Shaped CDs

The list that follows is by no means a complete one. My own collection continues to grow, though I am devoting more attention to my collection of shaped vinyl albums as they are a bit harder to come by and thus a bit more of a challenge to collect. I have included partial information for titles I'm aware of but haven't actually seen. These are noted with a colored ball under the publisher information note. If anyone out there has info on more titles, please email me! Shaped cds vary much more than vinyl albums, and there are many more of them, with new releases showing up all the time. When the release of a particular disc was limited to a specified number, that information is noted in parentheses under publisher info. Be sure to check out the companion pages for shaped vinyl albums and cardboard records too!

Alice in WonderlandCutting Edge ShapeCD Inc. CDCE012 Shape of Alice, the rabbit and the Cheshire catAlice in Wonderland (with page turn signals)
Alice in WonderlandCutting Edge ShapeCD Inc. CECD012 Shape of Alice, the rabbit and the Cheshire catAlice in Wonderland (without page turn signals)
American GraffitiUniversal Music Special Markets 3133-1-1 Shape of waitressRock Around the Clock, Maybe Baby, Come and Go With Me, Johnny B. Goode
Tori AmosTori AmosSonotec S1122 (10,000 copies) Shape of Tori AmosAInterview with Tori Amos
AnvilAnvilMassacre Records MAS SH0204 Shape of flying anvilSpeed of Sound, Old School, Doctor Kevorkian, Blood on the Ice, Metal on Metal (listed in actual order - order printed on back cover is incorrect)
The ArchiesSugar Sugar32 Records 4016-2 Shape of a heartSugar Sugar
Armenian Philharmonic Rock OrchestraI Love YouCreative Music Marketing CMM 027-2 Shape of a heartIn My Life, Michelle, Something, And I Love Her, If I Fell
AtrocityAtrocityMassacre Records MAS SHO196 Shape of seated woman playing a celloThe Great Commandment, Shout, Der Mussolini, Send Me an Angel, Tainted Love
Backstreet BoysA.J.Trans Continental Records LC7925 Shape of A.J.Every Time I Close My Eyes, A.J. interview with Mola Adebisi, We've Got It Goin' On
Backstreet BoysBrianTrans Continental Records LC7925 Shape of BrianBoys Will Be Boys, B-Rok interview with Mola Adebisi, Anywhere For You
Backstreet BoysHowieTrans Continental Records LC7925 Shape of HowieJust To Be Close To You, Howie D. interview with Mola Adebisi, Quit Playing Games
Backstreet BoysKevinTrans Continental Records LC7925 Shape of KevinNobody But You, Kevin interview with Mola Adebisi, I'll Never Break Your Heart
Backstreet BoysNickTrans Continental Records LC7925 Shape of NickLet's Have a Party, Nick interview with Mola Adebisi, Get Down
Gary BarlowLove Won't WaitBMG International 74321-48819-2 Shape of Gary BarlowLove Won't Wait, Always, Meaning of a Love Song
The Beach BoysLet's Go Trippin'
The BeatlesThe BeatlesSonotec S1112 (10,000 copies) Shape of The BeatlesFirst press conference from US Tour 1965, Second press conference from US Tour 1965
The BeatlesInterview with the Beatles v.1Sonotec S1101 Shape of The BeatlesThe Beatles tour Australia June 1964
The BeatlesInterview with the Beatles v.2Sonotec S1102 Shape of The BeatlesJesus Affair press conference August 1966, Yellow Submarine and Maharishi interview July 1968
The BeatlesInterview with the Beatles v.3Sonotec S1103 Shape of The BeatlesPost Royal variety November 1963, Preparing for American tour February 1963, Accepting silver hearts March 1964, Day after A Hard Day's Night premiere July 1964, Talking about the general election October 1964
The BeatlesInterview with the BeatlesPikosso Shape of John Lennon's headInterview with the group(same as McCartney head-shaped disc)
The BeatlesInterview with the BeatlesPikosso Shape of Paul McCartney's headInterview with the group (same as Lennon head-shaped disc)
The BeatlesInterview with the BeatlesPikosso GEORGE1 (5,000 copies) Shape of 4 George Harrison facesInterview with the group featuring comments by George Harrison
The BeatlesInterview with the BeatlesPikosso RINGO1(5,000 copies) Shape of 4 Ringo Starr facesInterview with the group featuring comments by Ringo Starr
Blood DusterMenstrual SoupBizarre Leprous Productions BLP 066 Shape of skull, wings, wreath and starIntro, Knee Deep in Menstrual Blood, Ted, Dr. Artery, Dirty Platter,Swine in Shit
Jon Bon JoviInterview
Born to Be WildDigimode Entertainment Ltd. DS 2303 Shape of girl on a motorcycleBorn to Be Wild, Reelin' & Rockin', Big Road Blues, CC Rider, Keep on Running, Hell Raiser
David Bowie
Johnny CashBlue Man
CatameniaCatameniaMassacre Records MAS SHO202 Shape of nude woman and wolvesWinternacht, Dreams of Winterland, Into Infernal, As Winter Descents, Talvijon Varjot
Classic Fairy Tales Volume 1 Rapunzel, Little red riding hood (with page turn signals)
Classic Fairy Tales Volume 1Cutting Edge ShapeCD Inc. CECD004 Shape of characters from Little Red Riding HoodRapunzel, Little red riding hood (without page turn signals)
Classic Fairy Tales Volume 2Cutting Edge ShapeCD Inc. CDCE005 Shape of frog holding ballThe frog prince, Hansel & Gretel (with page turn signals)
Classic Fairy Tales Volume 2Cutting Edge ShapeCD Inc. CECD005 Shape of frog and princeThe frog prince, Hansel & Gretel (without page turn signals)
Joe CockerInterview
Phil CollinsInterview
CrackerNothing To Believe InVirgin DPRO-1151 Shape of a postage stampNothing To Believe In
The CurePrivate Talks
John DeaconInterview Pikosso JD TALK1 (2,000) Shape of 6 John Deacon's facesInterview with John Deacon of Queen
Dead or Alive Shape of a fan
Deep PurpleAustralia '99Thames/Thompson Shape of the letters "DP"Smoke on the Water, Enhanced Video (Smoke on the Water)
Deep PurpleInterviewSonotec S1106 (5,000) Shape of Ian Gillan and Ritchie HavensInterview with Ian Gillan of Deep Purple
Depeche Mode
Princess Diana Shape of a candleCandle in the Wind
Disney's Holiday 1998Disney60500-7 Shape of Mickey on Christmas wreathJingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Silent Night
FailureStuck on You Helmeted space soldierStuck on You (edit), Stuck on You (album)
Flaming Lips Shape of a star
Peter GabrielSteam
Vince Gill Shape of a keyIf You Ever Have Forever in Mind, Don't Come Cryin' To Me, The Key to Life
Green DayBrain Stew
Happy Christmas to one of our most valued membersMelke Marketing Shape of santa playing guitarJingle Bells, The Christmas Song, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Silent Night
Oliver Hardy Shape of Oliver's head
George HarrisonPress Conference Japan 91Wax Records Shape of George Harrison's facePress Conference Japan 91
Heineken Night of the Proms ClassicsEMI Holland BOSPCD 228 Shape of a bottle capGold, Overture from Wilhelm Tell, Music, Land of Hope and Glory
HypocrisyThe Final Chapter
HypocrisyMaximum AbductionNuclear Blast NB145 Shape of skinned chickenRoswell 47, Carved Up, Request Denied, Strange Ways
Iron MaidenCan I Play
Iron MaidenClairvoyant
Iron MaidenInterviewSonotec S1119 (10,000) Shape of the group and their mascotInterview with Bruce Dickinson and Steve Harris
Iron MaidenSkull
Iron MaidenUncut Skull
Jackson 5Michael the Lover
Michael JacksonInterview
Mick JaggerInterviewUFO Music RSMJ1 (2,500) Shape of 4 Mick Jagger facesInterview with Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones
Brian JonesInterviewUFO Music RSBJ1 (2,500) Shape of 4 Brian Jones facesInterview with Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones
King Diamond
KissInterviewCID Productions CIDAF1 Shape of 2 Ace Frehley facesKiss press conference (same as Gene Simmons-shaped disc)
KissInterviewCID Productions CIDGS1 Shape of Gene SimmonsKiss press conference (same as 2 Ace Frehley faces-shaped disc)
KissInterview Shape of Gene Simmons' face
KissInterviewKISSCD11 Shape of a starInterview with KISS
Liv KristineLiv KristineMassacre Records MAS SHO200 Shape of flowerTake Good Care, In the Heart of Juliet, 3AM, Deus Ex Machina, Good Vibes, Bad Vibes
Stan Laurel Shape of Stan's head
MadonnaInterviewSHAD B/C1 Shape of MadonnaInterview with Madonna
Lila McCannDown Came a Blackbird Shape of a birdDown Came a Blackbird
Melodies of LoveCreative Music Marketing CMM 028-2 Shape of a roseSome Enchanted Evening, I'm in the Mood for Love, Love Story, The More I See You, Mona Lisa
Money MarkMaybe I'm DeadMowax Recordings MW089cd2 Shape of Money MarkMaybe I'm Dead (Dust Brothers remix), Maybe I'm Dead (Psychonauts remix), Maybe I'm Dead (Cornelius remix)
Mother Goose RhymesCutting Edge ShapeCD Inc. CDCE003 Shape of Humpty Dumpty on the wallAnimal Rhymes, Playtime, Funny Folks, Just Plain Silly, My Special Favorites, Nighty-Night Rhymes (with page turn signals)
Mother Goose RhymesCutting Edge ShapeCD Inc. CECD003 Shape of Humpty Dumpty falling off the wallAnimal Rhymes, Playtime, Funny Folks, Just Plain Silly, My Special Favorites, Nighty-Night Rhymes (without page turn signals)
NirvanaInterviewCID Productions CIDNIRV1 Shape of 2 Kurt Cobain facesInterview with Kurt Cobain (same as Kurt Cobain face-shaped disc)
NirvanaInterviewCID Productions CIDNIRV2 Shape of 4 Kurt Cobain facesInterview with Kurt Cobain (same as CIDNIRV1)
NirvanaInterviewLOVE001 Shape of 6-pointed starInterview with Kurt Cobain (same as CDNIRV1)
NirvanaInterviewSHAD B/C1 Shape of Kurt Cobain's faceInterview with Kurt Cobain (same as CDNIRV1)
NSnyc Shape of a heart
Oasis Shaped like Liam's head
Ozzy OsbourneInterviewSonotec S1123 (10,000) Shape of OzzyInterview with Ozzy Osbourne
Elvis PresleyCome and Get MeEFE Productions Stemra NSL 990502 (500) Shape of ElvisElvis talks about his show, Elvis talks about his career, Tweedle Dee, The image... the man, I Got a Woman, The Aloha interview, Arlene calling Elvis, A Better Human Being
Elvis PresleyDon't Be CruelCollectables COL CD 0802 Shape of ElvisDon't Be Cruel
Elvis PresleyLove Me TenderBMG 07863 64885-2 Shape of ElvisLove Me Tender
Elvis PresleySuspicious MindsBMG 74321 693372 Shape of Elvis' headSuspicious Minds, Snowbird
Pretty MaidsPretty MaidsMassacre Records MAS SHO197 Shape of gothic triangle designDestination Paradise, Love & a Fiction, Forever and Eternal, Walk Away, Hard Luck Woman
RhapsodyEmerald SwordLMP 9808-005 Shape of a dragonEmerald Sword, Where Dragons Fly, Land of Immortals
Keith RichardsInterviewUFO Music RSKR1 (2,500) Shape of 4 Keith Richards facesInterview with Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones
RockellI Fell in LoveRobbins REHRT-72007-2 Shape of a heartI Fell in Love
The Rolling StonesInterviewSonotec S1130 (10,000) Shape of the Rolling StonesInterview with the Rolling Stones
The Rolling StonesRolling StonesRS101 Shape of tongueIt's Only Rock 'n Roll, Brown Suger
Adam SandlerThe Lonesome KickerWarner Brothers PRO-CD-8959 Shape of footballThe Lonesome Kicker (Edit), The Lonesome Kicker (Album version)
Saviour MachineSavior MachineMassacre Records MAS SHO199 Shape of theatre maskBehold a Pale Horse, Love Never Dies, Carnival of Souls, The Lamb, Enter the Idol
ScreamScreamMassacre Records MAS SHO203 Shape of girl's headVintage Whine, Inequality Street, Constance Eternal, Building a Ruin, Sins of Emission (these are the actual tracks - label lists different tracks)
SkycladSkycladCD Specialties CDS-CD-001 Shape of Scream killer's head and shouldersYouth of America, Trouble in Woodsboro/Sidney's Lament, Whisper to a Scream
Britney SpearsInterviewSonotec S1129 (10,000) Shape of Britney laying on a bedInterview with Britney Spears
The StingThe StingUniversal Music Special Markets Shape of playing cardsTheme from The Sting, medley including Listen to the Mockingbird, and one more unidentified song
Take ThatInterview
Roger TaylorInterview Pikosso RT TALK1 (2,000) Shape of 6 Roger Taylor's facesInterview with Roger Taylor of Queen
Theatre of TragedyTheatre of TragedyMassacre Records MAS SHO195 Shape of reclining semi-nude womanDer Tanz der Schatten, Der Spiegel, Samantha, A Hamlet for a Slothful Vassal, Virago
Toronto Bluejays 1997Cutting Edge CESCD001 Shape of Toronto Bluejays logoPump Up the Jam, Unbelievable, Cantaloop, Why Oh Why, Sugar Hill, I've Got 5 On It, Nasty, The Thing to Do, Give Me the Chance, Don't Leave Me Hangin'
TotenmondTotenmondMassacre Records MAS SHO201 Shape of squareKadavernazion, Honigtraum,Der Misantrop,Die Schlacht,Die Macht des Feuers
Trim-a-Tune angelDelta Music Inc. 2001 Shape of angelThe First Noel, Pastoral Symphony: Christmas Oratorio, Deck the Halls, Christmas Song, The Nutcracker: Chinese Dance/Russian Dance/Dance of the Toy Flutes
Trim-a-Tune Christmas giftsDelta Music Inc. 2008 Shape of Christmas giftsGod Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Joy to the World, Ave Maria, Honky Tonk Christmas, Jingle Bells
Trim-a-Tune Christmas TreeDelta Music Inc. 2007 Shape of Christmas treeAngels We Have Heard on High, Joy to the World, Do You Hear What I Hear, Messiah Highlights, O Tannenbaum, O Christmas Tree, What Child is This
Trim-a-Tune DoveDelta Music Inc. 2009 Shape of doveSilent Night, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, Up on the Mountain, O Holy Night, Christmas Medley
Trim-a-Tune ElfDelta Music Inc. 2005 Shape of elfSilent Night, Adeste Fideles, The First Noel, It Came Upon a Midnight Clear, I Saw Three Ships
Trim-a-Tune NutcrackerDelta Music Inc. 2010 Shape of nutcrackerO Holy Night, O Little Town of Bethlehem, Joy to the World, The Bells of St. Mary's, The Nutcracker's Pas de Deux
Trim-a-Tune Santa Claus Shape of Santa ClausJingle Bells, Deck the Halls, Silent Night, Away in a Manger, The Little Drummer Boy
Trim-a-Tune snowflake Shape of snowflakeAve Maria, Adeste Fideles, Angwels We Have Heard on High, Messiah Highlights, The Nutcracker's Waltz of the Flowers
Trim-a-Tune snowmanDelta Music Inc. 2003 Shape of snowmanFrosty the snowman, Twas the Night Before Christmas, Jingle Bells, We're Going to Get Our Christmas Tree, Deck the Halls
Trim-a-Tune wreath Shape of wreathSilent Night, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Good Christian Men Rejoice, Joy to the World
Walter TroutWalter TroutRuf Shape of a heartTender Heart, Got a Broken Heart
U2InterviewSonotec S1110 (5,000) Shape of BonoInterview with Bono and The Edge of U2
U2U2 Press ConferenceCID Productions CIDADAM1 Shape of 4 Adam Clayton facesU2 Press Conference featuring Adam Clayton
U2U2 Press ConferenceCID Productions CIDBONO1 Shape of 4 Bono facesU2 Press Conference featuring Bono
U2U2 Press ConferenceCID Productions CIDEDGE1 Shape of 4 The Edge facesU2 Press Conference featuring The Edge
U2U2 Press ConferenceCID Productions CIDLARRY1 Shape of 4 Larry Mullen Jr. facesU2 Press Conference featuring Larry Mullen Jr.
Charlie WattsInterviewUFO Music RSCW1 (2,500) Shape of 4 Charlie Watts facesInterview with Charlie Watts of the Rolling Stones
The WhoInterview
The Wizard of OzCutting Edge ShapeCD Inc. CECD014 Shape of Wizard of Oz charactersThe story of the wizard of Oz