), square, Diet Pepsi can, carbonated drink in glass, or oil well
(also available uncut)
Excerpts from the forthcoming album "Industrial Strength"
Industrial StrengthIndustrial StrengthWorld Metal Records WMR 1031 (45rpm) (SV) 1990Octagon (small and large), square with 2 cuts (small and large), blob, heart, or rectangle with rounded ends
(also available uncut)
Excerpts from the forthcoming album "Industrial Strength"
Infa-RiotKids of the 80'sPirates Press Records/Chase the Ace Records CTA7006/PPR045 (45rpm) (SPD) 2011Skull with mohawk
Kids of the '80s, Still Out of Order
The Ink SpotsI'll Be Home for ChristmasMystic Sound XMAS 1981 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 1981Bell
I'll Be Home for Christmas, Medley
Insane Clown PosseCrossing Thy BridgePsychopathic Records ICP (33 1/3rpm) (1500 copies) (SPD) 2002Wraith
Crossing Thy Bridge, Ain't Yo Bidness
IntruderCold Blooded KillerIW 1024B (45rpm) (SV) 1987Blob, octagon, heart, or star
Cold Blooded Killer (same on both sides)
IntruderCold Blooded KillerIW 1024B (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Square with photo of band
Cold Blooded Killer (pic on other side says recording is "Cover Up")
IntruderCover UpIron Works IW 1024 (33 1/3 & 45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1987Monster and skull, square with six bodies
(also available uncut)
Cover Up (33 1/3rpm), Cold Blooded Killer (45rpm)
IntruderCover UpIron Works IW 1024 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Square with monster & skull
Cover Up
IntruderCover UpIron Works IW 1024 (33 1/3rpm) (200 square, 25 blob copies) (SV) 1987Square, square with 2 cuts, heart, octagon, sawblade, star or blob
Cover Up (same on both sides)
INXSListen Like ThievesPhonogram INXSP 6 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Flag
(also available uncut)
Listen Like Thieves, Begotten
Iron MaidenCan I Play With MadnessEMI EMP 49 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Head having brain removed and square (clear or black)
(head also available uncut)
Can I Play With Madness, Black Bart Blues
Iron MaidenThe ClairvoyantEMI EMP 79 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Monster's head being drilled
(also available uncut)
The Clairvoyant, The Prisoner
Iron MaidenThe Evil That Men DoEMI EMP 64 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Winged demon
(also available uncut)
The Evil That Men Do, Prowler '88
Iron MaidenFear of the Dark* Zombie guitarist
Fear of the Dark, Hooks in You
Iron MaidenFear of the Dark LiveEMI EMPD 263 (45rpm) (SPD) 1993Zombie guitarist
Fear of the Dark Live, Tailgunner (insert says "Hooks in You")
Iron MaidenFrom Here to EternityEMI EMPD 240 (45rpm) (SPD) 1992Winged creature
From Here to Eternity, I Can't See My Feeling
Iron MaidenHoly Smoke* Shield
Holy Smoke, Purgatory
Iron MaidenInfinite DreamsEMI EMPD 117 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Zombie on a motorcycle
(also available uncut)
Infinite Dreams, Killers
Iron MaidenInterview* Bruce Dickinson
Iron MaidenInterviewMaiden 7S (45rpm) (SPD) no dateSkull
(also available uncut)
Interview with Adrian Smith
Iron MaidenInterviewMaiden 7S (45rpm) (SV) no date8 pointed star
Interview with Adrian Smith
Iron MaidenInterviewTell Tales TTS 1004 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Circular sawblade (black, red (translucent or opaque), or light or dark brown) or bat
(also available uncut)
Iron MaidenThe TrooperEMI EMIP 5397 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983British zombie soldier (with or without "v" cut)
The Trooper, Cross-Eyed Mary
Iron MaidenWasted YearsEMI EMIP 5583 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Home stereo equipment
Wasted Years, Reach Out
It BitesMidnightVirgin VSS 1065 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Square
Midnight, You'll Never Go To Heaven
It BitesStill Too Young to RememberVirgin VSS 1184 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Band's logo
(also available uncut)
Still Too Young To Remember, Vampire
J DillaFuck the PolicePay Jay PJ1005 (45rpm) (2,500 copies) (SPD) 2015Police Badge
Fuck the Police, Fuck the Police (Instrumental)
J. GeilsAngel in BlueEMI SPRO 9801/02 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1981Mr. Potatohead
Angel in Blie, River Blindness, Insane Insane Again, Do You Remember When
J. GeilsFreeze FrameEMI PP-8119 (45rpm) (SPD) 1981Mr. Potatohead
Freeze Frame, Centerfold
Jaded IncorporatedJaded Inc.Stones Throw Records/Casablanca 20270 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2014Triangle
People Change, Black Future
Jake's Rock 'n' Roll Diner* Irregular
David JackmanTen-Cut* (80 copies) Circular sawblade
Janet JacksonAlrightA&M USAS 693 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Janet
(also available uncut)
Alright, Vuelve a Mi
Michael JacksonMan in the MirrorEpic 651388 9 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Square
(also available uncut)
Man in the Mirror, Man in the Mirror (Instrumental)
Michael JacksonSouvenir Singles PackEpic MJ5 (SPD) 1988Set of five squares
(all 5 also available uncut)
I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Baby Be Mine, Bad, Bad (Dance remix), The Way You Make Me Feel, The Way You Make Me Feel (Instrumental), Man in the Mirror, Man in the Mirror (Instrumental), Dirty Diana, Dirty Diana (Instrumental)
Jag PanzerDeath RowAzra Records DTR 007 (45rpm) (500 square, 100 square with second picture, 500 bottle, 10 irregular copies) (SPD) 1983Bottle, irregular (2 different pictures), tombstone (2 different pictures) or square (2 different pictures)
Death Row
Jag PanzerDeath RowAzra Records DTR 007 (45rpm) (SV) 1983Heart, star, blob, square or square with cut corners (small or large)
Death Row
Gavin JamesThe Book of Love/Bitter PillGood Soldier Songs/Believe Rec. 190296992636 (45rpm) (SV) 2015Heart
The Book of Love, Bitter Pill
Jason and ScorchersShop It AroundEMI EAP 200 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Boots and flames
Shop It Around, Change the Tune
Jazz at Lincoln Center OrchestraLittle Drummer Boy/God Rest Ye Merry GentlemanBlue Engine Records 148511E (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2016Christmas tree
Little Drummer Boy, God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman
Jerome's Dream/OrchidWitching Hour Records L52623 (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 black, 1,000 glow-in-the-dark, 197 red copies) (SPD) 2000Skull
It's Right Where You Said It Would Be, I'm Reminded of a Kid Who Used to Stomp Bugs, A well Documented Case of Severe Autism, My Most Recent Left Right Brain Argument, New Ideas in Mathematics, Beautification Committee, Ding Dong Dead, Mono Vs. Stereo (JD tracks play center to outside, O tracks play center to inside)
Jeru the DamajaThe Dirty Rotten DemosPirates Press/Slice of Spice SSR 059 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2015Head with dreadlocks
God of Rhyming, The Damaja, Dirty Rotten Demo
Jethro TullSaid She Was a DancerChrysalis TULLP4 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Ian playing flute
Said She Was a Dancer, Dogs in the Midwinter
Jethro TullSteel MonkeyChrysalis TULL P-3 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Shield
Steel Monkey, Down at the End of Your Road
Joan Jett and the BlackheartsI Hate Myself for Loving YouLondon LONP 195 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Joan Jett
(also available uncut)
I Hate Myself for Loving You, Love is Pain
JoBoxersBoxerbeatRCA BOXP1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Square
Boxerbeat, Let's Talk About Love
JoBoxersJust Got LuckyRCA BOX XP2 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Square
Just Got Lucky, Forget Me Love
Elton JohnI'm Still StandingRocket Records EJPIC 1 (45rpm) (SPD) (4,500 white, 500 grey copies) 1983Piano (white or grey)
I'm Still Standing, Earn While You Learn
Elton JohnSad SongsPhonogram PHPIC 7 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Hat
Sad Songs, A Simple Man
Elton John and George MichaelWrap Her UpRocket Record/Phonogram EJSP 10 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Rectangle (2 versions-same pictures, but song listing printed on other side)
(also available uncut)
Wrap Her Up, Restless
Don JohnsonHeartbeatCBS 650064-8 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Don
Heartbeat, Can't Take Your Memory
Grace JonesParty GirlManhattan MTP 20 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (9,000 copies) 1987
Party Girl, White Collar Crime
Howard JonesHide and SeekWEA HOW 3PT (33 1/3rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Square
Hide and Seek, Teo Te Ching, China Dance
Howard JonesPearl in the ShellWarner Brothers 249371-7 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Two hands clasped
Pearl in the Shell, Law of the Jungle
Howard JonesThings Can Only Get BetterWEA Records HOW 6P (SPD) (6,500 copies) 1985Man on a chair (orange or yellow)
Things Can Only Get Better, Why Look for the Key
Quincy Jones* Hexagonal
David JosephBe a StarIsland ISP 128 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Star
Be a Star, Megastar
Judas PriestLove BitesCBS Records AS99 1851 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Circular with a bite missing
Love Bites, Love Bites (Edit)
Judas PriestPainkillerColumbia/Legacy 888751396272 (33 1/3rpm) (5,500 copies) (SV) 2015Circular Sawblade
Painkiller, A Touch of Evil, Hell Patrol
Judas PriestA Touch of EvilColumbia 6565890 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Rectangular tour access pass
A Touch of Evil, Between the Hammer and the Anvil
JulukaImpiSafari ZULU A3 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1983
Impi, Shake My Way
JulukaScatterings of AfricaSafari Records ZULU1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1982Africa
Scatterings of Africa, Ijwanasibeki
K-DefK-Def Presents Prime SuspectsSlice of Spice Records SSR 012.5 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2013Square
Jaw Jackin', Buck Buck Buck (Remix)
Kaak/Frank SinatraSummertimeMusical Tragedies MT-249 (500 copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1997Circular sawblade
Summertime, Summertime
Naomi KawashimaAsh WednesdayToshiba Records T10-1053 (45rpm) (SV) 1983Heart
Ash Wednesday, Unknown title
Rumi KazamaToshiba EMI T10-1112 (45rpm) (SV) 1987Heart
Two songs in Japanese
KeelBecause the NightGold Mountain Records KEEPD1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Irregular
Because the Night, Rock and Roll Animal
Kuwata KeisukeWhite LoveVictor Entertainment 4988002423323 (45rpm) (SPD) 2001Heart
White Love, 1962, Medley
Nik KershawDancing GirlsMCA Records NIKP3 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984The letter "K"
Dancing Girls, She Cries
Kid Creole and the CocoanutsSire W8959P (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Kid Creole
(also available uncut)
Endicott, Dowopsalsaboprock
Kill Sybil/CherHell on WheelsMusical Tragedies MT-257 (500 pink, 300 clear copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1994Circular sawblade
Hell on Wheels, Hell on Wheels
Killing JokeLoose CannonZuma Recordings ZUMA004 (45rpm) (SPD) 2003Clown's head
Loose Cannon, Wardance
Jonathan KingSpace OddityEpic WA 4335 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Astronaut
Space Oddity/Major Tom, I'll Slap Your Face
Paul KingAlone Without YouCBS WA 6308 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Postcard
Alone Without You, I Kissed the Spikey Fridge
Paul KingThe Taste of Your TearsCBS Records WA6618 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Paul with tambourine
The Taste of Your Tears, Crazy Party
Paul KingTortureCBS WA 6761 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Square
Torture, Groovin' With the Kings
Paul KingWon't You Hold My Hand NowCBS WA 4731 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Paul
Won't You Hold My Hand Now, Endlessly
King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardNonagon InfinityFlightless Records/ATO records ATLP 154 (45rpm) (SPD) 2016set of two nonagons
Robot Stop, Big Fig Wasp, Gamma Knife, People-Vultures, Mr. Beat, Evil Death Roll, Invisible Face, Wah Wah, Road Train
King KurtAmericaPolydor KURTP 1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Statue of liberty
America, High and Mighty
King KurtBanana BananaStiff Records PBUY 206 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Banana
(also available uncut)
Banana Banana, Bo Diddley Goes East
King KurtBillyStiff Records D BUY 223 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Cartoon dog
Billy, Back on the Dole
King KurtDestination ZululandStiff Records BUY 189 (45rpm) (SPD) (10,000 copies) 1983
Destination Zululand, She's as Hairy
King KurtMack the KnifeStiff Records PBUY 199 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Cartoon of Mack
Mack the Knife, Wreck a Party Rock
Kingdom ComeGet It OnPolydor KCXP-1 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Cross and logo
(also available uncut)
Get It On, 17, Loving You
The KinksMisfit RecordArista SP-22 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1978Square
A Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy, Black Messiah, Misfits, Permanent Waves
KissInterviewTell Tales TTS 1005 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Circular sawblade or bat
Interview with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley
KissInterviewKISS 1-4 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (no date)Set of four shaped like the band members
Interviews with each of the four members of Kiss (same on both sides)
Kiss6399 058 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateSquare
Let Me Go Rock 'n' Roll, Strange Ways
KissLick It UpPhonogram KPIC 5 (45rpm) (11,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Tank
Lick It Up, Not For the Innocent
KissRock Sagas: The Chris Tetley InterviewsFotodisk CTD 2004 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Set of two rectangles
Kiss AMCA Bit of U2Murdertone/Syncopale SYP29 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Rectangle
A Bit of U2, The Raw Side
KitmanDancing QueenCinepoly CP 3-0006 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1986Square
Dancing Queen
Knightmare IIGuillotineIron Works IW1020 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Square, octagon, blob, multi-sided, and heart
Guillotine, See You in Hell (same on both sides)
Knightmare IIGuillotineIron Works IW1020 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Skull and monster with horns
Guillotine, See You in Hell (same on both sides)
Knightmare IIHeart of StoneMasque Records 33 1/3rpm (500 hockey mask copies) (SPD) 1989Hockey mask
Heart of Stone, Down Town Brown
Knightmare IIHeart of StoneMasque Records 33 1/3rpm (25 octagon copies) (SV) 1989Octagon or square
Heart of Stone, Down Town Brown
Knightmare IIA Piece of the RockIron Works IW1020 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Irregular
Guillotine, See You in Hell (emory paper on reverse)
Knightmare IIHUR 51 (33 1/3rpm) (500 bat copies) (SV) no dateBat, square or octagon
Razor Love, Metal Massacre
Knightmare II* (25 copies) Rectangle
Knox and the Pisstons/Sid ViciousDo You Remember Rock and Roll Radio/Chinese RocksSporit of the Streets Records/Musical Tragedies SOTS 163/MT 591 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2015Circluar sawblade
Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio, Chinese Rocks
Kri BandLove Your ChristmasToshiba EMI T10-1050 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Heart
Instrumental Christmas medley, White Christmas, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (Japanese), Winter Wonderland (Japanese), O Tannenbaum (Instrumental), Blue Christmas
L.A. GunsThe Ballad of JayneMercury MERP 361 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Shield
(also available uncut)
The Ballad of Jayne, The Ballad of Jayne (Live)
La RouxBulletproofPolydor 655H1 (45rpm) (SPD) 2009Square
La RouxIn For the KillPolydor 1799787 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 2009Car
In For the Kill (same on both sides)
LadyLive Show TigersBaroness Records LADY (45rpm) (SPD) (100 rectangle, 200 irregular, 500 octagon) 1980Hexagon, irregular, oval or rectangle
Live Show Tigers, Iggy
LadyLive Show TigersBaroness Records LADY (45rpm) (SV) (500 blob) 1980Blob, square or octagon
Live Show Tigers, Iggy
Daniel Laloux* Square
Ode Aux Remois, La Petite Girl, Le Bon Employe, Les Jeunes Filles de Luxembourg, La Mouche
Lamp EyeBeauty & the Beast: Beats and the BeastWalt Disney Records RR12-88478 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2005Beauty & the Beast
Beauty & the Beast (Beats and the Beast Mix), Beauty & the Beast (Beats and the Beast Mix Instrumental), Beauty & the Beast (Original)
Lenny Lashley's Gang of OneU.S. MailPirates Press PPR146 (45rpm) (250 copies) (SPD) 2015Rectangle
U.S. Mail, Hooligans
Laughing HouseWorld Metal Records WMR 390 (45rpm) (25 heart, 500 rectangle, 500 square copies) (SV) Heart, rectangle, octagon, blob or square
Super Himalaya, Spirit of the Age
Laughing HouseWorld Metal Records WMR 390 (45rpm) (SPD) Octagonal (clown), irregular (clown) or square (grinning teeth)
Super Himalaya, Spirit of the Age
Cyndi LauperShe BopCBS Records WA 4620 (33 1/3rpm) (5,475 copies) (SPD) 1984Cindy
She Bop, Witness
The Lazy CowgirlsRoute 66Sympathy for the Record Industry SFTRI 465 (45rpm) (SPD) 1996Highway sign
Route 66, I'll Tell You Why
LeavesHey JoePanda Records PAPD 1003 (33 1/3rpm) (500 green, 500 black, 50 yellow) (SPD) 1982Leaf (green, yellow, or black)
Hey Joe, Jim Pons John Beck & Bobby Arlin talk about Hey Joe
LeavesHey JoePanda Records PAPD 1003 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Square
Hey Joe, Jim Pons John Beck & Bobby Arlin talk about Hey Joe
Led ZeppelinRock Sagas: The Chris Tetley InterviewsFotodisk CTD 2006 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Two rectangles
Interview with Robert Plant
Thomas LeerHeartbeatArista LERSD2 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985
Control Yourself, Heartbeat
Thomas LeerInternationalArista LERSD 1 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (3,000 copies) 1984Jet
International, Easy Way
Left for Dead/AcridHacked to PiecesNo Idea 0043 (45rpm) (SV) (1,400 grey, 1,266 pink, 104 yellow, 102 other grey, 104 blue, 104 red, 103 white, 104 orange, 100 pink, 104 baby blue, 108 urine, 195 green, 1,024 greyish green, 322 purple, 314 black) no dateCircular sawblade (grey, pink, yellow, grey (different shade), blue, red, white, orange, pink (different shade), baby blue, urine, green, greyish green, purple or black)
Pliant, Who D'You Know, Second Guess, Nothing There, Skin Graft, Kept in Line, Dirt, Didn't I, LFD, Fear and Trembling, Mindspasms, Mangled With Sores, Mallslugs
John LennonInterview 80JL 1S (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateApple
Interview (same on both sides)
Julian LennonValotteCharisma JLS2 (45rpm) (2,500 copies) (SPD) 1984Julian Lennon standing under a stone arch
Valotte, Let Me Be
Lesa and the Beat BrothersErika RecordsErika S 19595 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Square
Erika Records
Lese MajestyIron Works IW 1029 (33 1/34pm) (SV) 1988Irregular
Good Bye, Depression
Lese MajestyIron Works IW 1029 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Octagon
Good Bye, No Escape, Nobody Wins, Depression
Less Than JakeBirthday CakeFueled by Ramen (33 1/3rpm) (500 green, 1,000 pink copies) (SV) no dateBirthday cake (pink or green)
This is the Modern World, Son of Dick, Laverne and Shirley, Last Train
Less Than JakeCheeseFueled by Ramen L 50089 (33 1/3rpm) (500 green, 1,000 yellow copies) (SV) 1998Triangle of cheese (yellow or green)
Cheese, We're Not Gonna Take It
LethylLoud and ProudAzra MSQ 8915 (45rpm) (25 black octagon copies) (SV) 1990Black octagon, clear octagon (small or large), blob (black or clear), or square
Be Loud, We Like to Rock, Backseat Driver, Armed and Dangerous
LethylLoud and ProudAzra MSQ 8915 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1990Uneven octagonal (clear or black rim)
Be Loud, We Like to Rock, Backseat Driver, Armed and Dangerous
LeviathanSandy JeanCondor Classix A-015 (33 1/3rpm) (25 heart copies) (SV) 1987Heart, square, triangle, octagon or blob
Sandy Jean (same on both sides)
Huey Lewis and the NewsHeart of Rock 'n RollChrysalis CHSP 2798 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Star
Heart of Rock 'n Roll, Do You Believe in Love
Huey Lewis and the NewsHeart of Rock 'n Roll* Square (yellow or blue)
Heart of Rock 'n Roll, Do You Believe in Love
Huey Lewis and the NewsHip x Fore!Chrysalis VS4 43065 (45rpm) (SV) 1986Set of four squares (blue, green, yellow and clear)
Hip To Be Square, Some of My Lies Are True (same songs on each record)
Huey Lewis and the NewsThe Power of LoveChrysalis HUEYP 3 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Musical note person
The Power of Love, Do You Believe in Love
Jerry Lee LewisLovin' Up a StormMillion Dollar Quartet P60 (45rpm) (SV) (10 copies) 1987Square
Lovin' Up a Storm, Move On Down the Line
Jerry Lee LewisLovin' Up a StormMillion Dollar Quartet P60 (45rpm) (SPD) (500 copies) 1987Square (red shirt, white shirt or green shirt with green jacket)
Lovin' Up a Storm, Move On Down the Line
Peter LiebermanI Kiss Your FeetN.S.F.D. (<10 irregular, 500 square copies) (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Irregular or square
(also available uncut)
I Kiss Your Feet
Peter LiebermanI Kiss Your FeetN.S.F.D. (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Square with top side angled
I Kiss Your Feet (same on both sides)
Liege LordWarrior's FarewellIron Works IW 1013 (33 1/3rpm) (25 octagon copies) (SV) 1987Warrior, octagon, hexagon, or square with 2 cuts
(also available uncut)
Warrior's Farewell (same on both sides)
Liege LordWielding Iron Fists* Octagon or hexagon
John LinnellState SongsRounder Records L52230 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1999United States
Montana, Louisiana
Little AngelsNinety in the ShadePolydor LTLXP 1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Devil with wings and a halo
Ninety in the Shade, Big Bad World, England Rocks
Little John/ScorcherClarks Booty/Put Me On ClarksGreensleeves Records 105958M2 (45rpm) (400 copies) (SPD) 2013Shoe
Clarks Booty, Put Me On Clarks
Live Action Pussy Show/Nina HagenDead Cities/I'm a BelieverMusical Tragedies MT-360 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV)
500 copies also available uncut
1997Circular sawblade
Dead Cities, I'm a Believer
Living ColourLove Rears It's Ugly HeadEpic 6565930 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Irregular
(also available uncut)
Love Rears It's Ugly Head (Cool Power Mix), Love Rears It's Ugly Head (LP Version)
Living ColourMiddlemanEpic/CBS Records LCLP1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Stick figure on motorcycle
Middle Man, Desperate People
Living ColourTypeCBS Records LCL P7 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Square
Type, Funny Vibe
Lixx ArrayI'm the OneAzra A4086 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon
I'm the One
Lockweld8 CutsNCC Records LOCKWELD )33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2003Circular sawblade
Cut One, Cut Two, Cut Three, Cut Four, Cut Five, Cut Six, Cut Seven, Cut Eight
The LocustFlight of the Wounded LocustErika Records ER2004 (33 1/3rpm) (3,000 copies of the set) (SV) 2003Set of four puzzle pieces
Gluing Carpet to Your Genitals Does Not Make You a Canteloupe, Turning Your Merchandise Into a Ripped Wall of Mini-Abs, Bring Your 65 Italian Carbine, Alas Here Come the Hypochondriacs to Wait With You in the Lobby, Siphoning Projectiles During Selective Amnesia, Get Off the Cross the Wood is Needed, Wet Nurse Syndrome Hand-Me-Down Display Case, This is Radio Surgery, Spitting in the Faces of Fools as a Source of Nutrition, Sever the Toes
The Locust/Arab on RadarGold Standard Laboratories GSL 29 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1999Amoeba (olive green, dark green, emerald green, two other shades of green, white, yellow (opaque or translucent), brown (opaque or translucent), red or dark red)
Get Off the Cross the Wood is Needed, Wet Nurse Syndrome Hand Me Down Display Case, This is Radio Surgery, Spitting in the Faces of Fools as a Source of Nutrition, Sever the Toe, Three Meals Away From a Crack Whore, Piggin in the Pumpkin Patch
The Los Angeles RaidersThe Silver/Black AttackRhino RNLP70260 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1986Shield
(also available uncut)
The Silver/Black Attack (Dance Mix), The Silver/Black Attack (Extended Mix)
Louis XIVPledge of AllegianceAtlantic AT0228 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
Pledge of Allegiance, The Hunt
Love and MoneyDear JohnMercury MERPD 228 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Silhouette of face
Dear John, Jane
Love ForeverToshiba Records T20-1051 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Heart
I Love You, To Love Again, Till, The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, Hymne a l'amour
Love ForeverToshiba Records T20-1051 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Heart
I Love You, Nocturne in Eflat Major Op. 9 No.2, Till, The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Love is a Many-Splendored Thing, Hymne a l'amour
Love LifeThree One G 31G 28 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2002Heart
Hex It Out, Be Kind To Me
Love Like Blood/The Merlons of NehemiahHeroes/TestarocheMusical Tragedies MT 221 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (2,000 copies) 1992Circular sawblade
Heroes, Testaroche
Love to LoveCopacabana CD-4052 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Heart (light red or dark red)
Piano, Amor Meu Grande Amor, Hecho a Tu Imagen, Y Te Amare
Luv HunterIron Works IW 1031 (33 1/3rpm) (5 hexagon copies) (SV) 1989Hexagon, octagon (black, white, yellow or orange), small blob
Victory Battle, Looks
Luv HunterIron Works IW 1031 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1989Blob (yellow or orange)
Victory Battle, Life on the Edge, Looks
Diana LynnTurn Down the TVErika Records S9109 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1982TV set
Turn Down the TV
Lynyrd's Innards/Groovie Ghoulies/Slingshot EpisodeWe've Only Just BegunL51792 (45rpm) (238 copies) (SV) 1999Heart
We've Only Just Begun (Lynyrd's Innards), Love Defined (Groovie Ghoulies), We're Gonna Love (Slingshot Episode)
Joe LythelExodusEXODUS (33 1/3rpm) (SV) No dateOctagon
Xavian is Dead
Joe LythelExodusEXODUS (33 1/3rpm) (10 copies) (SPD) No dateTriangle
Xavian is Dead
Kirsty MacCollHe's on the BeachStiff Records D Buy 225 (45rpm) (4,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Airplane
He's on the Beach, Please Go To Sleep
Kirsty MacCollA New EnglandStiff Records D Buy 216 (45rpm) (4,000 copies) (SPD) 1985England
A New England, Patrick
Machetazo/MarrowDysphoria Records DYS006 (45rpm) (SV) 2011Circular sawblade
Machetazo-Los Tentaculos de la Decrepitud, El Torreon, Dr. Jebediah Morningside, Marrow-Gory Sanchez, Stromacide, Testament to Dissectioin, Axeman
Mad MattI Wanna Wrestle YouN.S.F.D. Records NSFD001 (33 1/3rpm) (500 hexagonal, 25 blob, 25 man with sign copies) (SPD) 1986Hexagon, man with sign or irregular
I Wanna Wrestle You, You're Driving Me Bananas (same on both sides)
Mad MattI Wanna Wrestle YouN.S.F.D. Records NSFD001 (33 1/3rpm) (500 hexagonal, 25 blob, 25 man with sign copies) (SV) 1986Square, octagon (large and small) and blob
I Wanna Wrestle You, You're Driving Me Bananas (same on both sides)
Mad ReignSalute the New FlagIron Works IW 1010 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon (black, red, red/brown, green, and blue)
You be the Judge, Wham Wham
Madam XHigh in High SchoolJet JETP 7044 (33 1/3rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Guitar
High in High School, Metal in My Veins
MadmaxIron Works WMC 001 (33 1/3rpm) (25 NH, 25 ND, 25 LA copies) (SPD) 1995New Hampshire, North Dakota, or Louisiana
Take Me Away, Alone
Madmax* Mississippi
MadmaxMadness Reigns* Square
Madness Reigns, Take Me Away
MadnessThe Ghost TrainZarjazz/Virgin JAZZS9 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Rectangle
The Ghost Train, Maybe in Another Life
MadnessWhat's ThatVirgin VSS 1078/VSJ 1078 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Set of two interlocking
What's That, Flashings, What's That, Be Good Boy
MadnessYesterday's MenZarjazz/Virgin JAZZSD5 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Square
Yesterday's Men, All I Knew
MadonnaAngelSire W8881P (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Madonna
Angel, Burning Up
MadonnaBorderlineWEA Records W9260P (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Madonna
Borderline, Physical Attraction
MadonnaCrazy for YouGeffen WA 6323 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Madonna hands behind head
Crazy for You, I'll Fall in Love Again (Sammy Hagar)
MadonnaCrazy for YouSire Records W0008P (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Madonna standing
(also available uncut)
Crazy for You, Keep It Together
MadonnaDress You UpSire Records W8848P (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Star
Dress You Up, I Know It
MadonnaInterviewMADONNA 7S (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateMadonna standing or Madonna's head
(also available uncut)
Interview with Madonna
MadonnaInterviewMADONNA 7S (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateHeart
Interview with Madonna
MadonnaInterview 80(no label listed) Madonna 90SG (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Madonna
Interview with Madonna and Kurt Loder (same as Interview 90)
MadonnaInterview 90(no label listed) Madonna 90 (45rpm) (SV) 1990Heart
(also available uncut)
Interview with Madonna and Kurt Loder (same as Interview 80)
MadonnaInterview 90(no label listed) Madonna 90S (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Madonna
Interview with Madonna and Kurt Loder (same as Interview 80)
MadonnaInto the GrooveSire Records W8934P (45rpm) (20,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Heart
Into the Groove, Shoo-Bee-Doo
MagnumStart Talking LovePolydor POSPP 920 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Irregular
also available uncut
Start Talking Love, C'Est La Vie, Days of No Trust
Mama's BoysNeedle in the GrooveZomba JIVE P96 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Club
Needle in the Groove, Don't Tell Mama
MammothAll the DaysJive MOTHS4 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989
(also available uncut)
All the Days, Fatman
Man MachineKingspot 113 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Football
All Alone in the Zone, Did You Really Want to Know, Would You Go, Words
Man With the Golden HornHooked on TijuanaZomba House LIFE P4 (45rpm) (2,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Horn
Hooked on Tijuana, Akabilko
ManhattansYou Send MeColumbia CAS7 2025 (45rpm) (SV) 1985Heart
You Send Me (same on both sides)
Barry ManilowRead 'Em and WeepArista ARISD 551 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Barry's head
Read 'Em and Weep, One Voice
Barry ManilowYou're Lookin' Hot TonightArista ASPD 1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Barry's profile (with and without picture)
You're Lookin' Hot Tonight, One Voice
MannixThe JudgmentHexagonal 10HEXA012 (45rpm) (SV) no dateHexagonal
The Judgment (Mexican Mix), The Judgment (Vince Mix)
Manual Handling(part of Playschool Trilogy)Jonathon Whiskey Records Buttercup 32 (45rpm) (149 copies) )SV) 2001Square
My 1st Nursery Rhyme, 0115 9228853, CBBC Vs CITV, Baby Bottles, An Audience With Myra Hindley
Sophie Marceau and Francois ValeryDream in BlueEast World T10-1003 (45rpm) (SV) 1981Heart
Dream in Blue, Reality
Via MarconiSerious DancingZim Zam Records ZZ5 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Dancing shoes
Serious Dancing, What a Joke
MarillionFreaksEMI MARILP 9 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Jester
(also available uncut)
Freaks, Kayleigh
MarillionGarden PartyEMI EMIP 5393 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Jester or square
Garden Party, Margaret
MarillionUninvited GuestEMI MARIL PD 11 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Irregular
(also available uncut)
Uninvited Guest, The Bell in the Sea
The MarinesGo Go NowCBS Records WETIT P2 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Snowman
(also available uncut)
Go Go Now, Frosty the Snowman
Marky Mark and the Funky BunchMusic for the PeopleInterscope Records A8627P (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Irregular
(also available uncut)
Music for the People, Peace
MarsAzra A 031 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon or blob
Metaldrone, Damnation
The Mars VoltaUniversal UNIR 21999-7 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2008Planchette
Mr. Muggs (same on both sides)
Marilyn MartinNight MovesAtlantic A9465P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Marilyn Martin
(also available uncut)
Night Moves, Wildest Dreams
A. Martinez* (500 copies) Square with two cuts
Max QWay of the WorldMercury/Phonogram MXQP-1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Michael Hutchence's face
Way of the World, Zero-2-0
Nicko McBrainRhythm of the BeastEMI NICKOPD 1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Nicko and drum set
Rhythm of the Beast, McBrain Damage
Paul McCartneyDance TonightMPL/Universal 7230384 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007House
Dance Tonight (same on both sides)
Paul McCartneySpies Like UsParlophone RP6118 (45rpm) (14,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Irregular
(also available uncut)
Spies Like Us, My Carnival
Paul McCartneyWe All Stand TogetherMPL/Parlophone RP 6086 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Paul and Rupert
(also available uncut)
We All Stand Together, We All Stand Together (humming version)
McFlyThe Heart Never LiesUniversal 1749230 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Heart
The Heart Never Lies, The Heart never Lies Radio Edit
Malcolm McLarenMadam ButterflyVirgin MALCS5 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Girl with a fan
(also available uncut)
Madam Butterfly, First Couple Out
Me First and the Gimme GimmesCashFat Wreck Chords FAT 228 (45rpm) (1,098 copies) (SV) 2007Square
Sunday Morning Coming Down, I Still Miss Someone
Me First and the Gimme GimmesDollyFat Wreck Chords FAT 227-7 (45rpm) (1,030 copies) (SV) 2007Square
Jolene, I Will Always Love You
Me First and the Gimme GimmesJerryFat Wreck Chords FAT 231 (45rpm) (1,057 copies) (SV) 2008Square
East Bound and Down, I'm Gonna Write a Song
Me First and the Gimme GimmesKennyFat Wreck Chords FAT 230 (45rpm) (1,114 copies) (SV) 2008Square
She Believes in Me, Lady
Me First and the Gimme GimmesWillieFat Wreck Chords FAT 229 (45rpm) (1,057 copies) (SV) 2007Square
On the Road Again, City of New Orleans
MeatloafGetting Away With MurderArista ARIST 683P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Rectangle
Getting Away With Murder, Rock 'N' Roll Hero
MeatloafModern GirlArista ARISD 585 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Motorcycle
(also available uncut)
Modern Girl, Take a Number
MeatloafNowhere FastArista ARISD 600 (45rpm) (6,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Girl on motorcycle
(also available uncut)
Nowhere Fast, Clap Your Hands
MeatloafPiece of the ActionArista ARISD 603 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Animal skull
(also available uncut)
Piece of the Action, Sailor to a Siren
Meatloaf/John ParrRock 'n Roll MercenariesArista ARIST 666P and ARIST 666XP (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Set of 2 guitars
(both also available uncut)
Rock 'n Roll Mercenaries, R.P.M.
Glenn MedierosLong and Lasting LoveLondon LONPD 202 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Glenn
(also available uncut)
Long and Lasting Love, You're My Woman You're My Lady
MegadethAnarchy in the U.K.Capitol CLP 480 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988United Kingdom
Anarchy in the U.K., Liar
MegadethHanger 18Capitol CLPD 604 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Skeleton man
(also available uncut)
Hangar 18, The Conjuring
MegadethInterviewTell Tales TTS 1023 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1991Bat or circular sawblade
MegadethNo More Mr. Nice GuySBK Records SBK PD4 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Man in electric chair
(also available uncut)
No More Mr. Nice Guy, Different Breed
MegadethRock Sagas: The Chris Tetley InterviewsFotodisk CTD 2008 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Set of two rectangles
MegadethWake Up DeadCapitol CLP 476 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Skull
(also available uncut)
Wake Up Dead, Black Friday
The MegatonesDon't Drop the BombAzra Records A119 (33 1/3rpm) (500 square with cut corners) (SPD) 1983Almost round, square with four cut corners or octagon
Don't Drop the Bomb, Brezhnev Boogie
The MegatonesDon't Drop the BombAzra Records A119 (33 1/3rpm) (500 square, 25 hexagonal copies) (SV) 1983Square with four cut corners, blob, octagon, or hexagon
Don't Drop the Bomb, Brezhnev Boogie
The MembersWorking GirlAlbion Records ION 1050 (45rpm) (SV) 1983Square (pink or red)
Working Girl, The Family
Memory Tree Vs. Wideo KidsSatellite SpyPentagon PENTA002 (45rpm) (SV) no datePentagon
Satellite Spy, Long Form Communication
Men at WorkDown UnderEpic EPCA 101980 (45rpm) (SV) 1981Australia
Down Under, Crazy
Men at WorkIt's a MistakeEpic WA 3475 (45rpm) (10,300 copies) (SPD) 1983Wooden crate on tropical island
It's a Mistake, Shintaro
Men Without HatsI Got the MessageStatik Records STAK 14 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Band
I Got the Message, Utter Space
Men Without HatsThe Safety DanceStatik Records STAK 1 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) Two dancers
The Safety Dance, Security
Mental as AnythingHe's Just No Good for YouEpic ANY P4 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Irregular
He's Just No Good For You, Ruby Baby
Mental as AnythingLet's Go to ParadiseEpic ANY P3 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Strawberry milkshake
Let's Go To Paradise, My Hands Are Tied
Mental as AnythingLive It UpCBS Records WA 6797 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1986Banana
Live It Up, Good Friday
Mental as AnythingYou're So StrongEpic ANY W2 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Tattooed arm
You're So Strong, Bus Ride
Freddie MercuryThe Great PretenderEMI RP6151 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Archway
(also available uncut)
The Great Pretender, Exercises in Free Love
Freddie MercuryMade in HeavenCBS Records WA 6413 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Freddie Mercury
Made in Heaven, She Blows Hot and Cold
Merry XmasAzra Records A/I PRO 87 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Square, rectangle, octagon, triangle, Christmas tree, blob, flat-iron, Texas, round with arrow
Seasons Greetings from a variety of Azra artists (same on both sides)
MersinaryDead is DeadIron Works IW 1027 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon or blob
Tear Down the Walls, Shadowlord
MersinaryMetal Fatigue* (100 copies) Rectangle (Feet with toe tag)
Dead is Dead, War is Hell, Street Fightin' Man, Front Page
Mersinary/RawshockWorld Metal Records WMR 190 (33 1/3rpm) (100 copies) (SV) no dateOctagon (large or small), heart, octagon, blob or square
(also available uncut)
Dead is Dead, War is Hell, Next Life, Enter Reality
Mersinary/Rawshock* (100 copies) Square (2 different pictures)
Dead is Dead, War is Hell, Next Life, Enter Reality
MetalgonAzra (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1987Hexagon
Slave to the Blade (Axemaster), Ash Tuesday (Mars), She (Coda), Us Against Them (Triax), Stormbringer (Legend)
MetalgonAzra (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Hexagon, octagon, blob (large and small)
Slave to the Blade (Axemaster), Ash Tuesday (Mars), She (Coda), Us Against Them (Triax), Stormbringer (Legend)
MetallicaInterviewTell Tales TTS 1006 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Circular sawblade (black with catalog number 1006 or 1007, red (opaque or translucent), light brown, or dark brown) or bat
MetallicaJump in the FireMusic for Nations PKUT 105 (45rpm) (6,000 copies without barcode) (SPD) 1986Monster (with or without barcode on record)
(also available uncut)
Jump in the Fire, Phantom Lord
MetallicaRock Sagas: The Chris Tetley InterviewsFotodisk CTD 2005 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Set of two rectangles
George MichaelFather FigureEpic EMUP4 (45rpm) (SV) 1987Rectangle
Father Figure, Love's in Need of Love Today
Midnight OilForgotten YearsCBS 6558637 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Lightning
Forgotten Years, Blue Sky Mine
The Mighty WrathAzra Records A-19 (33 1/3rpm) (25 star copies) (SV) 1989Square, star, cross, octagon, blob or large octagon with holes
He Died Alone, White Lady (aka Lady Wore White)
The Mighty WrathAzra Records A-19 (33 1/3rpm) (25 shield, 500 square copies) (SPD) 1989Square, shield or weapon
He Died Alone, White Lady (aka Lady Wore White)
Mike and the MechanicsSilent RunningWEA Records U8908P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Engine
Silent Running, I Get the Feeling
John MilesThe Right to SingEMI EMIP 5386 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Microphone
The Right to Sing, Back to the Magic
MindyHousewifeErika Records S-13243 (45rpm) (SV) no dateSquare (black or clear), rectangle or star
MindyTurn Down the TVErika Records S-12501 (33 1/3rpm) (25 copies) (SV) no dateBlob
Turn Down the TV, Let's Dance, Island of Paradise
Minga & EyeEye Love MingaAmbient L-45315 (45rpm) (1,000 clear/pink, 500 purple/yellow, 500 yellow/red copies) (SV) 1995Heart (clear/pink, purple/yellow, yellow/red, pink/white, pink/green)
....., Minga
MissionsDarrk Blakk/Holy SolsticePau Wau Records PAU002 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2012Triangle
Darrk Blakk, Holy Solstice
Father John MistyI Loved You, HoneybeeSub Pop Records SP1129 (45rpm) (SV) 2015Heart
I Loved You Honeybee, I've Never Been a Woman
MlehstTuigeann Tadgh TaidhginBelief Recordings br10sb007 (33 1/3rpm) (20 copies) (SV) 2007Circular sawblade
Tuigeann Tadgh Taidhgin, Empty Legend
ModelsOut of Mind Out of SightGeffen GEF 1P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Head
(also available uncut)
Out of Mind Out of Sight, Down in the Garden
Modern DesignA RecordPicDisc PD005 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1980Irregular
If It's Only Love, Mad About You
Modern TalkingHansa 602157-213 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1986Square
Brother Louie, Cheri Cheri Lady, You Can Win If You Want, You're My Heart You're My Soul
Money MarkMaybe I'm DeadMoWax MW089S (45rpm) (SPD) 1998Dog
Maybe I'm Dead (Cornelius Remix), Maybe I'm Dead (Dust Brothers Remix)
The MonkeesSaturday's ChildRhino R7-553088 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 2016Guitar
Saturday's Child, You Just May Be the One
Monster MagnetDopes to InfinityA & M PY 102 (45rpm) (SPD) 1995Band member's head
Dopes to Infinity, I'm Five Years Ahead of My Time
Monster MagnetMegasonic Teenage WarheadA&M 580 978-7 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1995Explosion
Megasonic Teenage Warhead, Eclipse This
Monty PythonGalaxy SongCBS Records WA 3495 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Fishbowl
Galaxy Song, Every Sperm is Sacred
Gary MooreHold Onto Love10 Records TENS 13 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Guitar pick
Hold Onto Love, Devil in Her Heart
Gary MooreOver the Hills and Far Away10 Records TENS 134 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Guitar
(also available uncut)
Over the Hills and Far Away, Crying in the Shadows
Gary MooreShapes of Things10 Records S19 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1984Mushroom cloud
Shapes of Things, Blinder
Gary Moore and Phil Lynott10 Records TENSD 49 (45rpm) (5,000 sets) (SPD) 1985Gary & Phil interlocking set of two
(also available uncut)
Out in the Fields, Military Man
MordorRock WarriorsWorld Metal Records (25 blob copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Blob, square, hexagon and octagon
Rock Warriors (same on both sides)
Alessandra MoreschiThe Last CastratoMeep Records (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (4 copies) no dateSquare
Ave Maria
Morning RunnerGone Up In FlamesEMI R 6669 (45rpm) (SPD) 2005Square
Gone Up In Flames, Leave Me Alone
Morning RunnerThe Great EscapeEMI/Parlophone R 6646 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
The Great Escape, In Your Makeup (National Forest)
MortisFrom the Womb to the TombMasque Records A-34 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateBlob (blue or green)
From the Womb to the Tomb (same on both sides)
MortisWhatcha Do To Me?Masque Records A-34 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon (blue or green)
Whatcha Do To Me, From the Womb to the Tomb (same on both sides)
Mosh Pit on DisneyWalt Disney Records RR12-88428/9 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2003Set of 2 squares
When You Wish Upon a Star (The Band Apart), Give a Little Whistle (The Band Apart), Give a Little Whistle (Beat Crusaders), I've Got No Strings (Sexer), Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (Monteroza 4950)
Mosh Pit on DisneyWalt Disney Records RR12-88448 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2004Mickey Mouse running in circles
A Whole New World (Low IQ 01), A Whole New World (Original), Colors of the Wind (Acidman), Colors of the Wind (Original)
Mosh Pit on Disney EP No. 2Walt Disney Records RR12-88430 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2003Stitch (Disney character)
Can't Help Falling in Love (Oi-Skall Mates), Hound Dog (Beat Crusaders), Heartbreak Hotel (Sexer), Devil in Disguise (Monteroza 4950)
Mothers of InventionHungry FreaksS.D.R.M. DR 88061 Zap (45rpm) (SPD) no dateThe group
Hungry Freaks Daddy, Trouble Every Day
Motley CrueDr. FeelgoodElektra EKR 97P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Snake around a sword with wings
Dr. Feelgood, Sticky Sweet
Motley CrueInterviewTell Tales TTS1019 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1990Sawblade or bat
Motley CrueKickstart My Heart/Home Sweet HomeEleven Seven Music ESM 666-1 (45rpm) (2,500 copies) (SPD) 2016Band's logo
Kickstart My Heart, Home Sweet Home
Motley CrueSmokin' in the Boys RoomWEA Records EKR16TP (13,000 copies) (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Masks
Smokin' in the Boys Room, Use It Or Lose It
Motley CrueSmokin' in the Boys RoomElektra EKR33PA & EKR33PB (45rpm) (8,000 sets) (SPD) 1985Two interlocking squares
Smokin' in the Boys Room, Home Sweet Home (same on both records)
Motley CrueWithout YouElektra EKR 109P (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Winged sword piercing heart with a banner
(also available uncut)
Without You, Live Wire
MotorheadInterviewTell Tales TTS 1007 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Circular sawblade
MotorheadKilled By DeathBronze Records BROP 185 (45rpm) (SPD) (10,000 copies) 1984Demon dog head
Killed By Death, Under the Knife
MotorheadThe One to Sing the BluesCBS 656578 0 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Demon dog with tusks
The One to Sing the Blues, Dead Man's Hand
Motorhead/Fast Eddie ClarkeHump on Your Back/SnakebiteMusical Tragedies MT-298 (45rpm) (800 copies) (SV) 1996Circular sawblade
Hump on Your Back, Snakebite
Motorpsycho/Alice CooperMad Sun/Nobody Likes MeMusical Tragedies MT 323 (45rpm) (500 red, 500 yellow, 200 blue copies) (SV)
200 yellow copies also available uncut
1996Circular sawblade
Mad Sun, Nobody Likes Me
Mr. BigThe Drill SongAtlantic A 7712P (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Electric Drill
The Drill Song, Road to Ruin
Mr. EctomyNSFD Records NSFD 005 (33 1/3rpm) (500 almost round, 12 guitar player copies) (SPD) 1988Almost round or cartoon guitar player
Brains, Quasifry
Mr. EctomyNSFD Records NSFD 006 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Almost round or octagon
Brains, Quasifry
Mr. Electric TriangleFalling2 Kool TKSHA 34 (45rpm) (SV) 1996Triangle
Falling (Marden Hill CBD Radio Edit), Falling (Quiet Boys Late Night Xtra)
Mr. LifSanta's Got a Muthafuckin' UziDefinitive Jox HHFLIF 002(45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) no dateMr. Lif
Santa's Got a Muthafuckin' Uzi, Brothaz
MSGAnytimeEMI Electrola 147 4880 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Band's logo
(also available uncut)
Anytime, What We Need
MSGSave YourselfEMI 147467 (45rpm) (SPD) no dateIrregular
(also available uncut)
Save Yourself, Destiny
Mudhoney/Gas HufferYou Stupid AssholeMusical Tragedies MT-166 (45rpm) (2,000 copies) (SV) 1992Circular saw blade
You Stupid Asshole, Knife Manual (by Gas Huffer)
MukkuKurukuruJasrac ACSV-002 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2005Mukku
Patapata Mama, Maru Sankaku Shikaku, Mokube Jirobe, Oppai Ga Ippai
Mum & DadMarvin (part of Playschool Trilogy)Jonathon Whiskey Records Bubbles 31 (45rpm) (149 copies) (SV) 2001Triangle
MushroomheadYour Soul Is MineFilthy Hands FH 002 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2011Circular sawblade
Your Soul Is Mine, Come On
Musical YouthDo You Want My LoveMCA Records YOUP 6 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Shield
007, Do You Want My Love
My BirthdayToshiba EMI T15-1070 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1983Heart
Your Birthday, (song in Japanese), (Brief narration in Japanese), Happy Birthday to You, (song in Japanese), (Brief narration in Japanese)
My Chemical RomanceReprise Records W754X (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
Famous Last Words, Kill All Your Friends
My Chemical RomanceReprise Records W574 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
Famous Last Words, My Way Home Is Through You
MyBear and the Christmas StowawayThe Bank Advertising Limited MX301943/44 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Teddy bear
(also available uncut)
MyBear and the Christmas Stowaway, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Jingle Bells
Dan MyersA Peaceful HeartAudio Images WASH (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1983Butterfly
A Peaceful Heart, Rainbow Song
Richard MyhillMercury TANGO 1 (45rpm) (SV) 1978Square with small center hole or large center hole
It Takes Two to Tango, I Wanna Know Why
Alannah MylesBlack VelvetAtlantic A8742P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Leaf
(also available uncut)
Black Velvet, If You Want To
MyroneDrift StageGhost Ramp GR019 (45rpm) (SPD) 2016Car
Apploed Dynamics, Touge Run
MyroneDrift StageGhost Ramp GR011 (45rpm) (SPD) 2016Car
Drift Stage Theme, Exclusive Coupe
Naergal/Naer MataronHellenic Black Metal LegionsXVinylX (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (250 copies) 2013Circular sawblade
The Whisperer in Darkness (Naer Mataron), Kataxeovia Muotaywyia (Naergal)
Nai Harvest/PlayloungeFlower SplitDog Knights Productions DK 060 (45rpm) (150 white, 350 blue, 500 orange, 500 pink copies) (SV) 2014Flower
Nai Harvest - Buttercups, Sweet Tooth, Playlounge - Handclap Cinema, Floor
Jimmy NailLove Don't Live Here AnymoreVirgin VSS 764 (33 1/3rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Jimmy
(also available uncut)
Love Don't Live Here Anymore, Night for Day
Kate NashFree My PussyHave 10P Records 10P004 (45rpm) (SV) 2013Heart
Free My Pussy, Free Pussy Riot Now
NeilHole in My ShoeWEA Records YZ 10P (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Shoe
Hole in My Shoe, Hurdy Gurdy Mushroom Man
Neo HarveyBootleg Trekkie LoveN.S.F.D. Records NSFD 38 (33 1/3rpm) (25 guitar pick copies) (SV) 1987Guitar pick, blob, octagon or rectangle
Bootleg Trekkie Love (same on both side)
Neo HarveyBootleg Trekkie LoveN.S.F.D. records 8403 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Blob, 16-sided (black or green), 13-sided (green), 12-sided (red or blue), 11 sided (purple)
Bootleg Trekkie Love, I Don't Want a Good Girl, The Man Met the Boy, All These Things I Got, Plane Crash (Song), Plane Crash (Collage), Oh Love, Babysitter, She Hates Me, But I Love America, Gotta Have You
Neon TreesEverybody TalksIsland Def Jam/Mercury B0016685-21 (1,800 copies) (45rpm) (SV) 2012Heart
Everybody Talks, Lessons in Love
Alfred NeumanThe SpeechPRO 295 (1,000 copies) (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Square
Two people talking in French as a baby is born
The NeutonesCrazy LoveErika Records 11601 (45rpm) (500 mirror) (SPD) 1984Mirror
Crazy Love, You Remind Me of Me
The NeutonesCrazy LoveErika Records 11601 (45rpm) (10 hexagonal, 10 heart, 10 blob, 25 other blob) (SV) 1984Hexagonal, octagon, heart, blob (2 different)
Crazy Love, You Remind Me of Me
New Kids on the BlockLet's Try It AgainCBS BLOCK Q8 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Irregular
(also available uncut)
Let's Try It Again, Didn't I
New Music InstrumentsPretty Pretty* Heart
Pretty Pretty
New Music InstrumentsTiny TinyToshiba EMI T10-1078 (45rpm) (SV) 1985Heart
Tiny Tiny, Tiny Tiny (different version)
New OrderBlue MondayNo label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Blue Monday
New OrderPeople on the High LineMute MUTE553 (45rpm) (2,000 copies) (SPD) 2016Irregular
People on the High Line (Richard X Video Mix), People on the High Line (Claptone Radio Edit)
Wayne NewtonYou Stepped Into My LifeAries II Records WD 1001 (45rpm) (SV) 1979Star
You Stepped Into My Life (same on both sides)
NightwishAmaranthNight of the Vinyl Dead/Nuclear Blast NIGHT 055 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 2009Flower
Amaranth, While Your Lips Are Still Red
NilePapyrus Containing the Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In the WaterNuclear Blast/Night of the Vinyl Dead NIGHT 026-SH (45rpm) (SPD) 2008Ankh
Papyrus Containing the Spell To Preserve Its Possessor Against Attacks From He Who Is In the Water, As He Creates So He Destroys, Papyrus... (Instrumental)
1991 National Champions Orange BowlCollegetown Records CTR 3006 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1982Paw print
Orange Bowl Reflections-Coach Danny Ford, Tiger Train, Tiger Rag, Orange Bowl Reflections-Coach Frank Howard, Clemson Crazy, Clemson's Climb
NightcrawlerStrange ShadowsPirates Press S7S (33 1/3rpm) (450 2-sawblade, 50 1-sawblade/1 non-shape copies) (SV) 2015Two circular sawblades
Macabre Serenade, Una Notte Violenta, Omicidio Nella Sala Rossa, Pendulo Oculto, Calvary, Pendulo Oculto (Umberto Remix)
NinjaEye On YouIron Works IW1015 (45rpm) (500 square, 25 heart copies) (SPD) no dateHeart or square
(square also available uncut)
Eye on You
NinjaEye On YouIron Works IW1015 (45rpm) (SV) no dateHeart, square, octagon, star, Christmas tree, "x", and blob (2 different)
Eye on You
NinjaForgotten ShadowsIron Works IW 1012 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon
Forgotten Shadows, Saturday Night
No SweatOn the EdgeLondon LON PD 270 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Band's logo
(also available uncut
On the Edge, For Just a Day
No Way JoseTequilaIsland PBRW 28 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Bottle of tequila
Tequila, Tequila (Instrumental)
NoiseworksTouchEpic 6530109 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Australia
Touch, 5 More Days
NothingTired of TomorrowRelapse Records LP3640R (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 2016Band's logo
Heavenly Blue Flu, Tic Tac Toe
NotoriousThe SwalkWEA Records BYZ 1P (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Square
The Swalk, Eyes of the World
Gary NumanBerserkerPRT Records NUP 4 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Gary's head
(also available uncut)
Berserker, Empty Bed Empty Heart
Gary NumanCarsBeggars Banquet Records BEG 264 L (45 & 33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1993McLaren F1 sports car
(also available uncut)
Cars ('93 Sprint version), Cars (Endurance version)
Gary NumanI Can't StopNuman Music NUP 17 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Plane
(also available uncut)
I Can't Stop, Faces
Gary NumanLondon TimesPrecision Records & Tapes GFMX 112 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Rectangle
London Times, Radio Heart, Rumour
Gary NumanRadio HeartPrecision Records & Tapes GFMG 109 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Radio
(also available uncut)
Radio Heart, Radio Heart (Instrumental)
Gary NumanWarriorsWEA Records BEG 95 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Jet
Warriors, My Car Slides
NunslaughterChristmassacreHells Headbangers HELLS MLP 001 (33 1/3rpm) (94 red sawblade, 39 green sawblade, 36 red Christmas tree, 68 green Christmas tree, 24 red star, 24 green star, 22 red square, 24 green square, 10 red birthday cake, 10 green birthday cake) (SV) Circular sawblade (red or green), Christmas tree (red or green), square (red or green), star (red or green), birthday cake (red or green)
Deathlehem, Unholy Scriptures, Jewrusalem, Unclaimed Cadaver
NunslaughterFuck the God in HeavenHells Headbangers CROSS (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2006Inverted cross
Damned Be the Souls, Your Lord Deformed, From the Sea, Satan's Blood
Octopus GaloreThe AbyssOctagon OCTA001 (45rpm) (SV) 1997Octagon
The Abyss (Bottom Less Mix), The Abyss (Free Fall Mix)
Octopus GaloreFlying SquidsOctagon Records OCTA004 (45rpm) (SV) 1997Octagon
Original Mix, Abyss Connection Mix
Off With Their HeadsI Will Follow YouPirates Press Records PPR025 (45rpm) (SPD) 2010Car in flames
(also available uncut)
I Will Follow You, Drain/East Park River, Janie
The Official Grandmothers Fan Club Talk AlbumPanda Records PA-001 (33 1/3rpm) (500 white, 450 rose marbled copies) (SV) 1981Square with cut corners (white or rose), Frank Zappa and friends
Interview with Jimmy Carl Black, Don Preston, Bunk Gardner, Elliot Ingber, Buzz Gardner, and Motorhead
Lee Ofman and GridntizHouston Oilers Number OneBellaire Records FB 9102 (45rpm) (SV) 1979Football
Houston Oilers Number One (same on both sides)
Kenji Ogura and Melanie De TriaKreissageTracid Traxxx TTX 2024 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2000Circular sawblade
Kreissage typ a tracid mix, Kreissage typ b mg remix
Kenji Ogura and Melanie De TriaKreissage 2Tracid Traxxx TTX 2045 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2003Circular sawblade
Kreissage 2 (tracid mix), Kreissage 2 (Robert Natus hard rmx)
O'Keeffe, PatrickSilhouetteBlue Valentine ER 117 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1982Postcard with balloon to left, center or to right, balloon to left on yellow vinyl, 3 balloons on blue & white octagon, 3 balloons on yellow octagon, 3 balloons on purple & yellow octagon, balloon to left on yellow & blue & white octagon, balloon to left on red & green & white octagon or vertical rectangle
O'Keeffe, PatrickSilhouetteBlue Valentine ER 117 (45rpm) (1 each of square and octagonal copies) (SV) 1982Octagonal (green, yellow, blue & yellow, blue & purple, blue & green, black & white, purple & white and clear, purple & yellow & clear, red & clear, white & grey with black, red and green, red & white & orange), square (black & white, blue & clear & red, blue & red & white, green & white), rectangle (rose & lilac)
Ol' Dirty BastardBrooklyn ZooGet On Down GET 52726-12 (45rpm) (2,000 copies) (SPD) 2016Rectangle
Brooklyn Zoo, Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Oldfield, Mike & Jon AndersonShineVirgin VSS 863 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Irregular
(also available uncut)
Shine, The Path
Omar and the HowlersBorder GirlColumbia L28948 (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1987Skull
Border Girl, Lee Anne
Michael OmartianHomelandsReunion Records 9010017011-DJ (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1986Bat, star, octagon or square (black, rose or white)
Homelands, Homelands (extended version)
O'Neal, AlexanderNever Knew Love Like ThisCBS Records 651382 9 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Heart
Never Knew Love Like This, Never Knew Love Like This (A Cappella)
Orchestral Maneuvers in the DarkLa Femme AccidentVirgin VSS811 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1985Square
La Femme Accident, Firegun
Orchestral Maneuvers in the DarkLocomotionVirgin VSS 660 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Train
Locomotion, Her Body in My Soul
Osaka PopstarShaolin MonkeysMisfits Records OSAKA-1 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Monkey with crown
Shaolin Monkeys, Shaolin Monkeys (Instrumental)
Ozzy OsbourneInterviewTell Tales TTS 1008 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Circular sawblade or bat
Interview with Ozzy
Ozzy OsbourneMiracle ManEpic 653063 9 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Ozzy's head
Miracle Man, Crazy Babies
Amii OzakiFeeling* Heart
Jimmy Page/Sonny VincentWailing Sounds/A Good Day for RockMusical Tragedies MT-527 (500 copies) (45rpm) (SV) 2003Circular sawblade
Wailing Sounds, A Good Day for Rock
Nick PaineCalifornia BeamingAzra DTNP-5 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1981Octagon
California Beaming (one side only)
Nick PaineSolid StateAzra DTNP-5 (33 1/3rpm) (500 red octagon, 100 black octagon, <10 heart copies) (SV) 1981Octagon (red, black, or clear), heart, or red blob
Solid State, California Beaming
Robert PalmerAddicted to LoveIsland ISP 270 (45rpm) (SPD) 1979Woman covering her eyes
Addicted to Love, Remember to Remember
Panic at the DiscoLying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes OffAtlantic ATO247 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, The Only Difference Between Martyrdom & Suicide is Press Coverage
ParamoreAin't It FunAtlantic 542044-0 (33 1/3rpm) (2,700 copies) (SV) 2014Irregular
Ain't It Fun, Ain't It Fun (Dutch Uncle remix)
ParamoreThe Holiday SessionsFueled By Ramen 535603-7 (33 1/3rpm) (700 copies) (SV) 2013Hibiscus
Interlude: Moving On, Interlude: Holiday, Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
Ryan ParisFall in LoveCarrere Records CAR 300 (45rpm) (SV) 1984Heart
Fall in Love (Vocal Version), Fall in Love (Instrumental Version)
Ray Parker Jr.GhostbustersArista ARISD 580 (45rpm) (23,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Ghostbusters logo
Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters (Instrumental)
Partners in KrymeTurtle PowerSBK Records TURTLE PD1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Ninja turtles
(also available uncut)
Turtle Power (Single edit), Splinter's Tale 1, Splinter's Tale 2
Party BoysEpic 6512300 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Shoe
He's Gonna Step On You Again, She's a Mystery
PasadenasTributeCBS PASA PI (45rpm) (SPD) 1988The group
Tribute, I Believe
Rob Paveley/Triple OEquation Records E=mc3x (33 1/3rpm) (35 copies) (SV) 2004Square
The Monster Song, The March on London
The Penetraitors/Der 'N RatSuffragette City/:ady Grinning SoulMusical Tragedies MT-533/YA 1663-7 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2008Circular sawblade
Suffragette City, Lady Grinning Soul
Perfect StrangerDrive My CarN.S.F.D. Records PS 101 (33 1/3rpm) (1000 red car, 50 black car, 30 white car, 5 clear, 50 square copies) (SV) 1981Car (Red, black, white, or clear), small square (black or clear), large square, octagon, or star
Drive My Car
Perfect StrangerDrive My CarN.S.F.D. Records PS 101 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1981Blue star with Stefan David Silvers labels
Drive My Car (same on both sides)
Perfect StrangerN.S.F.D. Records PS 103 (<25 copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateOctagon
Satellite, 411
Carl PerkinsHoney Don'tMillion Dollar Quartet P50 (45rpm) (SV) 1987Square (blue label)
Honey Don't, Movie Magg
Carl PerkinsHoney Don'tMillion Dollar Quartet P50 (45rpm) (SPD) (500 copies) 1987Square (red tie, pink tie, green tie, blue tie or blue tie with green jacket or mispress with picture of Jerry Lee Lewis)
Honey Don't, Movie Magg
Person to PersonLove on the ReboundEpic WA 6138 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Compass (black/rose or blue/white B-side)
Love on the Rebound, 4 A.M.
Phonautograph Locked Grooves: World's Earliest Recordings 1857-1885Meep Records (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (4 copies) no dateSquare
Au Clair de la Lune, Jeune Jouvencelle, Excerpt from Ducis's Othello, Diapason at 435 Hz at sequential stages of restoration, Opening lines from Tasso's Aminta, Gamme de la Voix, Metropolitan Elevated Railroad from 40 feet away, Experimental Recordings from the Volta Laboratory
Pierrot PremierPain Killer Pilot PlantHome Entertainment HE006 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1996Square
Pain Killer Pilot Plant (NYC Mix), Pain Killer Pilot Plant (London Mix), Pain Killer Pilot Plant (Cologne Mix)
Ariel Pink & Blood OrangeHeaven Knows WhatFactory 25 135509M (78rpm) (SV) 2015Ninja star
I Need a Minute, Heaven Can't Wait
Pink FloydMoney/Brain Damage/EclipseTomahawk Records 001 (45rpm) (SPD) (250 copies) 2014Triangle
(also available uncut)
Money, Brain Damage/Eclipse
Pink FloydPigs on the WingEMI PIGS 001 (45rpm) (250 copies) (SPD) 2016Pig
Flying Pigs Pt. 1 & 2 (same on both sides)
Pink FloydThe WallNo label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare with two cut corners and one rounded side
The Wall
Pink FloydThe WallNo label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
The Wall
PinsShoot YouBella Union BE 42630-01 (45rpm) (SV) 2014Heart
Shoot You, Eleventh Hour
Plain White T'sHateHollywood Records CASS9 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007
Hate (I Really Don't Like You), We Can Work It Out
Planet PumpPlanet PumpMusic Mail PLP10 (45rpm) (SV) 1999Circular sawblade
Pumpman, Simple Sounds
Robert PlantHurting KindEMI A8985P (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Irregular
(also available uncut)
Hurting Kind, I Cried
Jake Plummer/Pall JenkinsBuilt In SunPIAPTK Recordings (33 1/3rpm) (>250 copies) (SV) 2015Square
George's Garden, Where I Will Be
The PoguesA Pair of Brown EyesStiff Records D Buy 220 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) no dateIreland
A Pair of Brown Eyes, Whiskey You're the Devil
The PoguesSally MaclennaneStiff D Buy 224 (45rpm) (3,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Wheelbarrow
Sally Maclennane, The Wild Rover
PoisonEvery Rose Has Its ThornEnigma/Capitol CLP 520 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988The group
(also available uncut)
Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Back to the Rocking Horse
PoisonInterviewTell Tales TTS 1013 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Bat or circular sawblade
PoliceCan't Stand Losing YouA & M AM2147/AM2096 (45rpm) (5,000 badge, <5 square copies, <5 rose copies) (SPD) 1979Police badge, square or rose
Can't Stand Losing You, Roxanne
PoliceCan't Stand Losing You (Live)A & M PY 102 (45rpm) (SPD) 1995Police badge
(also available uncut)
Can't Stand Losing You (Live), Roxanne (Live)
PoliceMessage in a BottleA & M PR-4400 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1980Police badge
(also available uncut)
Message in a Bottle, Message in a Bottle (Live)
PoliceZenyatta MondattaA & M PR-4401 (45rpm) (SPD) 1981Police badge
Don't Stand So Close To Me, De Do Do Do De Da Da Da
Pollyn/Sample 208The Nike EPSAMPLE 208 (33 1/3rpm) (150 copies) (SPD) 2005Nike shoe
Lost, On My Way, Faster, Fiding Musical Equipment
Pop Will Eat ItselfVery Metal Noise PollutionBMG Records PT 43022 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Circular sawblade
(also available uncut)
PWEI-zation, 92 Degrees Fahrenheit, Def Con One, Preaching to the Perverted
Popof/GelstatHeretik Hors ScierieHeretic HS 66 (45rpm) (SV) 2009Circular sawblade
Cyberrurier, Resistance
Pops, We Love YouMotownM9-1455F (45rpm) (SV) 1979Heart
Pops We Love You (Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder), Pops We Love You (Instrumental)
Pops, We Love YouMotownM9-1455F (45rpm) (1 copy) (SPD) 1979Heart with picture of Kris Kristofferson and Rita Coolidge
Pops We Love You (Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder), Pops We Love You (Instrumental)
Positive NoiseA Million Miles AwayStatik Records STAK 22 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Male and female
(also available uncut)
A Million Miles Away, Shanty
Mike PostTheme From Hill Street BluesElektra K12576P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1981Police car
Theme from Hill Street Blues, Aaron's Tune
Mike PostTheme From NYPD BlueAmerican Gramaphone R 15813 (45rpm) (SV) 1994Police badge
Theme from NYPD Blue (same on both sides)
Will PowersKissing With ConfidenceIsland ISP134 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Lips
Kissing With Confidence, All Thru History
Prefab SproutJohnny JohnnyKlichenware Records SKW24 (45rpm) (5,100 copies) (SPD) 1986Motorcycle
Johnny Johnny, Wigs
Elvis PresleyBaby Let's Play HouseMillion Dollar Quartet P40 (45rpm) (SV) 1987Square with white center
Baby, Let's Play House, I Don't Care If the Sun
Elvis PresleyBaby Let's Play HouseMillion Dollar Quartet P40 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1987Square (pink scarf or yellow tie with brown jacket)
Baby, Let's Play House, I Don't Care If the Sun
Elvis PresleyBlue ChristmasTREE1 112583E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateWhite tree
Blue Christmas, Santa Bring My Baby, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Take My Hand Precious Lord
Elvis PresleyBlue MoonEPHSD003 108548E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateBlue heart
Blue Moon, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Hawaii
Elvis PresleyBlue MoonEAPSTAR3 108548E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateBlue star
Blue Moon, Blue Moon of Kentucky, Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Hawaii
Elvis PresleyElvis Presley 1956Art of Music AOM016 (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) 2015Square with rounded corners
Blue Suede Shoes, I'm Counting on You, I Got a Woman, One Sided Love Affair, I Love You Because, Just Because, Tutti Frutti, Tryin' to Get to You, I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry, I'll Never Let You Go, Blue Moon, Money Honey
Elvis PresleyHis Hand in MineCROSS1 112586E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateWhite cross
His Hand in Mine, Going to Walk Dem Golden Stairs, In My Father's House, Milky White Way
Elvis PresleyI'll Be Home For ChristmasTREE3 112581E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateRed tree
I'll Be Home for Christmas, Silent Night, I Believe, It Is No Secret
Elvis PresleyIt's Now or NeverEPHSD002 108547E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no datePurple heart
It's Now or Never, Surrender, Loving You, I Need Your Love Tonight
Elvis PresleyIt's Now or NeverEAPSTAR2 108547E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateWhite star
It's Now or Never, Surrender, Loving You, I Need Your Love Tonight
Elvis PresleyKnown Only To HimCROSS2 112585E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateGold cross
Known Only To Him, I Believe in the Man in the Sky, Joshua Fit the Battle, He Knows Just What I Need
Elvis PresleyLove Me TenderEAPSTAR1 107000E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateRed star
Love Me Tender, Are You Lonesome Tonight, Can't Help Falling in Love, Wooden Heart
Elvis PresleySanta Claus is Back in TownTREE2 112582E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateGreen tree
Santa Claus is Back in Town, White Christmas, Here Comes Santa Claus, Peace in the Valley
Elvis PresleyThe Sun SinglesArt of Music AOM008 115918E (33 1/3rpm) (2,000 copies) (SV) 2014Square with rounded corners
That's All Right, Blue Moon of Kentucky, I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine, Good Rockin' Tonight, Milkcow Blues, You're a Heartbreaker, I'm Left You're Right She's Gone, Baby Let's Play House, Mystery Train, I Forgot to Remember to Forget
Elvis PresleySwing Low Sweet ChariotCROSS3 112584E (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateGrey cross
Swing Low Sweet Chariot, Mansion Over the Hill Top, If We Never Meet Again, Working on the Building
Elvis PresleyWear My Ring Around Your NeckPB 020 (45rpm) (SPD) (1,000 star, 300 rectangle copies) 1987Star or rectangle (with or without Elvis on one side)
(also available uncut)
Wear My Ring Around Your Neck, I Need Your Love Tonight
Elvis PresleyWindows of the SoulErika Records GLCD 13047777 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1996Elvis (with and without deeper cuts)
Ray Green: The Story Behind his Interview with Elvis, Elvis Interview
Alan PriceBaby of MineJet 12 135 (45rpm) (SV) 1979Heart
Baby of Mine, Just For You
Prima DonnaEat Your Heart OutPuke N Vomit Records PNV32 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2004Heart
Eat Your Heart Out, Doll Face Baby
PrinceInterviewTell Tales TTS 1021 (45rpm) 1990Bat or circular sawblade
(also available uncut)
PrinceInterview 86Prince 2S (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Prince
(also available uncut)
PrinceInterview 86Prince 2S (45rpm) (SV) 19868 pointed star
Prince and the New Power GenerationSexy MFWarner Brothers W0123P (45rpm) (SPD) 1992Prince's symbol
Sexy MF, Strollin'
Prince and the RevolutionGirls and BoysWEA Records W8586P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Irregular
Girls and Boys, Under the Cherry Moon
Prince and the RevolutionKissWEA Records WB8751TP (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Prince (with or without barcode on back)
Kiss, (Heart) or $
Prince and the RevolutionPaisley ParkWEA Records W9052P (45rpm) (15,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Boy with balloon
Paisley Park, She's Always in My Hair
Prince and the RevolutionPurple RainWarner Brothers W9174P (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Prince on a motorcycle
Purple Rain, God
Private PartyNightwalkerMasque Records MSQ8911 (500 guitar pick copies) (SPD) no dateGuitar pick
Nightwalker, Living on the Edge
Private PartyNightwalkerMasque Records MSQ8911 (SV) no dateGuitar pick, square, square with cut corners, blob, or octagon
Nightwalker, Living on the Edge
Private PartyNightwalker113 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateSquare
Living on the Edge, Where Do You Want to Go, Want to Go, Love Just Ain't Enough
Professor BopSanta's White ChristmasErika Records HF 007 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1984Santa, square, Christmas tree with or without trunk
Santa's White Christmas, I Still Wish You a Merry Christmas
PropagandaEye to EyeIsland PZ TAS 8 (33 1/3rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1985ZTT Logo
Eye to Eye (Duel the first side), Jewel (European CD version)
The ProphetessEmbrace My LoveMasque Recoords MSQ 9201 (45rpm)(250 purple, 250 green) (SV) 1992Square (black, purple, or green), square with 2 cuts, octagon (black, purple, or green), blob (black, purple, or green), small square (purple) and heart (green)
Embrace My Love
The ProphetessEmbrace My Love*(25 copies) Square (with pic of band)
Embrace My Love
The ProphetessEmbrace My Love*(25 copies) Square (with pic of band)
Embrace My Love
PsychoPsychoPatac Records PATAC 007 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (600 copies) 2010Circular sawblade
Vertigo, Animal, Religious, Legalize Murder
Pusswhip BanggangJambalayaDrag City DC594 (45rpm) (SPD) 2014Band member in a bowl of Jambalaya
Jambalaya, Jambalaya (Cont.)
The PyramidsHunchDomino Recording Company RUG269 (45rpm) (SV) 2007Triangle with cut corners
Hunch Your Body Love Somebody, Bucko
Quantic and Alice RussellI'd CryTru Thoughts TUR275 (45rpm) (SV) 2013Teardrop
I'd Cry, Here Again
QuasimotoTalkin' ShitStones Throw STH7051 (45rpm) (SPD) 2014Lord Quas (orange, grey, blue, or green)
Talkin' Shit, Planned Attack
QueenBreakthruParlophone QUEEN PD 11 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Group's faces
(also available uncut)
Breakthru, Stealin'
QueenI'm Going Slightly MadParlophone QUEENPD 17 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Alien creature
I'm Going Slightly Mad, The Hitman
QueenInterview 81-83QUEEN 7 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no date8 pointed star
Interview (same on both sides)
QueenPress ConferencesQUEEN 7 2 S (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateFreddie Mercury
(also available uncut)
Interview (same on both sides) (same as Interview 81-83)
QueenStand Up and TalkSTANDUP1 (a,b,c,d) (33 1/3rpm) (1,500 copies) (SPD) no dateset of four band members
QueenWe Are the Champions* Rectangle
Queen BGardeningFFRR Records LONPD 233 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Kneeling girl
(also available uncut)
Gardening, Red Hot Top Shot
QueensrycheEmpireEMI MT PD 90 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Grappling hook
Empire, Scarborough Fair Canticle
QueensrycheInterviewTell Tales TTS 1022 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1991Bat or circular sawblade
QueensrycheJet City WomanEMI MTPD 98 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Grappling hook
(also available uncut)
Jet City Woman, Empire
QuireboysI Don't Love You AnymoreParlophone RPD 6248 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Carnation
(also available uncut)
I Don't Love You Anymore, Mayfair
QuireboysThere She Goes AgainParlophone RPD 6267 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Square
(also available uncut)
There She Goes Again, Misled
The QuorymenBeatles RapErika Records ER-107 (45rpm) (500 black square copies) (SPD) 1982Square (black, clear, red or black and clear marbled) or rectangle (clear or green)
Beatle Rap
The QuorymenBeatles RapErika Records ER-107 (45rpm) (25 star copies) (SV) 1982Square (black or red/brown) rectangle (clear or green) or star
Beatle Rap (some rectangle copies may have Baby You Can Drive My Car by Perfect Strangers on the B-Side)
The Quorymen/Perfect StrangersBeatles RapErika Records ER-107 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1982Rectangle with cut corners
Beatle Rap, Baby You Can Drive My Car (33 1/3rpm)
RadiantExosphere EXO2 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1997Round with 8 points
Mutant Free Style Dancing, Switch
RadioheadDJ Shadow Presents GOP Rogue's Gallery #3: Dick CheneyFTW-001 (33 1/3rpm) (2,000 copies) (SPD) 2004Dick Cheney's face
The Gloaming, The Gloaming (Instrumental)
Jamie RaePretty OneStiff Records DBUY 219 (45rpm) (4,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Piano
Pretty One, Fairy Tales
Jesse RaeOver the SeaWEA Records YZ36P (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Warrior
Over the Sea, Party Crackers
Chuck RaganThe SawbladeNo label SD1475-1 (45rpm) (300 white, 1,300 black copies) (SV) 2012Sawblade with California and hammer (black, white, red, or red reverse print)
Field Holler, Live By the Sword
RainbowCan't Let You GoPolydor POSPP 654 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Guitar
Can't Let You Go, All Night Long
RamonesShock TreatmentCoda Publishing CPLPD045 (45rpm) (SV) 2015Circular sawblade (large tooth and small tooth)
Rockaway Beach, Teenage Lobotomy, Blitzkrieg Bop, Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment, Rock 'n' Roll High School, I Wanna Be Sedated, Sheena is a Punk Rocker, Havana Affair, Surfin' Bird, Cretin Hop, Listen to My Heart, I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You, Pinhead, Do You Wanna Dance, Suzy is a Headbanger, Let's Dance
Ramones/New York DollsJudy is a Punk/Human BeingMusical Tragedies MT-509 (45/rpm/33 1/3rpm) (1000 blue/red, 500 white/red, 500 white/blue copies) (SV) 2001Circular sawblade
Judy is a Punk, Human Being
Lee RanaldoA Perfect DayMusical Tragedies MT-195 (1,000 green, 500 mint copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1992Circular sawblade
A Perfect Day, Something to Burn Instrumental #2
D.J. RappinstienFootball RapRhino RNEP651 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Football or square
Football Rap, Funked on Fight Songs
The Raspberries* Basket of raspberries
Tonight, Ecstasy, I'm a Rocker
RattLay It DownAtlantic A9546P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Rat
Lay It Down, Got Me on the Line
RattYou're in LoveAtlantic A9502P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Rat on heart
(also available uncut)
You're in Love, Between the Eyes
Raving MadWorld Metal Records WMR 290 (500 copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1990Octagon
Second Hell, Failure, Lethal Greed, Seduced
Raving MadWorld Metal Records WMR 290 (25 octagon copies) (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1990Octagon or blob
Second Hell, Failure, Lethal Greed, Seduced
Raving MadSwedish Mayhem* Dinosaur
RawshockI Got Mine* Hexagon
RawshockRawshockWorld Metal Records WMR 190 (33 1/3rpm) (25 hexagonal copies) (SPD) 1990Square, heart, rectangle with rounded corners, hexagon (dancer, tree or biker) or octagon
(square also available uncut)
Blowout, Self-Destruct, Next Life, Enter Reality
RawshockRawshockWorld Metal Records WMR 190 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1990Square, hexagon, or octagon
Blowout, Self-Destruct, Next Life, Enter Reality
RayonicsWalk Away ReneeReady to Rock Records 1001 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 1982Swirl
Going Backwards, Walk Away Renee
The RayovalsSPZM 10 (45rpm) (SV) no dateHeart
Licky Biscuit, Ladies Who Kill
The RayovalsSPZM 10 (45rpm) (SV) no dateHeart
Forever, Too Bad
Razor Promo Vol. 1Razor RAZOR PROMO A (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateSawblade
Unfinished Sympathy (untitled remix)
Razor Promo 3Razor RAZOR 3 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2000Circular sawblade
Freq Overload
Razor Promo 4Razor RAZOR 4 (33 1/3rpm) no dateCircular sawblade
Punnany da Bass, You Smoke Too Much of That Shit
Razor Promo 5Razor RAZOR 005 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateSawblade
Who's Got the Height (same on both sides)
Re: Trigger8-Star 8-STAR 001 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1996Round with 8 points
Breakin' Point, In Motion
Re: Trigger8-Star/HOS Records 8-STAR002 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1997Round with 8 points
The Meaning, Talking Revolution
Re: TriggerPentagon PENTA 003 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1996Pentagon
Vision, Life Motion
Red BoxLean on MeSire W8926P (45rpm) (7,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Box
Lean on Me, Stinging Bee
Red Hot Chili PeppersKnock Me DownEMI MTPD 70 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Asterisk
Knock Me Down, Punk Rock Classic, Pretty Little Ditty
Red Hot Chili PeppersTaste the PainEMI 10MT 85 (45rpm) (SV) 1989Square
Taste the Pain, Show Me Your Soul, Castles Made of Sand
Red UnionRats and SnakesPirates Press PPR044 (45rpm) (SPD) 2010Snake and rat
Rats and Snakes, Rat Race
Dan Reed and NetworkBaby Now IMercury 868973-1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Heart and eye symbol
(also available uncut)
Baby Now I, Living With a Stranger, Stronger Than Steel
ReginaBaby LoveFunkin Marvellous Records PMARV 01 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1986Heart
Baby Love (Picture Disc Mix), Baby Love (7" Mix), Baby Love (Dub Mix)
Resistant MilitiaSomeone SaidMetal Storm Records MS 8891 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1989Octagon (black or blue) or blob (black or blue)
Someone Said (same on both sides)
Resistant MilitiaSomeone Said* 1989Square with moon-cut corners
Someone Said (one side only)
ResonanceInstant DesertExosphere EXO001 (45rpm) (SV) 199616-pointed
Instant Desert, Instant Desert (Mirage Mix)
RhinocervsThings That I HateAzra IW 1052 (33 1/3rpm) (100 rhino and 25 rhino with cap copies) (SPD) 1995Rhinoceros, rhinoceros with xmas cap and square
Things That I Hate, Three Regular Guys
Alfonso RibeiroNot Too YoungIsland 7-99667 (45rpm) (SV) 1985Heart (red or burgundy)
Not Too Young, Not Too Young (Instrumental)
Cliff RichardLean on YouEMI EMPD 105 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Cliff
(also available uncut)
Lean on You, Hey Mister
Cliff RichardShooting From the HeartEMI RICHP1 (45rpm) (12,500 copies) (SPD) 1984Heart
Shooting From the Heart, Small World
Cliff RichardSome PeopleEMI EMP 18 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Cliff
Some People, One Time Lover Man
Cliff RichardTwo HeartsEMI EMP 42 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Two hearts
(also available uncut)
Two Hearts, Yesterday Today Forever
John RichardsonMahatma Gandhi KnewLoose/Jonalco PLSE 1 (45rpm) (2,000 copies) (SPD) 1988India
Mahatma Gandhi Knew, BPU
Virginia RichmondChristmas Eve as Angels SingMystic Records (45rpm) (SV) 1980Bell
Christmas Eve as Angels Sing
Riff RaffBad ManMasque Records (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1989Octagon or blob
Bad Man (same on both sides)
RiseBe Together AgainAzra AZ7131 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1981Octagon
Be Together Again
RiseMystic Records M-45-115 (45rpm) (SV) 1980Square, octagon or irregular
Becky, Future Love
RiseMystic Records M-45-53 (45rpm) (SV) 1980Heart or octagon
Rock and Roll Heart, Future Love
RobedoorFaded Crusade/Pitiless MessiahAlt-Vinyl (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateSquare
Faded Crusade, Pitiless Messiah
Rock GoddessI Didn't Know I Loved YouA&M AMP 185 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Medusa
I Didn't Know I Loved You, Hell Hath No Fury
Rocket From the CryptWhen in RomeInterscope Records ELM 45T PIC (45rpm) (SPD) 1998Irregular
When in Rome, Tarzan, Tiger Feet Tonite
RocktagonCBS Records MX188764 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1979Octagon
The Diary of Horace Wimp, Computer Games, Must Have Been Crazy, Dream Police, St. George and the Dragon, No More Tears, Gotta Serve Somebody, You Know That I Love You
RocktagonCBS Records MX193056 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1980Octagon
Can You Feel It, Woman in Love, Suddenly, On the Road Again, Hungry Heart, Get Well Soon, World's Greatest Lover, Let Me Talk
Rocky Horror ShowChrysalis CHSP 3684 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Anthony Head
(also available uncut)
Sweet Transvestite, The Time Warp
Rocky MotionIntentionEndurance Records END 80-1 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 1980Hexagon
Gimme Gimme, This Place is Killing Me, Julie Sadisco, Thirstin'
Eva RoesBanks of the OhioBubus VR 0002/80 (45rpm) (SV) 1982Heart
Banks of the Ohio, Rail Road Boy, House of the Rising Sun, Rambler Gambler
Roland RatLove Me TenderMagnet Records RATS2 (45rpm) (3,500 copies) (SPD) 1984Heart
Love Me Tender, The Pink Bucket Song
Rolling StonesBrown SugarEMI SUGAR P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Pair of pants
Brown Sugar, Bitch
Rolling StonesLive in 1965Document Records DR 702 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1989Rectangle with rounded end
Satisfaction, Cry To Me
Rolling StonesMajestic BeginningMagic Dwarf Records MDR 45 (1,000 rectangle, 500 irregular copies) (SPD) Rectangle or irregular
Beautiful Delilah, Hi-Heel Sneakers, Down in the Bottom, Don't Lie To Me
Rolling StonesRoll Over BeethovenSwingin' Pig Records TSP-003/SH (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Irregular
Roll Over Beethoven, Come On, Down the Road Apiece
Rolling StonesThe Rolling Stones at Camden TheatreDocument Records DR 014 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Rectangle
Route 66, Cops and Robbers, You Better Move On, Mona
Rolling StonesShe Was HotEMI RSRP 114 (45rpm) (30,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Tongue logo
She Was Hot, I Think I'm Going Mad
Rolling StonesTime Is On My SideSwingin' Pig Records TSP-007/SH (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Rectangle with cut corners
Time is One My Side, Little Red Rooster, Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
Rolling StonesUrban Jungle Europe 19902203905 (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1990Cartoon beast
Urban Jungle Press Conference, March 22, 1990
Roman HollidayDon't Try to Stop ItJive JIVE P39 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Van
Don't Try to Stop It, Beat My Time
Roman HollidayFire Me UpCBS/Zomba Jive P59 (45rpm) (4,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Irregular
Fire Me Up, Far Away Now
Rosie and the OriginalsAngel BabyErika Records ER (33 1/3rpm) (200 with arrow copies) (SV) 2003Heart with and without arrow
Angel Baby (same on both sides
Rosie and the OriginalsL 19256 (33 1/3rpm) (250 copies) (SV) no dateChristmas tree or square
Santa Be Cool, I Still Wish You a Merry Christmas
David Lee RothSensible ShoesWarner Brothers W0016P (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1991Tour Pass
Sensible Shoes, A Lil' Ain't Enough
David Lee RothYankee RoseWarner Brothers W8656P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Pin-up girl
Yankee Rose, Shyboy
Rotten Rod and the War HeadsHoliday in VietnamIron Works IW1053 (45rpm) (12 skeleton, 25 rectangle and 10 square flag copies) (SPD) 1995Skeleton, rectangle, or square flag
Holiday in Vietnam
Rotten Rod and the War HeadsHoliday in Vietnam* Square (no pic)
Holiday in Vietnam
Rough MixesOff Course Records KON 7 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Hexagonal (54 different color variations)
It's Never Too Late, Switzerland, Bass Track (Guns of Navarone), Day Douldt, Get Out of My Pocket, Radio, Schmier, No More Love, B.O.F.S., No Claim With Bluff and Swindle
Round OneIn ZaireItaloheat IP ITH 006 (45rpm) (1,000 copies, 10 numbered, 10 numbered copies of 6-spoke)(SV) 1985Spiderweb or 6-spokes
In Zaire, On Top
RufusParty 'Til You're BrokeMCA Records PD9162 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) )SPD) 1981Rectangle
Party 'Til You're Broke, Hold On To a Friend
Rufus and ChakaDo You Love What You FeelMCA Records MC 9288 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1980Strawberry
Do You Love What You Feel (same on both side)
RuinationYouth Attack YA-8 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2000USA
Intro, Burnout Hero/Suspect, The One That Got Away, No One Home, Escape/Control, Bad to Worse, No One to Save You, Roll Over & Die
Running WildLittle Big HornElectrola 0602042636 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Battlefield
Little Big Horn, Billy the Kid
RushCountdownMercury RUSH P10 (33 1/3rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1982Space shuttle
(also available uncut)
Countdown, New World Man
RushRoll the BonesAtlantic A7524TE 7567-85899-0 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1991Square
Roll the Bones, The Pass, It's a Rap Part 1, Alex Lifeson Speaks
RuthlessBury the AxeIron Works IW 1004 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateBlob or square
Bury the Axe
RuthlessMetal Without MercyIron Works IW 1004 (33 1/3rpm) (<10 copies) (SV) no dateOctagon
Metal Without Mercy, Bury the Axe, Mass Killer
RuthlessMetal Without Mercy(SPD) no dateOctagon
Metal Without Mercy, Bury the Axe, Mass Killer
SabbatFetus TributeHolycaust S810-10 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2004Star
F.E.T.U., Hell of the Voltage
SabotageHeroes of the GraveTrans Euro Records TE 2002 (25 octagon, 25 blob copies) (33 1/3RPM) (SPD) 1987Gravestone
Heroes of the Grave, War Machine
SabotageHeroes of the GraveTrans Euro Records TE 2002 (25 octagon, 25 blob copies) (33 1/3RPM) (SV) 1987Gravestone (black or white), star, heart, square with cut corners (black or white), square (black or clear), octagon (black or clear) or blob
Heroes of the Grave, War Machine
SabreMasque Records MSQ 8703 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Octagon (foil on reverse)
Hidden Visions
SabreMasque Records MSQ 8703 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Octagon
Hidden Visions, Walked Away
Paul SabuShotgunErika Records (45rpm) (4 star, 4 square copies) (SV) no dateStar or square
St. Paul & The Broken BonesSing a Simple SongSingle Lock Records 128067E (33 1/3rpm) (2,000 copies) (SV) 2015Alabama
Sing a Simple Song, Moonage Daydream
St. VincentDigital WitnessLoma Vista 115002E (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 copies) (SV) 2013Triangle
Digital Witness, Birth in Reverse
Jana SampsonFrom Lisa MarieRock-it Specialties RIS 2001 (45rpm) (SV) no dateBell
From Lisa Marie, Christmas On Our Mind
Richard SandersonRealityEast World T10-1001 (45rpm) (SV) 1980Heart
Reality, Gotta Get a Move On
Savage ProgressBurning Bush10 Records Ltd TEN S27 (45rpm) (6,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Square
(also available uncut)
Burning Bush, My Soul Unwraps Tonight
Saw VI (Music from and Inspired by Saw VI)Trustkill TK129 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2009Circular sawblade
In Ashes They Shall Reap (Hatebreed), The Last Goodbye (Lacuna Coil), Reckless Abandon (It Dies Today), Your Soul Is Mine (Mushroomhead), Warpath (Chimaira), Genocide/Saw VI Remix (Suicide Silence), Still I Rise/Saw VI Remix (Shadows Fall), Dark Horse (Converge), Roman Holiday (Every Time I Die)
SaxonBack on the StreetsParlophone RP 6103 (45rpm) (12,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Apple
Back on the Streets, Live Fast Die Young
SaxonRide Like the WindEMI EMP 5473 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Saxon's logo
(also available uncut)
Ride Like the Wind, Red Alert
SaxonRock the NationsEMI EMIP 5587 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Eagle and flags
Rock the Nations, 747, And the Bands Played On
SaxonWe Will RememberVirgin DINSY 105 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Saxon's logo
We Will Remember, Altar of the Gods
Leo SayerSea of HeartbreakChrysalis LEOP2 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1984Heart
(also available uncut)
Sea of Heartbreak, Easy to Love
Alexei SayleDidn't You Kill My Brother?CBS WA 6553 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1985Two heads
Didn't You Kill My Brother, Dedicated
Alexei Sayle'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?Island ISP 162 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1982Car
'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor Part 1, 'Ullo John! Gotta New Motor Part 2
Scared BoyQuake RapN.S.F.D. Records NSFD008 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1989Square or rectangle
Quake Rap (same on both sides)
Scared BoyQuake RapN.S.F.D. Records NSFD008 (45rpm) (SV) 1989Octagon, square with cut corners or irregular
Quake Rap (same on both sides)
Scared BoyQuake RapN.S.F.D. Records NSFD008 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Square
Quake Rap (one side only)
ScheherazadeMystic Records M-45-119 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 1981Heart
Love Me Tonight, Call Me
Hannes Schoner/Jessica/Laurent Antony/Isabel VarellAriola 696072 (45rpm) (SV) 1981Shamrock
Sommernacht in Unsrer Stadt, Zu Hoch Gespielt, Gestern Waren Wir Noch Freunde, Ich Kampf Um Dich
School of FishWrong Sampler* (5 copies) Sprocket
The Greatest Living Englishman, The Turtle Song, Disconnected, Wrong, This is Where I Belong
Dave SchroederLooking for a Sex PartnerN.S.F.D. Records NSFD 021 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies some with color) (SPD) 1987Octagon
Looking for a Sex Partner (same on both sides)
Dave SchroederLooking for a Sex PartnerN.S.F.D. Records NSFD 021 (33 1/3rpm) (25 blob copies) (SV) 1987Blob, square, heart, heart with arrow, small octagon
Looking for a Sex Partner (same on both sides)
Dave SchroederLooking for a Sex PartnerN.S.F.D. Records NSFD 021 (33 1/3rpm) (<50 rectangle copies) (SPD) 1987Rectangle
Looking for a Sex Partner (one side only)
Scissor SistersI Don't Feel Like Dancin'Polydor 170 549 7 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
I Don't Feel Like Dancin', I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (Linus Loves Vocal Edit)
Scissor SistersKiss You OffPolydor 172 629 9 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
Kiss You Off
Scissor SistersLand of a Thousand WordsPolydor 171 248 9 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Square
Land of a Thousand Words
Scissor SistersShe's My ManPolydor 172 131 4 (45rpm) (SPD) 2007Square
She's My Man
ScorpionsCan't Explain* Band
Can't Explain, Lovedrive
ScorpionsPassion Rules the GameBreeze HARP 5242 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988The group
(also available uncut)
Passion Rules the Game, Every Minute Every Day
ScorpionsRhythm of LoveHarvest HARP 5240 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Scorpion
(also available uncut)
Rhythm of Love, We Let It Rock You Let it Roll
Scritti PolittiThe Word GirlVirgin VSS 747 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Rectangle
(also available uncut)
The Word Girl, Flesh & Blood
SealVioletZTT Records ZANG 27P (45rpm) (SPD) 1992Seal
Violet, Wild
Seals and CroftsFoolin' AroundCanon Comedy Corp. PD-SC-80 (45rpm) (SV) 1980Heart
These Moments Never Live Again (same on both sides)
Seventh HeavenHot FunMercury MERP 199 (45rpm) (7,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Seven
Hot Fun, More Fun in the Sun
7th StrangerMoney & PromisesMasque Records MSQ 8807 (33 1/3rpm) (<10 copies) )SPD) 1989Octagon
Money & Promises
SexxMainlineIron Works IW1011 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon
Mainline (same on both sides)
Nadine ShahFool127049M (45rpm) (300 copies) (SV) 2015Heart
Fool, Stealing Cars
Shakin' StevensIt's LateEpic WA 3565 (45rpm) (10,400 copies) (SPD) 1983Dancing shoes
It's Late, It's Good For You
Shakin' StevensPink ChampagneEpic SHAKY P13 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Bottle of champagne
Pink Champagne, Rockin' the Night Away
ShampooGirl PowerFood/Parlophone FOOD 76 (45rpm) (SPD) 1995Two girls
Girl Power, Cars
Feargal SharkeyA Good Heart is Hard to FindA & M VSS808 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Square
A Good Heart, Anger is Holy
The SharksMystic Records M-45-118 (45rpm) (500 numbered, 25 unnumbered copies) (SV) 1980Shark fin
Kid Sister, Your Car or Mine
Shattered ImageEye To EyeMasque Records MSQ 8910 (33 1/3rpm) (25 copies) (SPD) 1989Octagon
Give All Your Love
Shatterd ImageEye To EyeMasque Records MSQ 8910 (33 1/3rpm) (50 irregular copies) (SPD) 1989Irregular or clipboard
Eye to Eye, Take My Heart, Give All Your Love
Shatterd ImageEye To EyeMasque Records MSQ 8910 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1989Octagon
Eye to Eye, Take My Heart, Give All Your Love
Mark ShawUnder Your SpellEMI EMPD 188 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Mark
(also available uncut)
Under Your Spell, Mrs. Wonderful
Shillelagh SistersGive Me My FreedomCBS WA 4217 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Shamrock
(also available uncut)
Give Me My Freedom, Cheatin' Man
Masato ShimonOyoge! TaiyakikunJasrac ACSV-001 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2005Fish
Oyoge! Taiyakikun, Ippondemo Ninjin
ShriekbackHand On My heartArista SHRSD 1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Square
(also available uncut)
Hand On My Heart, Nerve
Frank SidebottomOh SupermumEMI ZP41 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Comic
Oh Supermum, I'm the Urban Spaceman, Sci Fi Medley, Space is Ace, Robot Frank
Stefan David SilversBaby Blue* Star
Baby Blue, Lullaby
Simple MindsDon't YouVirgin VSS 749 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Band's logo
Don't You, A Brass Band in Africa
Simply RedHolding Back the YearsElektra EKR 29P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Mick
Holding Back the Years, I Won't Feel Bad
The SimpsonsDeep Deep TroubleGeffen GEF88P (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Bart Simpson
Deep Deep Trouble (Dance Mix), Deep Deep Trouble (L.P. Edit)
The SimpsonsDo the BartmanGeffen GEF87P (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Bart Simpson
Do the Bartman (House Mix), Do the Bartman (L.P. edit)
SinOn the RunAzra Records S-11676 (S-11697) (45rpm) (500 black snake, 100 yellow snake copies) (SPD) 1984Snake (black or yellow)
On the Run, Captured in Time
SinOn the RunAzra Records S-11676 (S-11697) (45rpm) (10 black star, 12 yellow star copies) (SV) 19845-point star, 6-point star, yellow star, square, square with cut corners, 8 sided, and heart
On the Run, Captured in Time
Frank SinatraNew York New YorkWea Records K14502P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Apple
(also available uncut)
New York New York, That's What God Looks Like To Me
Siouxie and the BansheesThe Peel SessionsBBC Records 671004 (45rpm) (2,500 copies) (SPD) 1991Statue's head with wings
Hong Kong Garden, Suburban Relapse, Carcass, Love in a Void
Skid Row18 & LifeAtlantic A8883P (45rpm) (SPD)1990Band's name
(also available uncut)
18 & Life, Midnight/Tornado
Skid RowInterviewTell Tales TTS 1018 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Bat or circular sawblade
Skid RowMonkey BusinessAtlantic A7673SP (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Gorilla's head
(also available uncut)
Monkey Business, Slave to the Grind
Skid RowYouth Gone WildAtlantic A8935P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Guitar
(also available uncut)
Youth Gone Wild, Rattlesnake Shake
Skif Dank* (25 fish copies, 25 pumpkin copies) Fish, pumpkin, or bunch of bananas
Reverb, Full Circle
Slave TrainingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (500 black rim, 100 clear rim) (SPD) 1984Nude woman
X-rated monologue
Slave TrainingEntertainment Creations (45rpm) (10 copies) (SV) 1984Hexagonal
X-rated monologue
Slaves to Rock* (100 copies) Octagonal
Get Ripped, Eye on You, Silent Rage, Shake Your Fista, Turn My Lights On, Hot 'N Heavy, Main Pine, You Think It's Love, She Gets Me Under, Serve Your Savage Beast
SlayerSeasons in the AbyssDef American DEFAP 912 (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Eagle
(also available uncut)
Seasons in the Abyss, Aggressive Perfector, Seasons in the Abyss (Experimental Mix)
SlayerYou Against YouNuclear Blast NB 3775-0 (45rpm) (SPD) 2016Band's logo
You Against You, War Ensemble (live)
Percy SledgeWhen a Man Loves a WomanAtlantic/WEA PRO 311 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Jeans pocket
When a Man Loves a Woman, Warm and Tender Love
Sledge HammerIn the QueueIlluminated Records ILL 33 (45rpm) (SPD) (3,000 copies) 1984Sledgehammer
In the Queue, Oxford City, 1984
SlingerRockabye BabyAzra (no other info) (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Square (five different pics)
(also available uncut)
Rockabye Baby (same on both sides)
Frazier Smith and the Malibu MudhensCool PatrolCrushed Toy Music KLOS (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1982Oval
Cool Patrol, Party Machine
Richard Jon SmithThe ABC of KissingJive JIVEP85 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Lips
The ABC of Kissing, Jessica
Snow PatrolSignal FirePolydor 173 411 5 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2007Spiderweb
Signal Fire, Wow
Ed Solo & Skool of ThoughtWhen I Was a YoutAgainst the Grain ATG030 (45rpm) (SV) 2008Circular sawblade
When I Was a Yout, Life Gets Better
Sounds of SilenceL-34155 (45rpm) (SV) no dateBat
Sounds of Silence, Wayne Newton is a Bum
Scott SowelsErika 1S 9087 (33 1/3rpm) (500 with shuttle flight date, 500 without date) (SPD) 1981Space shuttle
(also available uncut)
Narrative account of the first flight of the Columbia space shuttle
Scott SowelsErika 1S 9087 (33 1/3rpm) (4 copies) (SV) 19816-point star
Narrative account of the first flight of the Columbia space shuttle
Spandau BalletOnly When You LeaveChrysalis Spanp-3 (45rpm) (10,000 copies of each pic) (SPD) 1984Square (2 different pics)
Only When You Leave, Paint Me Down
Spandau BalletParade*
Special ForcesTools of the TradeAzra/Erika Records DTR 050 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) Octagon
Three Day Girl
The SpecimenLondon LONPD 24 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SV) 1983Bat
Returning From a Journey, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Bobby SpeedNightmaresAzra Records A32 (45rpm) (500 square, 25 heart shaped copies) (SPD) 1988Square with cut corners, rectangle or rectangle with cut corners
Nightmare, Diane
Bobby SpeedNightmaresAzra Records A32 (45rpm) (500 square, 25 heart shaped copies) (SV) 1988Square, octagon or heart
Nightmare, Diane
Spermbirds/Party DiktatorExcess Bleeding Heart/W.S.W.BMusical Tragedies MT-175 (1,000 copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1992Circular sawblade
Excess Bleeding Heart/W.S.W.B
SpiderHere We Go Rock 'N' RollA&M AMP 180 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Web
Here We Go Rock 'n' Roll, Death Row
Spinal TapBitch SchoolMCA Records MCSTP 1624 (45rpm) (SPD) 1992Stonehenge
Bitch School, Springtime, Talk With Tap Part 1
Spook in the HouseBeginning to EndPentagon PENTA001 (45rpm) (SV) no datePentagon
Beginning to End, Conspiracy
Spook in the HouseSand in Your EyePentagon PENTA004 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1997Pentagon
Sand in Your Eye, Surf's Up
Bruce SpringsteenCover MeCBS WA 4662 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Bruce (1st edition has 45rpm blacked out, 2nd edition says 33 1/3)
Cover Me, Jersey Girl
Bruce SpringsteenDancing in the DarkCBS WA 4436 (45rpm) (11,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Car
(also available uncut)
Dancing in the Dark, Pink Cadillac
Bruce SpringsteenI'm On FireCBS WA 6342 (45rpm) (15,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Flag
I'm On Fire, Born in the USA
Bruce SpringsteenInterview with Bruce SpringsteenPL61 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Motorcycle
Bruce SpringsteenTunnel of LoveCBS Records 651295 0 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Rectangle
Tunnel of Love, Two for the Road
SpyderNo Reason for WarAzra A 017 (33 1/3rpm) (500 octagon, <25 rectangle copies) (SPD) no dateHexagon, octagon, rectangle
No Reason For War, Money (same on both sides)
SpyderNo Reason for WarAzra A 017 (33 1/3rpm) (500 octagon) (SV) no dateSquare, round blob or oval blob
No Reason For War, Money (same on both sides)
The Square World of Cointreau MixDaiichi DC 3.11008 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) Square
You've Got Me Keyed Up (Anita), Into the Night (Anita), Dance to the Music (Round One), Wonderland (Round One)
Star ChefCBS 980350 1 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Irregular
Lara's Theme, Singin' in the Rain, March From the River Kwai/Colonel Bogey, Maria, The Paris Waltz, The Guns of Navarone, Gunfight at OK Corral, How the West Was Wun
Jeffree StarMr. DivaPopsicle Music/Konlove JS1001 (45rpm) (SV) 2012Heart
Mr. Diva, Legs Up
Jeffree StarProm NightJeffree Star Cosmetics JS001 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2016Star (pink or purple)
Prom Night, Prom Night (Remix)
Alvin StardustGot a Little HeartacheChrysalis ChsP 2856 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Heart
Got a Little Heartache, Again
Alvin StardustI Feel Like Buddy HollyChrysalis CHSP 2784 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Cartoon of Alvin on horse
I Feel Like Buddy Holly, Luxury
Kenny StarrBlind Man in the BleachersSRO Records 0001 S9879 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Star or square
Blind Man in the Bleachers (same on both sides)
Morgen StaryNononInstant Records (45rpm) (50 copies) (SV) 2010Square
Fakeittillyoubreakit, Wall Paper Snakes, Wrong Color, Broken Record
Status QuoVertigo QUOPD 18 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986The letter Q
(also available uncut)
Rollin' Home, Lonely
Status QuoDusseldorf, Germany 1996-05-16Cold Turkey Records (33 1/3rpm) (20 copies) (SV) no dateSquare
Get Back, Rockin' All Over the World
Sufjan StevensIllinoiseAsthmatic Kitty Records AKR361 (33 1/3rpm) (10,000 33 1/3rpm label, 2,000 45rpm label copies) (SV) 20166-pointed star
Chicago (demo - same on both sides)
Amii StewartKnock on WoodPRT Records EDITP 3307 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Square
Knock on Wood
Amii Stewart and Deon EstusA Happy New Year to You From Both of UsSedition/PRT EDITP3310 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 19851986
My Guy My Girl, Bring It On Back To Me
Dave Stewart and Barbara GaskinThe LocomotionBroken Records DBROKEN 8 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Train
The Locomotion, Make Me Promises
Rod StewartThis Old Heart of MineWEA Records W2686P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Heart
(also available uncut)
This Old Heart of Mine, Tonight I'm Yours
StilettoAzra A28 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon
Blame It On Youth, Vicious Bitch
Stilluppsteypa/The Hafler TrioThat Would Be/I Was ThereMusical Tragedies MT-345 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 1996Circular sawblade
That Would Be, I Was There
Steve StollElasticSm:)e SM 9041-0 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1996Circular sawblade
Elastic (Original Mix), Elastic (Hard Floor Remix)
Steve StollElementsSm:)e 9025-0 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1995Circular sawblade
Elements, Elements (Mike Dearborn Remix)
Steve StollHyperrealismSm:)e SM 9015-0 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1995Circular sawblade
Hyperrealism Pt. 1 & Pt. 2
Stoney CurtisErika Records NSFD 777 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1995Square
Hip Today, Get Up
Stoney CurtisErika Records NSFD 777 (33 1/3rpm) (25 copies) (SPD) Square pic of band
Hip Today, Get Up
Story of the YearWake UpEpitaph LC02576 (45rpm) (SPD) 2008Square
Wake Up, The Virus
The StranglersEpic VICE P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Rectangle
(also available uncut)
All Day and All of the Night, Viva Vlad
The StranglersAlways the SunEpic SOLAR P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Sunburst
Always the Sun, Norman Normal
The StranglersBig in AmericaEpic HUGE PI (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Hamburger
(also available uncut)
Big in America, Dry Day
The StranglersNice in NiceEpic 650055-0 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Handcuffs
Nice in Nice, Since You Went Away
The StranglersNo MercyEpic WA 4921 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Sculpture of an ear
No Mercy, In One Door
The StranglersShakin' Like a LeafEpic SHEIK P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987TV set
Shakin' Like a Leaf, Hitman
Strawberry SwitchbladeJoleneWEA Records KOW 42P (45rpm) (6,200 copies) (SPD) 1985Strawberry
Jolene, Being Cold
Strawberry SwitchbladeLet Her GoWEA Records KOW 39P (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Strawberry
Let Her Go, Beautiful End
The Stray CatsSexy +17Arista SCAPD-6 (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Caricature of group in hot rod
Sexy +17, Lookin' Better Every Beer
Street CompanyLeave You Lovin' MeCaro-J Records CARO-J 01 (45rpm) (500 heart, 25 square, 25 Texas copies) (SV) 1988Heart (red or black), heart with arrow, square (red or black), octagon (red or black), star or Texas
Leave You Lovin Me (English), Leave You Lovin Me (Spanish)
Street DogsCrooked Drunken Sons/Rustbelt NationPirates Press Records PPR086-87PD (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2013Square
Leave You Lovin Me (English), Leave You Lovin Me (Spanish)
Strike ForceNo Choice* (SPD) Hexagon
No Choice
Strike ForceNo ChoiceMasque Records MSQ 8912 (33 1/3rpm) (50 copies) (SV) 1989Octagon or irregular
No Choice
StryperAlways There For YouEnigma ENVS1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Triangle
(also available uncut)
Always There for You, In God We Trust
Stupid CupidsHugs + KissesBurger Records BBRGR425 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) (150 copies) 2013Heart with arrow
Maybe Baby, Our Love Will Still Be There, Beach Girl, Comin' On Too Strong
StyxDon't Let It EndA & M AMX 120 (45rpm) (10,500 copies) (SPD) 1983Mr. Roboto's face
Don't Let It End, Rockin' the Paradise
SubconsciousOctagon OCTA 004 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateOctagon
Level 1, Level 2
SubconsciousLevels of SubconsciousOctagon OCTA 003 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1996Octagon
Level 3, Beyond
SubjugatorIron Works IW 2001 (25 copies each of 4 different pictures) (SPD) 1997Rectangle (4 different)
2 unknown songs (one side only)
Subjugator/Toe SuckUnity FieldsIron Works IW 1055 (45rpm) (SV) 1992Blob, square, shamrock or octagon
(also available uncut)
Unity Fields, Overdose of Attitude
Suicidal TendenciesI'll Hate You BetterEpic 3474868 (45rpm) (SV) 1993Heart
I'll Hate You Better, Mandatory Love Song, Just Another Love Song, Won't Fall in Love Today
Suicide/Richard HellGirl/You Gotta MoveMusical Tragedies MT510 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2001Circular sawblade
Girl, You Gotta Move
Donna SummerThis Time I Know It's for RealWarner Brothers Records U7780P (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Heart
(also available uncut)
This Time I Know It's for Real, Whatever Your Heart Desires
Sun BonesReverse FadeNo label (45rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Reverse fade
Superman the Animated SeriesMondo MOND-048 (45rpm) (1,000 purple, 500 blue copies) (SV) 2015Superman's logo (red, green, purple, or blue)
Superman the Animated Series Main Title, Superman the Animated Series End Credits, The New Batman/Superman Adventures Main Title, The New Batman/Superman Adventures End Credits - purple "Bizarro" version plays from center out
The SupremesBaby LoveTamla/Motown 5338299 (45rpm) (SV) 2012Heart
Baby Love, Stop! In the Name of Love
Surf RaidersLittle Saint NickAzra S8999 (33 1/3rpm) (250 small tree, 50 octagon, 50 small square, 50 large square copies) (SV) 1982Christmas Tree (small or large), octagon, square (small or large)
Little Saint Nick
Surf RaidersLittle Saint NickErika E-104 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1981Christmas tree
Little Saint Nick (one side only)
Surf RaidersMonster MashAzra/Erika AE 055 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1982Pumpkin
Monster Mash
Surf RaidersMonster MashAzra/Erika AE 055 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Square or rectangle
Monster Mash
Surf RaidersSurf RaiderErika Records A/E 060 (33 1/3rpm) (500 black surfer, 500 green surfer, 30 red surfer, 30 square, 50 rectangle copies) (SPD) 1982Surfer (black, green, yellow, red or brown), rectangle (surfer in center or on right side) or square
Surf Raiders Theme Song
Surf RaidersSurf RaiderErika Records A/E 060 (33 1/3rpm) (30 red square, 2 red/brown square, 30 black hexagon, 30 red hexagon, 2 red/brown hexagon) (SV) 1982square (red or red/brown), Octagonal (black, red, or red/brown), heart, blob, square with cut corners
Surf Raiders Theme Song
SurvivorAmerican HeartbeatScotti Brothers SCT A10 2813 (45rpm) (SV) 1982Heart
American Heartbeat, Silver Girl
SurvivorBurning HeartCBS WA 6708 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Boxing glove
Burning Heart, Feels Like Love
Sweet VineSweet VineColumbia CS7 9449 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1996Grapes
Candy for Fools, Three Times Denied, Downside of Wonder
The SwordTears of FireKemado KEM 117 (45rpm) (SPD) 2010Hexagon
Tears of Fire, Farstar
David SylvianTaking the VeilVirgin VSS815 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Rectangle
Taking the Veil, Answered Prayers
T-RexChildren of the RevolutionPriority MARC X 1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Marc Bolan playing guitar
(also available uncut)
Children of the Revolution, The Slider, A Tear for the High Star
T-RexMegamixPriority P TANX 1 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateMarc Bolan kneeling
(also available uncut)
Metal Guru/20th Century Boy/Children of the Revolution
Ta Mara and the SeenBlueberry GossipA & M Records PR 4402 (45rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 1988Lips
Blueberry Gossip (same on both sides)
Ta Mara and the SeenBlueberry GossipA & M Records PR 4402 (45rpm) (SV) 1988Square
Blueberry Gossip (same on both sides)
TalamusAnalorgieHexagonal 10hexa003 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1994Hexagon
Analorgie (same on both sides)
TalamusChronic Break/Glide the ClydeHexagonal 10hexa010 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1997Hexagon
Chronic Break, Glide the Clyde
TalamusCtac/AlfonsoHexagonal 10hexa005 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1995Hexagon
Ctac, Alfonso
TalamusFish Eye/Sarah MonnsecHexagonal 10hexa001 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateHexagon
Fish Eye, Sarah Monnsec
TalamusHenry/PurpleHexagonal 10hexa009 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1997Hexagon
Henry, Purple
TalamusHeure-HHexagonal 10hexa006 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1996Hexagon
Law Motherfucker, Emergency Dub, Hirochirac
TalamusRamshata/TamshataHexagonal 10hexa004 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateHexagon
Ramshata, Tamshata
TalamusSans Studio Fixe/DissonanceHexagonal 10hexa002 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateHexagon
Sans Studio Fixe, Dissonance
TalamusSubmarinerHexagonal 10hexa011 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1997Hexagon
Submariner, Reverse Pitch, Jungle Island
Talamus/B-MaticB-Matic/AnalorgieHexagonal 10hexa003.5 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) no dateHexagon
B-Matic, Analorgie
Billy TalentDevil in a Midnight MassAtlantic ATO245 (45rpm) (SPD) 2006Devil's head
Devil in a Midnight Mass, Ever Fallen in Love
Talk TalkLiving in Another WorldEMI EMI P5551 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Moth
(also available uncut)
Living in Another World, For What It's Worth
Tangerine DreamWarsaw in the SunJive JIVEP74 (45rpm) (4,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Poland
Warsaw in the Sun, Polish Dance
A Taste of HoneySukiyakiCapitol SPRO 9572 (45rpm) (SV) 1980Fan
A Taste of Iron Tyrants IIWorld Metal Records WMR 002 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (25 copies) no dateSkeleton on throne
Call of the Wild (The Jaxx), King of the Realm (Tempus Fugit)
Stefan TauschekEin Lied zum MorganBubus ST-1 (45rpm) (SV) no dateHeart
Ein Lied zum Morgan, Das Ende Meines Weges, Bloss Scheena, Wind Mein Labyrinth
Tears for FearsHead Over HeelsPhonogram IDPIC 10 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Four leaf clover
Head Over Heels, When In Love With a Blind Man
TelephoneEMI PMT 102 (45rpm) (UK edition) (SV) 1979Telephone
Fait Divers, La Bombe Humaine
TelephoneEMI OQP 1 (45rpm) (French edition available in red, yellow, grey, light blue, and dark blue) (SV) 1979Telephone
La Bombe Humaine, J'Suis Parti de Chez mes Parents
Tender ButtonsYou've Done It NowDeathbomb Arc DBA023 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2003Triangle
You've Got It Now You've Done It Now, Jump, You've Got It Now You've Done It Now (Xiu Xiu's Lantern Mix)
TerraplaneIf That's What It TakesEpic TERRA P1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Car
If That's What It Takes, Living After Dark
Tesendalo/Nocturnal EmissionsSpanferkel/ABCMusical Tragedies MT-391 (300 copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1998Circular sawblade
Spanferkel, aBC
TewzHelixIllektrik ILL002 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (500 copies) 2012Head
On Blast Off, Ancient Astronauts, Ghost Dance, Heliocentric, Aeons, A Message to the People of Earth, Teleport
Texas ProudS14745 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD & SV) (10,000 Texas copies) 1986Texas or square
Medley: Eyes of Texas/Texas Our Texas, Texas Proud, Waltz Across Texas, Texas, Deep in the Heart of Texas, Texas in My Soul, There's a Little Bit of Everything in Texas, Beautiful Texas
Thee EyesAzra A-35 (33 1/3rpm) (12 head copies) (SPD) 1988Head and almost round
Poet's Feast, Charis
Thee EyesAzra A-35 (33 1/3rpm) (100 irregular copies) (SPD) 1988Irregular
Running Naked, Sphere of Essence, Screams of Passion, Shy Girl, Dark Vision, Laughing Lies, Garden of Living Statues, Poet's Feast, Charis
Thee EyesAzra A-35 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1988Octagon or blob
Running Naked, Sphere of Essence, Screams of Passion, Shy Girl, Dark Vision, Laughing Lies, Garden of Living Statues, Poet's Feast, Charis
Third WorldNow That We've Found LoveIsland ISP 219 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Ocean and palm trees
(also available uncut)
Now That We've Found Love, Prisoner in the Street
This Frontier Needs Heroes2012People in a Position to Know PIAPTK096 (33 1/3rpm) (99 copies) (SPD) 2012Pyramid
Evelyn ThomasHigh EnergyRecord Shack SOHOP18 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 198412-pointed star
(also available uncut)
High Energy (Vocal), High Energy (Instrumental)
Thompson TwinsDoctor DoctorArista TWISD3 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Irregular
Doctor Doctor, Nurse Shark
Thompson TwinsDon't Mess With Doctor DreamArista TWISD 9 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Standing baby
Don't Mess With Doctor Dream, Big Business
Thompson TwinsLay Your Hands on MeArista TWISD 6 (33 1/3rpm) (20,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Diamond (black B-side)
Lay Your Hands on Me, The Lewis Carol
Thompson TwinsLay Your Hands on MeArista TWISD 6 (45rpm) (SPD) 1984Diamond (blue B-side)
Lay Your Hands on Me, The Lewis Carol
Thompson TwinsSister of MercyArista TWISD 5 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Spaceship
Sister of Mercy, Out of the Gap
Thompson TwinsWatchingArista TWISD 1 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1983Three heads
Watching, Dancersaurus
Thompson TwinsYou Take Me UpArista TWISD 4 (45rpm) (20,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Earth and spaceships
You Take Me Up, Passion Planet
Thompson TwinsYou Take Me UpArista TWIJ P14, P24, P34 (45rpm) (5,000 sets) (SPD) 1984Map of the world (Set of 3)
You Take Me Up, Passion Planet (same on each record)
T.J. ThorpeGirlMixcrest MIX 1 (45rpm) (SV) 19797-sided
Girl, 5 and 10 Cent Store
Three Eyes SameMedical* Human figures
Sea of Heartbreak, Easy to Love
Three Mile Pilot3Headhunter/Cargo Records HED706 (45rpm) (SPD) 1993Triangle
Nussum, Circumcised
ThunderDirty LoveEMI EMPD 126 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Band's logo
(also available uncut)
Dirty Love, Fired Up
ThunderpussyMoonlight LadiesCondor Classix 73-93 (33 1/3rpm)(25 copies) (SPD) 1993Triangle with cut corners or octagon
Moonlight Ladies (one side only-promo copy)
ThunderpussyMoonlight LadiesCondor Classix 73-93 (33 1/3rpm)(100 blob, 12 octagon copies) (SV) 1993Blob, octagon (yellow or black), irregular or square
Moonlight Ladies, Eleanor Rigby
Tight FitSecret HeartJive H 20 (45rpm) (SV) 1982Heart
Secret Heart, Just a Moment Away
The TimelordsDoctorin' the TardisKLF Communications KLF 003P (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Police car
Doctorin' the Tardis (Radio), Doctorin' the Tardis (Minimal)
Tin MachinePrisoner of LoveEMI MTPD 76 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Heart
(also available uncut)
Prisoner of Love, Baby Can Dance
Tin MachineTin MachineEMI MTPD 73 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Band mambers
(also available uncut)
Tin Machine, Maggie's Farm
ToadiesPossum KingdomKirtland Records KR-83VF (33 1/3rpm) (1,000 copies) (SPD) 2014Texas
Possum Kingdom, I Burn
ToadiesPossum KingdomKirtland Records KR-83VR (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2014Texas
Possum Kingdom, I Burn
Toe SuckOverdose of AttitudeIron Works IW 1055 (45rpm) (25 sweatshirt, 25 head copies) (SPD) 1990Sweatshirt, head or square
Overdose of Attitude
Toe SuckOverdose of AttitudeIron Works IW 1055 (45rpm) (SV) 1990Square or octagon
Overdose of Attitude
Tom Sawyer and the White Picket FenceQuicksilver Records GSSD1 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1985Paint bucket
The story of Tom Sawyer and the white picket fence
Too Many CrooksBaby LotionT-Leaf Records TLRPS302 (45rpm) (SPD) 1997Baby lotion bottle
Baby Lotion, Mafia
TorsoCell 13Iron Works IW 1050 (45rpm) (SPD) (1,300 copies, 100 of each picture) 1996Square (13 different pictures) or heart
Cell 13
Totally UnicornNine InchesPirates Press BOB069 (45rpm) (200 copies) (SV) 2013Penis
Street Hugz, Let's Spice Things Up With Lazer Swords
TotoAfricaCBS Records ZSS 169156-PD (45rpm) (SPD) 1982Africa
Africa, Good for You
TotoAfricaCBS Records ZSS 169156-PD (45rpm) (SPD) (6,000 copies) 1982Africa
Africa, We Made It
TotoGeorgy PorgyPicDisc PD (45rpm) (SPD) 1979Hexagon (black, blue or green)
Georgy Porgy (same on both sides)
TotoHydra* (100 "light by night" on back, 100 "KORL channel 65" on back copies) Square with man & sword or with sword only
Hydra, 99
TotoHydraCBS Records PD166517 (45rpm) (100 copies) (SPD) Square
99, Hydra
TotoHydraCBS Records PD166518 (45rpm) (100 copies) (SPD) 1979Square
St. George and the Dragon, White Sister
TotoI Won't Hold You BackCBS Records WA 3392 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Sword and four rings
(also available uncut)
I Won't Hold You Back, Afraid of Love
TotoRosannaCBS WA 2079 (45rpm) (7,500 copies) (SPD) 1983Grammophone
Rosanna, It's a Feeling
TotoRosannaCBS 8C8 38685 (45rpm) (SPD) 1982Africa
Rosanna, Africa
TotoRosannaColumbia 88985401561 (45rpm) (2,500 copies) (SPD) 2017Africa
Rosanna, Africa
TotoStop Loving YouCBS 6514110 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Sword and a ring
(also available uncut)
Stop Loving You, The Seventh One
Pete TownsendFace the FaceAtco U 8859 P (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Pete
(also available uncut)
Face the Face, Hiding Out
ToxiqueOutlet PeopleToxique Music TOX002LP (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2010Hexagon
4 Guys, Ring the Bells, Shout, Cancel the Dreams, Is This Love?, Outlet People, Lonely Valentine
TrafficHole in My ShoeDocument DR 1603 (45rpm) (<300 copies) (SPD) 1988Shoe on road with cars
Hole in My Shoe, Paper Sun
Transformers: The MovieEpic WA 7318 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Transformer
The Touch (Stan Bush), Dare to Be Stupid (Weird Al Yankovic)
TransplantsGangsters and ThugsAtlantic AT0213TE (45rpm) (SPD) 2005Head with gas mask
Gangsters and Thugs (Radio Edit), Gangsters and Thugs (Explicit Version)
Tribe 606Aloe VeraSquare Records SQ002 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1997Square
Aloe Vera (Dermo Tropical Mix), Aloe Vera (Vapour Chimera)
Tribe 606MimikriSquare SQ001 (45rpm) (SV) 1995Cog
Mimikri (2 different mixes)
The TruentsDon't Look BackTKO Records TKO ROUND 11 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1998Heart
Don't Look Back, Just Don't Tell
The TubesPrime TimeA & M AMSP 7423 (45rpm) (SPD) 1979Square
Prime Time, No Way Out
The TurdzShithouse BluesCondor Classix CC8839 (45rpm) (SPD) (500 copies) 1988Outhouse (smaller)
Shithouse Blues (same on both sides)
The TurdzShithouse BluesCondor Classix CC8839 (45rpm) (SPD) (12 copies) 1988Outhouse (larger)
Shithouse Blues
The TurdzShithouse BluesCondor Classix CC8839 (45rpm) (SV) (25 star copies) 1988Square (large or small), octagon, irregular or star
Shithouse Blues (same on both sides)
Tina TurnerBe Tender With Me BabyCapitol CLPD 593 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Tina
Be Tender With Me Baby (LP version), Be Tender With Me Baby (Live edit)
Tina TurnerBetter Be Good To MeCapitol CLP 338 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Tina
Better Be Good To Me, When I Was Young
Tina TurnerBreak Every RuleCapitol CLP 452 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1987Tina
(also available uncut)
Break Every Rule, Girls
Tina TurnerWe Don't Need Another HeroCapitol CLP 364 (45rpm) (15,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Tina
(also available uncut)
We Don't Need Another Hero, We Don't Need Another Hero (Instrumental)
The TurtlesTurtlesizedRhino RNLP280 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1982Turtle (with or without tail) or square
Happy Together, Outside Chance, Eve of Destruction, She'd Rather Be With Me
Twenty One PilotsThe Lc LpFueled By Ramen 129058E (33 1/3rpm) (4,000 copies) (SV) 2015Ohio
Fall Away, Forest, Ode To Sleep
Twisted SisterThe Kids Are BackAtlantic A9827P (45rpm) (7,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Band's logo
The Kids Are Back, Shoot 'Em Down
Twisted SisterLeader of the PackAtlantic A9478P (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Manhole cover held by hands
Leader of the Pack, I Wanna Rock
2 By BukowskiGather Darkness (part of Playschool Trilogy)Jonathon Whiskey Records Blossom 30 (45rpm) (149 copies) (SV) 2001Hexagon
Gather Darkness
U2Press Conference Gothenburg 1987U2-72S (45rpm) (SPD & SV) 1987Cloverleaf (picture or green vinyl) or 8 pointed star
(cloverleaf picture also available uncut)
Interview (same on both sides)
U2Island ISP220 (45rpm) (20,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Band's logo
The Unforgettable Fire, A Sort of Homecoming
UFOThis TimeChrysalis UFO-P1 (45rpm) (3,500 copies) (SPD) 1985Triangle
This Time, The Chase
UGKInt'l Players Anthem (I Choose You)Get On Down GET 51317-12 (45rpm) (1,750 copies) (SPD) 2016Texas
Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Explicit version), Int'l Players Anthem (I Choose You) (Instrumental)
Tracey UllmanTerryStiff D BUY 217 (45rpm) (4,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Television set
Terry, I Don't Want Our Loving to Die
Uncle Albert's Old Time Square Dancing HitsPye Records SPLP 1349 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1971Square
THIS SHAPE IS A HOAX. It's actually Max Bygraves - Singalong With Max that has been cut into a square shape and relabeled.
UnderoathLost in the Sound of SeparationTooth and Nail Records 5099923530416/5099923530614 (33 1/3rpm) (5,000 copies) (SV) 2008Set of 2 circular sawblades
Breathing in a New Mentality, Anyone Can Dig a Hole But It Takes a Real Man to Call it Home, A Fault Line a Fault Line of Mine, Emergency Broadcast - The End is Near, The Only Survivor Was Miraculously Unharmed, We Are the Involuntary, The Created Void, Coming Down is Calming Down, Desperate Times Desperate Measures, Too Bright to See Too Loud to Hear, Desolate Earth - The End is Here
Unholy GraveGrindignationPirates Press 81403F1/B (33 1/3rpm) (100 green/black, 400 blue/black copies) (SV) 2009Square (green/black or blue/black
Bloodshed, Because of What, End to Terror, Do What You Gotta Do, Blind Barrier, Vicious, No Racial Superiority
UnionTime LeakFat Beats Records FB2545 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2011Triangle
Time Leak, Time Leak Instrumental, Time Leak (REDEF Remix), Time Leak (Flako remix)
UnkleEye 4 an EyeMediacom Toy Corporation MEDKUBS 61 (33 1/3rpm) 2002Kubrick head
Eye 4 an Eye
UntouchablesFree YourselfStiff Records DBUY 221 (45rpm) (7,000 band member, 1,000 flag, 3,000 gun copies) (SPD) 1985Band member, USA shaped flag, gun
(gun also available uncut)
Free Yourself, Lebanon
UntouchablesI Spy for the FBIStiff Records PBUY 227 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985FBI badge
I Spy for the FBI, Whiplash
Urban BushmanWar OffHexagonal 10hexa007 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1996Hexagonal
War Off, Schematique
Uriah HeepRockaramaPortrait WA6103 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Fan
Rockarama, Backstage Girl
UsualsCupidNIR-058 (45rpm) (SV) (1,015 copies) no dateHeart
Cupid, Hey Boy
VainBeat the BulletIsland ISX 432 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Band's logo
Beat the Bullet, Secrets
Van HalenDreamsWarner Brothers W8642P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Race car
Dreams, Inside
Van HalenWhy Can't This Be LoveWarner Communications W8740P (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Bodybuilder holding sphere
Why Can't This Be Love, Get Up
The VaporsTurning JapaneseUnited Artists Records UA-X1364-Y (45rpm) (SV) 1980Rectangle, hexagon, square, or shark fin
Turning Japanese (same on both sides)
Bill VegaVoices in the CountryErika RS (SV) 1983Square
Voices in the Country
VenomManitouNeat Records NEAT 43 (45rpm) (6,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Horned demon
Manitou, Woman
VenomNightmareNeat Records NEAT S47 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Demon faces
Nightmare, Satanachist
El VezMamacita Donde Esta Santa Claus* (500 copies) Santa Claus
Mamacita Donde Esta Santa Claus
Vicous PinkFetishParlophone PINK P1 (45rpm) (9,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Band's logo
Fetish, Spooky
Vincent & Mr. GreenIpecac Recordings RE 1 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2004Tulip
Like You, Dance (Part II)
VixenCryin'EMI MTPD 60 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988The group
(also available uncut)
Cryin', Desperate
VixenEdge of a Broken HeartEMI MTPD 48 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988The group
(also available uncut)
Edge of a Broken Heart, Charmed Life
VixenLove Made MeEMI MTPD 66 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988Oval
(also available uncut)
Love Made Me, Give It Away
Vox PopRingo-a-Go-GoNSFD Records NSFD 022 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) (500 regular, 12 yellow photo copies) 1990Square or Ringo Starr head with or without cigarette)
(all three also available uncut)
Ringo-a-Go-Go, Ingo-Ray (same on both sides)
Vox PopRingo-a-Go-GoNSFD Records NSFD 022 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1990Octagon, and blob (medium or small)
Ringo-a-Go-Go, Ingo-Ray (same on both sides)
Andrew W.K.I'm a VagabondBig Scary Monsters BSM090 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 2010Square
I'm a Vagabond, Doing Andrew W. K., Let's Go On a Date
Wa Wa NeeStimulationEpic 15 3P 821 (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Australia
Stimulation, Headlines
Wang ChungDance Hall DaysGeffen WA 3837 (45rpm) (2,500 copies) (SPD) 1984Guitar and a box
Dance Hall Days, There is a Nation
Wang ChungDon't Let GoGeffen WA 4272 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1984Drum set
Don't Let Go, Ornamental Elephant
Jessie Ware & SamphaValentineYoung Turks YT 055 (45rpm) (500 copies) (SV) 2011Heart
WarlockInterviewTell Tales TTS 1011 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Bat or circular sawblade
Interview with Doro Pesch
Osten WarnerbringTorringelundFrituna SKANE-1 (33 1/3rpm) (3,500 copies) (SPD) 1984Scania, Sweden
Torringelund, Jag Bor Vid Ett Raststalle, Kal de' Snoar
WarrantCherry PieCBS 6562580 (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Girl with pie
(also available uncut)
Cherry Pie, Thin Disguise
Warwitch/MalishaIron Works IW 1016 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1987Octagon
Psycho, Serve Your Savage Beast
WaspAnimalPIG 109 (45rpm) (11,000 copies) (SPD) 1987Demon pig
Animal (F**k Like a Beast), Show No Mercy
WaspAnimalMusic for Nations PKUT 109 (45rpm) (10,000 clear B-side copies) (SPD) 1984Sawblade with lightning bolt (clear or rose B-side with fuzzy pic on A-side)
Animal (F**k Like a Beast), Show No Mercy
WaspBlack ForeverCastle Communications LC6448 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1995Raven
Black Forever, Goodbye America
WaspBlind in TexasCapitol CLP 374 (45rpm) (15,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Armadillo and bartender
Blind in Texas, Savage
WaspForever FreeCapitol CLPD 546 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Logo and eagle
(also available uncut)
Forever Free, Love Machine
WaspThe IdolParlophone RPD6314 (45rpm) (SPD) 1992Grave
The Idol, The Eulogy
WaspInterviewTell Tales TTS 1010 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1989Circular sawblade or bat
WaspMean ManCapitol CLP521 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Man sitting on a motorcycle frame
(also available uncut)
Mean Man, Locomotive Breath, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Wasp95-NastyCapitol CLP432 (45rpm) (SPD) 1986Sitting girl
(also available uncut)
95 Nasty, Easy Living
WaspThe Real MeCapitol CLPD 534 (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Cartoon of band in doctor's office
(also available uncut)
The Real Me, Lake of Fools
WaspThe Real MeCapitol CLPD 534 (45rpm) (SV) 1989Square
(also available uncut)
The Real Me, Lake of Fools
WaystedWomen in ChainsChrysalis CHSP 2736 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Woman biting chain
Women in Chains, Can't Take That Love Away
The Weather GirlsNo One Can Love You More Than MeCBS WA 6488 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Square
No One Can Love You More Than Me, You Can Do It
Weekend NachosWeekend Nachos* (50 copies) Triangle
Priorities, If You Come Near, Scars, Worthless Words
WeenYou Were the FoolFlying Nun Records FNS387 (45rpm) (SPD) 1996Rectangle with rounded center
You Were the Fool, Piss Up a Rope
Wet Wet WetSweet Little MysteryPhonogram JWLS 4 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) The letter W
Sweet Little Mystery, Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
WhamFreedomCBS Records WA 4743 (45rpm) (9,000 copies of set) (SPD) 1984Set of two squares
Freedom, Freedom (Instrumental) (same on both records)
Whiskey TrainGun For HireMasque MSQ 1631 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1994Octagon
Gun For Hire
Whiskey TrainGun For HireMasque MSQ 1631 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1994Octagon
Gun For Hire, California Beaming (Nick Paine)
WhistleJust BugginChampion CHAMP P12 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Whistle
Just Buggin', Buggin' Much Hard
White Flag/Tesco VeeWhite Flag vs. Tesco VeeMusical Tragedies MT-196 (1,100 copies) (45rpm) (SV) 1993Circular sawblade
Everything Means Nothing, Manimal
White LionRadar LoveAtlantic A8836TEP (45rpm) (SPD) 1989Lion's head
Radar Love, If My Mind is Evil, Wait (Live)
WhitesnakeGuilty of LoveLiberty BPP420 (45rpm) (18,500 copies) (SPD) 1983Man in handcuffs
Guilty of Love, Gambler
WhitesnakeInterviewTell Tales TTS 1020 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1990Circular sawblade or bat
WhitesnakeIs This LoveEMI 12 EMP 3 (33 1/3rpm) (8,500 copies) (SPD) 1987Keyhole
Is This Love, Standing in the Shadows, Need Your Love So Bad (included on separate 45rpm disc)
WhitesnakeNow You're GoneEMI EMPD 200 (45 rpm) (SPD) 1990David Coverdale
(also available uncut)
Now You're Gone, Wings of the Storm
The WhoLeaving HereNo label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Leaving Here
The WhoMagic BusNo label (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) no dateSquare
Magic Bus
John Wiese & Andy OrtmannFanclubGame Boy Records/Pegasus Farms Records peg01/gb46 (45rpm) (50 copies) (SV) 2003Square
2 untitled songs
Wiesengrund DuettMunchner MadinBubus ST-3 (45rpm) (SV) no dateHeart
Munchner Madin, d'Viecha, Scheene Munchner Stadt, Der Wolpertinger
Eugene WildePersonalityFourth & Broadway PBRW18 (45rpm) (3,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Heart
Personality, Let Her Feel It
Kim WildeRage to LoveMCA Records KIMP3 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1985Kim Wilde
(also available uncut)
Rage to Love, Putty in Your Hands
Kim WildeThe TouchMCA Records KIMP2 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,250 copies) 1984Kim's face
The Touch, Shangri-La
Will to PowerFreebabyEpic 6530949 (45rpm) (SPD) 1988The letter "w"
Baby I Love Your Way/Free Bird, Anti Social
John WilliamsMarch of the Resistance/Rey's ThemeWalt Disney Records D002353711 (33 1/3rpm) (1,500 copies) (SPD) 2016BB-8
March of the Resistance, Rey's Theme
Al Lee Willis and Pee Wee HermanBig AdventureWarner Brothers 0-20405 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1985Pee Wee Herman
Big Adventure (Vocal), Big Adventure (Instrumental)
Bob Wills and his Texas PlayboysThe Greatest Hits of TexasRhino RNDF284 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1984Texas (black or clear rim)
San Antonio Rose, You're From Texas, Home in San Antone, Across the Alley From the Alamo
Bob Wills and his Texas PlayboysThe Greatest Hits of TexasRhino RNDF284 (33 1/3rpm) (SV) 1984Texas
San Antonio Rose, You're From Texas, Home in San Antone, Across the Alley From the Alamo
Jackie WilsonReet PetitePassion Music SKM P3 (45rpm) (SPD) 1985Square
(also available uncut)
Reet Petite, You Brought About a Change in Me, I'm the One To Do It
Windard of OxBoogie Boards High Tide and Low TideDeathbomb Arc DBA016 (45rpm) (SV) 2002X
(First two songs are untitled), Mike Pretending to Be Blue Sunoco, I Was on the Go, Cosmic Fire
Workin' StiffsWe Are the TruthPirates Press PPR123 (45rpm) (250 silver copies, 250 gold copies, 100 black copies) (SV) 2014Cog (silver, gold, or black)
We Are the Truth, Get Electric
Worlds ApartWonderful WorldArista 74321153847 (45rpm) (SPD) 1993Band members
Wonderful World, Dance With Me
Bernard WrightAfter YouManhattan Records PRO-9610 (45rpm) (SV) 1985Heart
After You, Who Do You Love
Steve WrightThe Gay CavalierosMCA Records MCAP 925 (45rpm) (2,750 copies) (SPD) 1984Sombrero
The Gay Cavalieros, Shut Up
Wu-Tang ClanC.R.E.A.M.RCA Records 88875009537 (45rpm) (SPD) 2014Wu-Tang logo
C.R.E.A.M., Da Mystery of Chessboxin'
The WurzelsI Want to Be an Eddie Stobart DriverLoose Records WURZELP1 (45rpm) (SPD) 1995Lorry
I Want to Be an Eddie Stobart Driver, You Can't Kid a Kidder, Forty & Bone Dry, Rig Jig
Y & TMean StreakA & M AMP 135 (45rpm) (SPD) (5,000 copies) 1983Snake
Mean Streak, Straight Thru' the Heart
Calvin Yarbrough and Alisa PeoplesHeartbeatsPolygram TE 8204 (45rpm) (SV) 1982Heart
Heartbeats, Heartbeats (Instrumental)
Yeah Yeah YeahsCheated HeartsPolydor 170 687-5 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 2006Heart
Cheated Hearts (Radio Edit), Cheated Hearts (Remix by Peaches)
YesOwner of a Lonely HeartAtco B9817-P (45rpm) (6,000 black, 6,000 blue copies) (SPD) 1983Oval (black or blue)
Owner of a Lonely Heart, Our Song
Yip Yip CoyoteDream of the WestI.R.S. YIPP1 (45rpm) (5,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Star
(also available uncut)
Dream of the West, The Law
Dwight YoakamLittle SisterWEA Records W8432P (45rpm) (SPD) 1987Dwight
Little Sister, This Drinkin' Will Kill Me
Neil YoungReactorReprise RPSP 49895 (33 1/3rpm) (6 triangle with train, 6 triangle with car, 15 green triangle copies) (SV) 1981Triangle (red, black, or green) or triangle pic disc with train or car
Southern Pacific, Motor City
Paul YoungI'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse DownCBS WA 4786 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1984Paul in an armchair
I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down, One Step Forward
Paul YoungWherever I Lay My HatCBS WA 3371 (45rpm) (10,000 copies) (SPD) 1983Octagon
Wherever I Lay My Hat, Broken Man
Frank Zappa/John TrubeeLetters From Jeepers/The Rain Keeps FallingMusical Tragedies MT-482 (45rpm) (500 blue, 200 red copies) (SV) 1999Circular sawblade
Letters From Jeepers, The Rain Keeps Falling
Zen IdolsRub the BuddhaErika Records L18411 (33 1/3rpm) (500 copies) (SPD) 1984Buddha
Rub the Buddha, Menage a Trois, Above God's View, Disc Jockey Error
Zen IdolsRub the BuddhaErika Records L18411 (33 1/3rpm) (20 clear hexagonal, 20 redish hexagonal copies) (SPD) 1984Hexagonal (clear or redish)
Rub the Buddha, Menage a Trois, Above God's View, Disc Jockey Error
Zodiac Mindwarp and the Love ReactionPlanet GirlPhonogram/Mercury 870304-1 (33 1/3rpm) (SPD) 1988Cross
(also available uncut)
Planet Girl, Dog Face Driver
ZwolNew York CityEMI America SPRO 8905 (45rpm) (SV) 1978Square
New York City (Short Version), New York City (Long Version)
ZZ TopGimme All Your Lovin'WEA Records W9693P (45rpm) (SPD) 1983Car
Gimme All Your Lovin', If I Could Only Flag Her Down
ZZ TopGive It UpWarner Brothers W9509P (45rpm) (SPD) 1990Band's logo
(also available uncut)
Give It Up, Sharp Dressed Man
ZZ TopMy Head's in MississippiWarner Brothers W0009P (45rpm) (SPD) 1991Car
My Head's in Mississippi, Fool for Your Stockings
ZZ TopRough BoyWEA Records W2003FP (45rpm) (8,000 copies) (SPD) 1986Band member in sleeping bag
(also available uncut)
Rough Boy, Delirious
ZZ TopSleeping BagWarner Brothers W2001DP (45rpm) (8,000 interlocking copies) (SPD) 1985Band member (interlocking or sleeping bag)
Sleeping Bag, Party on the Patio
ZZ TopSleeping BagWarner Brothers W2001P (45rpm) (23,000 copies) (SPD) 1985King Tut mask
(also available uncut)
Sleeping Bag, Party on the Patio
ZZ TopStagesWarner Brothers W2002BP (45rpm) (SPD) (8,000 copies) 1985Band member in sleeping bag
(also available uncut)
Stages, Hi Fi Mama
ZZ TopViva Las VegasWarner Brothers WOO98P (45rpm) (SPD) 1992Slot machine
Viva Las Vegas, 2000 Blues